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Java Developer Computer Science

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
October 17, 2016

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Shailesh Kumar

Madhapur, Hyderabad-******, T.S., INDIA.

Email: shaileshkumar.

Phone No. : +917*********


To enhance my working capabilities, professional skills, business efficiencies and to serve my organization in best possible way with sheer determination and commitment.


Excellent in Problem Solving code

Data Structure


C,C++ STL,java,oops concept

Software Development



Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee [India],

(2012- 2015), CGPA : 5.44/10

BSC(Computer Science)

Banaras Hindu University(2007- 2010),percentage: 59% Academic Projects

1.Indian Institute of technology, Roorkee

I. Kinematics of Robot Manipulators(August 2013- November 2013) Objective of this project to enrich the robot with software package so that instructions can be given to the robot to perform the specific tasks.The code has been written in C++/C++ stl to perform the specific tasks in the real time environment. The given project consist two arm robotic motion,three arm robotic motion which perform various tasks like robot picking the ball,, robot picking the object when motion of object in straight line and in projectile motion. Language:C++/C++ STL

II.1.Network Find the active Activity computers Visualizer connected (feb/2014 to to the march/network 2014) and get IPname and IPAddress of active 2.Send computer echo packets and GUIDisplay. to the network and find bit rates and other such information about nodes in the network like mac 3.I use address MySQL etc. database to store IPname and IPaddress when newly find in the active network. lang:java

III.Statistical Quality Control Generator (August 2014 – November 2014) An Android app to generate variable and attributes control charts like X-Bar chart, R chart etc. 1. Generate pdf images containing charts and calculations table. 2. Save data to database or in .txt format.

Lang: Android

Libraries: Achartengine,iText.

IV. An Phone android Book app which Contact is find App the list of phone contacts from mobile and send SMS and MAIL to selected contact from list .If we have not the contact of particular person in phone contact list. So we enter the details(Name,Phone number and Email Id

) manually through my application which is shown in main contact list and add a note whatever we want and send MAIL and SMS

V. Place Lookup-A web application which facilitates you to search by name and category about different pl aces like

(Bank,hotel,restaurant etc) by performing UI tweaks to design front-end layout and link coordinates with Google map. Lang:Framework:java Play Framework


Link: Company Projects

2.Egnaro Inc

Product Title:ODE

Description: Optical Design Engine (ODE) is a cisco planning tool offers comprehensives approach for designing,provisioning and modeling optical network with the help of cisco Transport Planner Network design Tool Role and responsibility

I. Implemented Docker APIs for optical design engine server .I have implemented the concept of Rest API with the help of PLAY WEBSERVICES API through which operate Docker programmatically Implementing code using java in Play framework.

Coding and unit testing done using Junit & Eclipse. Lang: java

Framework:play framework

Link: II. Implemented "Automatter" is basically project to automate the rest based web application.It contains model which capable of storing JSON application data of any format.It provided the support of NoSql data base connectivity,DB clustering, scalability,user session management.It also provides docker support.Any rest based web project can use Automatter as API support and auto mate most of the thing

Skills:Mongodb java PlayFramework JSON Docker Work Experience

I had been working for 1 year(approax) as a backend developer in java at Egnaroinc (15


march 2015-29




Operating System Linux, Windows

Programming Languages C, C++/C++ STL ( Advanced ), Java (J2SE,J2EE),SQL,Mongo db

Other Tools and API’s GitHub

Software Package Dev cpp, MySQL, Net Beans, Eclipse, Code Blocks,Docker,JDBC, Playframework..

MVC Framework Play Framework

Online Coding Website details


Hackerrank max(96.94 percentile)

Spoj User:Shailesh8 Global Rank-3500(approax)

Codechef User-Bachhu Long challenges rank-2000(approax) Hackerrank coding Contest

Week of Code 22(2016)contest Silver medal

Week of Code 21(2016)contest Bronze medal

Hourrank 9(2016) contest Bronze medal

Codestorm (2015)contest Bronze medal

World CodeSprint 5(2016) contest Bronze medal

World CodeSprint 6(2016)contest Bronze medal

World CodeSprint 7(2016)contest Bronze medal

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