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October 18, 2016

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**/*/*, **. ****** Basu Road,

Kolkata 700023



To work in a challenging environment which will test me at all levels and allow me to utilize and

ameliorate my professional as well as personal skills by the way of positive contribution to the

organization being honest, dedicated and sincere in work with prime importance to human values.


19911993: Completed Fitter/Turner Technical Training 2 years from St. Thomas'

School Technical Training Centre, Kolkata, India.

19931995: Completed my advance Fitter/Turner Training in production work,

rebuilding work and grinding work from ST. Thomas' School Technical

Training Centre, Kolkata, India.

19951996: Completed one year welding Training and advance course from ST.

Thomas School Technical Training Centre, Kolkata, India.

All types of welding jobs, electric welding, gas welding, gas cutting,

grinding and cleaning of different kind of metal viz,

Butt welds in 1\16 and 1\8 m.s sheet position downhand and vertical.

Filledwelds in 1\16 m.s. sheet position horizontal and vertical. Butt

welds in 1\16 brass sheet positiondownhand. Butt welds 1\16

aluminium sheet positiondownhand. Fusion welds in cast iron position

downhand. Braze welds in cast iron positiondownhand and vertical.

Lapand fillet joints in 1\16 m.s.sheet brazed with silicon bronze. Hand

cutting and flame gouging. Electric arc welding butt welds in m.s. plates

upto3\8thick positiondownhand,vertical and vertical and

horizontal\vertical. Fillet welds in m.s. plates position

downhand,vertical,horizontal\vertical and overhead. High Pressure Pipe

welds in M.S. Pipe and tubeupto 8mm thicknessand 150 diameter

positionhorizontal\vertical and all round position.


Council for higher and senior secondary education delhi

Pass Secondary exams in the year 2000

Elementary first Aid Course from SEI Educational trust, Kolkata India (From

16/12/2002 to 17/12/2002)


19962001: Worked as a fabrication and Welder and pipe fabricator in Ramesh Bross

Engineering Corporation, Kolkata West Bengal India. Electric and gas welding

and gas cutting of all types of welding like electric welding, stainless steel

welding, cast iron machinable and nonmachinable grinding and cleaning of

different kinds of metal like M/Steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Cast Iron,

Stainless Steel etc.,


20012009 Worked as a fabricator and welder in Al Khonaini International Company

Limited Jubail Concrete Products Saudi Arabia, as per company standards.

Doing all types of testing schedule like making the necessary gigs and fixture

with heavy equipment and machine. Quality controls of jobs in the workshop.

On site carrying out commissioning project of welding as a (2G, 3G, 4G and

6G) 6" to 24" pipeline 6G welding in uphill position etc. All kind of welding of

different kind of thickness plate gas welding of different kind of metal viz mild

steel, Brass, Aluminum, Copper, Cast Iron, Stainless steel. Mould making

blocks in 940 machine repairing work, rebuilding welding work. Dragline

bucket fabricating and welding work. Fore clip repairing work and crane work

repairing, clamp making, pressing rod of crane etc. Press machine for bend and

molding the plates. Mixture machine changing of inside plate's paddles and

arms fixing etc.

20092011 Completed TIG Welding from ST. Thomas Technical Training Centre, Kolkata,

India and MIG Welding (CO2 from ATI Dasnagar, Kolkata, India.

2011 Worked on a ship boarded on V/L MY Platinum Star to carryout welding and fabrication job

on board of weather Deck & Rallings.

2011 2013 Working as a welder in mechanical engineering & Contracting C0. A member

of Ali Alganim & sons Group of Companies KUWAIT. As per company

standard work in KOC Gathering center gas cutting welding, fabrication and

fitting. Worked in abdali 30 pipe line any materials from group B 4.8 mm to

19.1 mm OD greater than 12.750 (323.9mm) single V joint outside Bevel with

or without backing.

SMAW 1g,2g,3g,4g,5g and 6g welding root E6010 other E7018. All kind of welding of

different kind of thickness was done welding, cutting, fabrication, grinding and

fitting etc.

2014 till now Working as a Welder in Skills Centre in St Thomas School as a Instructer Teching

all kind of Welding to the Anglo Estern and Dock and Dale company ship

people. Different kind of Welding like 1g, 2g, 3g, 4g, 5g and 6g. Pipe Bending,

pipe fabrication,inseart,fabrication of reducer pipes jig high pressure welding

and pressure testing. Welding in Stainless Steels, Cast iron M\S etc. Different

kind of metal in Gas Welding M\S, Copper,Brass,Alluminium,Cast iron and

Stainless Steel etc.

2015 4G Welding Test Pass from National Test House Kolkata, West Bengal, India

Welded on M/s Plate Thickness 16 mm 01 No. M/s Plate Welded in positon

4G (Over head), Electrode used E 6018 dia 3.15 mm

2015 6G Welding Test pass from National Test House Kolkata West Bengal

India Welded on Pipe Thickness 10mm- 01No. M/s Pipe Welded in position 6G

Electrod used E 6018 dia 3.15 mm.


Good communication skill and ability to adapt and work with multinational workforce. Keen to take

challenging tasks and understands the important of knowledge sharing and team works spirit.

Have a sound knowledge of planning. I am sincere, dedicated, highly motivated and hardworking

person. Can work for long hours when need arises having excellent supervision of staff and

interpersonal relationship. Good exposure in general operation.


Contact Number : +919*********, +919*********

Full Name : Feroz Ahmed

Father's Name : Abdul Mutalib

Date of Birth : 7th June 1978

Marital Status : Married

Nationality : Indian

Language Known : English, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali, Arabic.

Known: Religion : Islam

Passport Number : J1025803

Passport Expiry : 28/11/2020

Hobbies : Long Distance running, Reading, Playing

Football, cricket, listening of music.

Permanent Address : 69/H/7 Sudhir Basic Road, Kidderpore,

Kolkata700023 West Bengal India.

Present Designation : 1st Class Welder.


I declare that all the information provided in this document is true to the best of my knowledge and


Yours Faithfully

(Feroz Ahmed)

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