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Retail Supervisor

October 18, 2016

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Certified Job Description

This is to certify that the Uniqlo Singapore., has engaged the services of Ms. Eiby Callena who has been rendering services inherent to the position of Retail Supervisor from March 2013 to present, Team Leader from March 2012 to March 2013.

This also certifies that this company affirms the nature and status of her employment during the period covered as described hereunder in her work profile, to wit:

Company Name : Uniqlo Singapore

Company Address : 9 Maxwell Road MND Complex Annexe A # 04-05 Singapore,0659112

Company Profile : Uniqlo is a Japanese company with a mission to enable people all over the world to experience the joy, happiness and satisfaction of wearing truly great casual clothing.

Our corporate statement is Changing Clothes, Changing Conventional Wisdom. Change the world

Our mission is to provide a quality, basic casual clothes at the lowest price on the market. Our clothing will be fashionable and suitable for anyone, anywhere, and anytime. We will provide customers with the highest quality service by meeting their demands and offering service that exceeds their expectation. We will provide a pleasant working environment in which our world-class employees can produce innovative results as a team, instead of running a bureaucratic organization.

Our vision will become the world's number One casual clothing company by targeting 30% annual growth on sales and profit.


Position: Retail Supervisor - 2013-2016 (Present)

Senior Staff - 2012

Period of Employment : 2012-2016

Department : Operation/Sales

Type of Employment Contract : Regularization

Status of employment : Full time

Number of staff supervised : 20 staffs

-9 part time retail associates

-8 full time retail associates

-3 Team leaders

Annual salary and other benefits:

30,000 SGD exclusive of overtime

Annual Leaves/Sick Leave/Paid Holiday

Medical Coverage

Insurance Programme

Incentive Bonus (13 month pay and every fiscal year)

Employee Discounts

Transportation and Accommodation (out of area)

Immediate Superior/HRD Personnel: Fatin Hilmi (Branch Manager)

Job Summary:

Senior Retail Supervisor is responsible for overall operations of the store in absence of a store manager. He/she assist the store manager in motivating and inspiring their team to achieve store productivity goal. He /she has the ability to manage the payroll, implement standard layout and display, create a productive schedule, analyze budget to ensure stores contribution is on target. He/she is able to utilized personnel training and development to achieve excellent customer satisfaction.

Detailed duties and Responsibilities:

NOC 6211 Sales Supervisor

Supervise and co-ordinate sales staff and cashiers YES

Ensures that the staff members adhere to the company standard of providing excellent customer satisfaction such as greetings, smile, eye contact, offering baskets, cleanliness of sales floor, courtesy and speed.

Ensures that all staff members are on their right locations and give instruction of tasks that need to be done.

Ensures that cashiers give a highest possible service, checkout is the last impression of customers. Cashier should always remember the most important things in checkout: Smile, Accuracy, Politeness and Speed.

Analyze and prepare monthly, weekly and daily work schedule to all staff.

Always sets an example for others and immediately provides feedback to any staff member who is not adhering to the rules related to prohibited acts on the sales floor and basic behavior.

.Provides instructions and guidance to address and improve customer service, cleanliness, replenishment, general maintenance, work progress, etc.

Instructs staff on how to maintain display according to manual, including installation procedure. Verifies new items/color/patterns and make sure that there are no errors and zero out of stock on display.

Teaches staff about the basic rules of layout (aisles, focal areas, fixture positions, spacing, zoning, location of items, facing, etc.) and verifies that these steps are actually implemented on the sales floor.

Looks at all operations and estimates the time requires for each task. Creates and implements the daily work schedule according to hourly sales and footfall. Examines issues based on store sales performance.

Maintains an efficient working environment by controlling storage condition in the stockroom, and by separating items, equipments and other materials into different sections.

Assign sales workers to duties and prepare work schedules YES

Ensure monthly schedule is estimate base on monthly business plan such as budget given by headquarter, training plans for all staffs, preparation for upcoming events and programs and etc.

Ensure weekly schedule is estimated base on weekly business plan and weekly routine such as new line schedule, promotional schedule, weekly man-hour budget of staff, available part time etc.

Ensure daily schedule is estimated base on daily business plan and daily routine such as peak hour timing, top selling items, foot flow forecast, receiving and transferring of items, cleaning, installing of promotional materials, etc.

Authorize payments by cheque and the return of merchandise YES

Receive and allow cash, nets, coupon and online vouchers, credit and debit card payments from customers and provide an accurate transaction.

Approve return and exchange base on situation such as faulty items, manufacturing defects and incorrect size or packaging.

Accurately manages confidential information (documents, notices, etc.) and personal information (credit card slips, alteration slips, customer order forms, memos, etc.) according to the rules.

Accurately handles cash from sales, report sales discrepancies, money from exchange, petty cash, money received from bank/headquaters.

Sell merchandise to customers YES

Always set as a good example to all staff member. Promotes new line and limited offer items to our regular customers to gain a rapport relationship.

Providing an exceptional service and convey product knowledge to a new customers to increase regular buyers.

Ensures that displays and mannequin are always updated and on latest trend. Installing of promotional materials to be more appealing to customers.

Verifies and instructs staff members if there a problem with product volumes and tidiness before the store opens.

Instructs staff on how to correctly set up promotional materials based on the manual and verifies rules for the installation, as well as instructions and notice from headquarters

Resolve problems that arise, such as customer complaints and supply shortages YES

Manages to control the entire store problem in a professional manner such as staff issues, customer complaints, products shortage, operation problems, management difficulties, technical problems and etc.

Accurately handles complaints in a polite manner, we are trained to manage and solve any complaints by understanding the issues in customers perspective, analyze and weighing the problem and give a proper solutions.

Provide an adequate alternative solution for supply shortages such as changing layout, plan a new location on sales floor, revise the facing of the items from fold to hang, request for transfer from other outlets, reorder from warehouse, and amend the display.

Positions staffs to prevent theft and implements measures to prevent internal fraud on a daily basis.

Maintain specified inventory and order merchandise YES

Properly estimate and determines the correct quantities for top selling items, limited offers items and new collection items base on planned layout.

Ordered in-store merchandise quantities base on headquarter's given schedule such us stationary, equipments and amenities.

Orders supplies in timely manners, without excess items or shortages, immediately report to store manager if there are problems or surpluses/shortages of equipments and fixtures.

Prepare reports regarding sales volumes, merchandising and personnel matters YES

Construct and analyze reports concerning sales and gross profits base of entire company performance and develop a concrete action plans.

Provide a plan and proposal to superior with regards to employees’ performance and product improvements based on customer’s perspective.

Verifies that areas are clean, low volume and missing sizes by using store checklist and provides specific instructions to staff for improvements if there are problems

Implement and shares information on ways to maximize sales, profit,and customer satisfaction, including request from customers, the sales performance of specific item, out of stock items and efforts to streamline operations.

Monitors weekly labor cost based on monthly targets and modifies work plans so labor cost can be controlled within target planned.

Check sales/profit/stock performance per product division on a weekly basis by using daily sales and week top sales data. Reports to the store manager on key issues and points for improvements

Hire and train or arrange for the training of new sales staff. YES

Ensures staff progress by providing a proper training plan in a monthly, weekly and daily basis.

Checks staff development through proper evaluations and feedbacks.

Develop on the Job Training checklist based on company standard and staff manual.

Provides concrete feedback and ensures that staff members handle inquiries correctly. Ensure that greetings, measuring, phone etiquette and other matters are handled according to company standards and offers guidance as necessary.

Gaining support of the staff members by utilizing the reward system, as well as other resources such as thank you cards, communication binders and store operation journals.

Verifies staff procedures for receiving and transferring of products and immediately helps any staff who have problem.

This is to certify that the above-mentioned dates of employment, position held, duties and responsibilities, and compensation earned are true and correct from company’s personnel records.

This certification is issued upon request of Eiby Torres Callena for whatever legal purpose this affirmative declaration may serve.

Issued this 11th, March 2016 at Uniqlo Singapore Pte.Ltd..

Lyka Ada Ruano

Uniqlo Assistant Manager


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