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Maintenance Project

Riyadh, Riyadh Province, Saudi Arabia
October 18, 2016

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PALANIVEL.K */** A, Amman Sanathi st,

Contact no: +91-978******* Gangai Kondan,

Tirunelveli-627 352


To work as a Supervisor in the oil and gas industry. To take up challenging jobs all the time and crossing success as milestones in every moment of my professional life by utilizing my technical skills and experience gained from the industry while working in a professionally managed environment of your esteemed organization.



1. Employer : SASREF refinery Saudi {ANABEEB}.

Project : Shut down & Routine maintenance in Equipment.

Position : Mechanical supervisor

Duration : Sep 2015 to Oct 2015

2. Employer : SHARQ Petro chemical Saudi {ANABEEB}

Project : Shut down & Routine maintenance in Equipment.

Position : Mechanical supervisor

Duration : Oct 2015 to Nov 2015

3. Employer : ORYX GTL Limited(Qatar)

Project : Shut down & Routine maintenance in Equipment.

Position : Mechanical supervisor

Duration : Feb 2016 to Apr 2016

4. Employer : SADAF Petro chemical Saudi {ANABEEB}

Project : Shut down & Routine maintenance in Equipment.

Position : Mechanical supervisor

Duration : Aug 2016 to To STILL


4. Employer : Chennai petroleum corporation ltd. Chennai

Project : CBD pipe erection and fabrication on CDU plant.

Position : Mechanical supervisor

Duration : May 2014 to Aug 2015

A.Overhauling, Trouble shooting and preventive maintenance of

1.Centrifugal Pumps

2.Positive Displacement Pumps

B. Periodic Maintenance for static equipment's such as Reactors, Scrubbers, Cyclone separators, Distillation Saponification, filtration columns, Ejectors (steam, liquid, air), Heat exchangers, Finfan cooler.

C. Periodic Maintenance and Overhauling of:

1Centrifugal compressor

2. Gas and steam turbines

3. Reciprocating COMPRESSORS


D. Maintenance of Boilers and its mountings & accessories (Running and Annual Turn-Around jobs)

Heat Exchangers.

Worked all types of Exchangers (floating head, fixed type, U type, and plate type coolers)

Cleaning & Hydro testing of Tube & shell sides and fin fan coolers.

Plug insert for leakage of tubes in heat exchanger

.Valve :

Servicing all types of valves like Gate, Globe, Butterfly, Ball, plug, needle, safety and Relief, valves and motor & air operated valves


Checking weld joint preparation, fit up, alignment & dimensional inspection as per drawings'

Monitoring of consumable storage, handling, packing and drying temperature as per project approved procedure.

Test Pack review and documentation.

Coordinated and communicated with fabrication supervisor, fitters, welders and inspection personnel

Monitoring and conducting material inspection for piping, supports, special supports as per project detail drawings & standards.

Monitor and inspection of all installation / erection of the piping, fitting, flanges, Special pipe supports.

Piping line check, prior to release for hydro testing, punch list preparation, punch clearing, confirm repairs, re-testing and re-inspection.

Verify proper size, schedule of pipes, ratings of flanges, proper flange face and fittings, pipe-supports, hangers, guides are installed according to piping isometrics, support drawings and according to the required specifications

Inspection of piping and fittings before erection.

Check flow direction of valves and confirmation of the piping system concurring with the flow diagram.

Inspect piping just before erection to verify that interior is clear of foreign materials. Check edge preparation and fit-ups to verify that areas to be welded are free of contaminants.

Check flow direction arrows on valves; verify that the properly identified valves are installed in accordance with the flow diagram.

Check and assure that all joints are exposed for examination during pressure test. Ensure that isolation or disconnection of equipment not to be tested. Check vents are open when filling and draining lines.

Perform internal, external inspection in vessels, tanks Inspection and other equipment's in accordance with the company engineering requirements, applicable industry procedures, codes, and standards.

Performs Furness, Boiler tubes inspection during shutdown.

Witness final pressure tests, including verification that pressure gauges have adequate dial range and is calibrated.

Verify that the testing pressure does not exceed the allowable test pressure of any equipment in the system.

Verify that the required test pressure was maintained for the specified length of time with no acceptable leakage.

Confirm repairs, re-testing and re-inspection in accordance with specifications. Ensure blinds are removed and correct gaskets are installed.

To ensure that the work to be completed with given standards of quality within the given time & in coordination with sub-ordinates & other Engg.

Attend appraisal meetings & give them suitable suggestion for betterment.


Personal Safety & Social Responsibilities (PSSR).

Proficiency in Elementary First Aid (EFA).

Personal Survival Techniques (PST).

Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting (FPFF).

Helicopter Under water Escape Technique (HUET).




Year of completion

Percentage BE

Francis xavierengineering college



Diploma (DME)

Lakshmi Ammal Polytechnic College, Kovilpatti




Government Higher Secondary School, Gangai Kondan.




Tamilnadu Maritime Academy,




Name : Palanivel.K

Father's Name : Kombiah.R

Date of Birth : 27-04-1993

Sex : Male

Marital Status : Single

Nationality : Indian

Languages known : English (R/W/S), Tamil (R/W/S), Hindi(S)


Passport Number : M6359714

Date of issue : 13.02.2015

Date of expiry : 12.02.2025


I hereby declare that the details furnished above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief.


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