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Technology Management

Sanremo, Liguria, 18038, Italy
October 18, 2016

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Curriculum vitae

** **** **** © European Union, *002-2015 Page 1 / 6 PERSONAL INFORMATION Barbu Adrian Sebastian

Via Armea N.16, 18035 Sanremo (Italy)


Sex Male Date of birth 7 Aug 1970 Nationality Romanian WORK EXPERIENCE

1 Aug 1989–1 Nov 1991 Maintenance engineer (mechanical engineering) Agromec S.A., Visina Veche (Romania)

Measuring technology Mechanical testing Machining technology Vehicle engineering Performance and security testing Pump technology Business or sector Manufacture of motor vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers 1 Oct 1991–1 Jun 1992 Regular army officer

U.M.O1060, Bucharest (Romania)

Military vehicles, Military logistics,Weapon systems Business or sector Public administration and defence; compulsory social security 1 Jun 1992–30 Aug 2009 Computer electronics technician Seydak, Corabia (Romania)

computers and electronic repairs,ecommerce, webdesing Business or sector Installation technology Project management Electronics Control technology Radio electronics Digital signal processors (DSP) Winding (electrical and telephony) Performance and security testing Product validation Firefox Digital electronics Hardware testing Internet Explorer Computer technology (engineering) Electricity/electronics (teaching) Supervising GMP

(Good Manufacturing Practice) Digital video camera technology Sensor technology Programmable logic controller Encryption technology Sound engineering (TV production) Electrical installations

(operation and maintenance) Quality control Quality coordination Real -time systems Microprocessor systems Computerised control systems MS Office Semiconductor technology Electrical installation Automotive electronics Control engineering Analogue electronics Data communications Servicing (electronics) Electrical installation work Video technology Radio technology Telecommunications transmission Telecommunications technology Microcomputer control Assembly (electrical/telephone) PeopleSoft business administration system Integrated circuits

10/07/2016 11:46 © European Union, 2002-2015 Page 2 / 6 EDUCATION AND TRAINING

3 Sep 2009–5 Oct 2010 Assembler (electrical and telecommunication equipment) C.S.I srl, Milano (Italy)

Cabling assembly,Lighting (video production)

Business or sector Specialised construction activities Cabling assembly,Lighting (video production)

10 Oct 2010–Present IT Helpdesk

Adi-P.C, Sanremo (Italy)

Computers and electronic repairs,ecommerce, webdesing Business or sector

Computer programming, consultancy and related activities Computers and electronic repairs,ecommerce, webdesing Monitors (installation and maintenance) Simulation technology Electronics development Radio electronics Circuit design Systems design LabVIEW Performance and security testing Space physics Test management (electronics) Software development Applications programming Electronics design MS Outlook Express Supervising Signal processing TCP/IP Quality auditing Hardware design Sensor technology C++ (programming language) Antenna design Production management (manufacturing) Real-time systems Hardware programming PC installation and maintenance Measuring technology Automotive electronics Software design Control engineering

Analogue electronics Computer telephony integration (CTI) Radio design Visual Basic Radio technology Microcomputer control Robot technology Analogue design GSM system Servers

(installation and maintenance) Product integration Electronics Telecommunications Macintosh computers (installation and maintenance) Assembler (programming language) GPRS system Bluetooth technology Digital electronics Hardware testing High frequency technology Computer technology (engineering) C (programming language) Scanners (installation and maintenance) AutoCAD DXC (telecommunications networks) Network administration CM, Configuration Management Hardware development Quality control Microprocessor systems Media technology Computerised control systems Wireless Access Points (WAP) Semiconductor technology Real- time programming Electronics production Data communications Software testing Production planning (manufacturing) Application-specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC) Printed circuit board design Curriculum vitae

10 July 2016 © European Union, 2002-2015 Page 3 / 6 14 Sep 1985–3 Jun 1989 College degree





Colegiul Naţional,,Alexandru Ioan Cuza’’, Corabia (Romania) Mechanical profile

1 Mar 2008–10 May 2008 Computer Network Administrator- Design Web Pages Post-secondary




Trade global INC (Romania)

Design Web pages

7 May 2007–11 Oct 2007 HR inspector





Picon Educational, Bucharest (Romania)

HR inspector

23 Jul 2007–17 Aug 2007 Operator input, validation and data processing Post-secondary




International computer school, Bucharest (Romania) Input and validation data

12 May 2015–14 Jun 2015 Starting a Business





Santa Clara University, California (United States) Marketing, e-comerce digital, management, business 10/07/2016 11:46 © European Union, 2002-2015 Page 4 / 6 15 Jun 2015–17 Jul 2015 Business Expansion





Santa Clara University, California (United States) Marketing, e-comerce digital, management, business 17 Aug 2015–10 Jun 2016 Safety and Operating Systems Update Post-secondary




Micosoft Virtual Acdemy, Sanremo (Italy)

-Introductory course to the development of video games with Unity

-Power Query - [Power BI]

-Managing Documents and libraries with SharePoint Online

-Microsoft Desktop Virtualization-depth

-Troubleshooting Active Directory - expired objects Management

-Migrate from VMware to Hyper-V or Microsoft Azure

-Windows 10: distribution, management and security of the new operating system

-Microsoft Azure for DreamSpark

-Course evaluation package Creative Coding through Games and Apps

-Lean Philosophy

-Introduction to Python

-Microsoft Azure - Introduction to Cloud Hybrid-

-Introduction to the development of mobile apps-

-Introduction to the development of Windows universal apps with HTML and JavaScript

-How to deal with troubleshooting Sysvol and DNS

-Develop games with children and young people

-Getting Started with Windows 10 for IT Professionals

-Introduction to Kanban

-Introduction to Software Testing

-Licensing Windows Server

-Introduction to JavaScript

Curriculum vitae

10 July 2016 © European Union, 2002-2015 Page 5 / 6 PERSONAL SKILLS

-Oriented programming objects

-Application Performance Monitoring

-Office Guides: Configuring a Hybrid Deployment of the New Lync Server

-The basics of computer networks

10 May 2016–11 Jun 2016 Excellence in digital





Google, Sanremo (Italy)

Marketing, e-comerce digital, management, business Mother longue(s) Romanian


Listening Reading Spoken interaction Spoken production French B2 B2 A2 B2 A2

Italian C2 C2 C1 C2 B2

German A2 A2 A1 A1 A1

English C1 C1 B2 B2 A2

Spanish B1 B1 A2 A2 A1

Levels: A1 and A2: Basic user - B1 and B2: Independent user - C1 and C2: Proficient user Common European Framework of Reference for Languages Other skills Basic computer proficiency (teaching), Weapon systems, C (programming language), Computer technology (engineering), MS Outlook Express, Marketing (public relations), Market surveys (statistical analysis), Assembler (programming language), Production management (manufacturing), GPRS system, Military vehicles, TCP/IP, Marketing (market communication), Sound engineering (TV production), Labour market issues, Computer telephony integration (CTI), Installation technology, PC installation and maintenance, Video technology, Application-specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), Robot technology, Computer programming (teaching), Firefox, Data communications, Test management

(electronics), Electronics production, Performance and security testing, Control technology, Applications programming, Electricity/electronics (teaching), Marketing (teaching), Electrical 10/07/2016 11:46 © European Union, 2002-2015 Page 6 / 6 installation, Pump technology, Vehicle engineering, Digital signal processors (DSP), Mechanical components, Money market, Electronics development, Real-time systems, Electrical installation work, Monitors (installation and maintenance), Product integration, Services marketing, GSM system, Direct marketing (design), Radio electronics, Bluetooth technology, Automotive electronics, Encryption technology, PeopleSoft business administration system, MS Office, Market surveys (result analysis), Electrical installations (operation and maintenance), Macintosh computers (installation and maintenance), Network administration, Space physics, Media technology, Supervising, Simulation technology, Market analysis, Project management, Hardware programming, Radio design, Machining technology, Electronics, Analogue electronics, Microprocessor systems, C++ (programming language), Service documentation (computing), Hardware testing, Integrated circuits, Software design, Labour market policies, visualize completed work, Direct marketing (wording), Military logistics, Internet Explorer, Mechanical testing, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), Semiconductor technology, Computing (teaching), Assembly (electrical/telephone), Analogue design, Servers

(installation and maintenance), Computer communications (teaching), Telecommunications, Microcomputer control, Radio technology, Quality coordination, Selling experience (markets and fairs), Control engineering, CM, Configuration Management, Lighting (video production), Quality control, Real-time programming, Signal processing, Hardware development, DXC (telecommunications networks), Software testing, High frequency technology, Computer architecture (teaching), Circuit design, Software development, AutoCAD, Measuring technology, Servicing (electronics), Scanners

(installation and maintenance), Winding (electrical and telephony), Wireless Access Points (WAP), Electronics design, Visual Basic, Cabling assembly, Antenna design, Telecommunications technology, Product validation, Computerised control systems, Sensor technology, Systems theory and computer communications (teaching), Systems design, Digital electronics, Electronic component recycling, Quality auditing, Programmable logic controller, Hardware design, Computing accessories, Production planning (manufacturing), Telecommunications transmission, Printed circuit board design, Direct marketing (project planning), Digital video camera technology, LabVIEW Driving licence A1, AM

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