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October 18, 2016

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Piazzale Kennedy, Galleria JFK, sc. A, int. 51, Avezzano, L'Aquila 67051 (H) +39 (0-863-******

(C) +39-348******* ID Skype carladecesare1 Professional summary

Logical and resourceful lawyer who effectively anticipates and evaluates legal issues to protect clients and resolve cases.

Dedicated solicitor with an extensive background in litigation and legal research. Expertise in case analysis, strategic planning and negotiations.

Law firm experience in wide range of disciplines, with emphasis in banking law, commercial law and labour law. Attorney equipped with excellent persuasion techniques and the capacity to remain objective and civil during court proceedings. Presents evidence in a clear and straightforward manner, practices sound and thorough case analysis techniques.

Adept at developing positive rapport with clients, and lasting professional relationships. Communicates clearly and effectively with clients, opposing council, jurors and judges. Skilled in predicting defence arguments of the opposing council and addressing important concerns or questions in an articulate manner.


Legal writing Legal correspondence preparation

Corporate and business legal issues Legal/non-legal research Business law Legal Trek

Licenses, petitions and waivers Strong verbal communication Environmental laws and litigation Conflict resolution Residential mortgage lending regulations Powerful negotiator Efficient researcher Extremely organized

Fluent in English Client assessment and analysis

Native Italian speaker Staff development

Media relations

Talented public speaker

Work history

Lawyer Oct 1995 - Current

Law office Avv. Carla De Cesare Avezzano

Developed strategies and arguments in preparation for presentation of cases. Negotiated home mortgage modifications and alternative mitigation efforts for distressed homeowners. Aided more than 60 homeowners in resolving home mortgage disputes. Presented key evidence and exhibits during civil trials. Questioned and cross-examined witnesses throughout the course of trials. Interpreted laws, rulings and regulations for individuals and businesses. Drafted legal briefs and opinions for all clients. Analyzed probable outcomes of cases using knowledge of legal precedents. Worked with management and staff to resolve pre-litigation disputes. Contracted as a freelance researcher and reviewer. Wrote memoranda and reviewed legal briefs.

Managed all trial preparation for case litigation. Filed all case pleadings in a timely manner.

Creatively formulated trial techniques that specifically pertained to each case. Explained available courses of action and possible repercussions of cases to clients. Conducted settlement negotiations and trial for property case with $700.000,00 in counterclaims. Drafted objective memoranda for each case.

Interviewed witnesses and gathered public record research relevant to each case. Drafted demurrers and replied to oppositions.

Proposed requests for admission and requests for production of documents. Drafted statements of the case and witness lists.

Researched, wrote and filed all motions, writs and briefs for each case. Oversaw an average of 5 cases each month.

Addressed employee concerns regarding demotion and termination. Drafted reports based on audit findings.

Maintained records of client and vendor contracts. Conducted and led extensive document review projects. Apprised clients of potential risks and costs associated with each course of action. Resolved 50 landlord and tenant disputes.


Addressed strategic issues of public policy.

Consultant for a Bank in Italy.

Consultant for companies and employers in matters pertaining employees' claims. Consultant for companies in disputes with suppliers Mediator

SPCM S.r.l.


Ph.D.: Law

Università di Roma "La Sapienza", Italy


involving clients, but can submit recommendations. Sep 2012 -

Resolved post-judgment litigation settlements and default judgment orders in favour of the client. Engaged in complex civil litigation under statutes relating to protection of the environment and public Current


Won delicate and important lawsuits. Owing to duty of confidentiality, cannot provide further details

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