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Washington Crossing, Pennsylvania, United States
October 18, 2016

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A cross-organizational problem solver who creates business value by interconnecting technology, customer needs and corporate realities into a unified, actionable strategy. Applies a rich background in engineering, program management, product line management, quality assurance, marketing and business development, with an eye towards consistent performance improvement throughout the organization. Career highlights within the technology and aerospace fields include:

Conceived and championed the strategy that increased a technology company’s valuation from $1.9M in 2005 and led to its $55M acquisition in 2008

Rescued a swiftly declining aerospace product line and doubled its sales between 2011 and 2015

Revamped Program Management, Business Development, Product Assurance and Engineering processes at an electronics company, reducing non-recurring labor times by over 50% and leading to the company’s $14.5M acquisition in 1999.


MBA, Drexel University

B.S. in Electrical & Computer Engineering, Drexel University


Global Systems Technologies, Inc., Yardley, PA

Director, Sales and Marketing, 2016-Present

Developed and implemented a digital marketing campaign for the ERPGov® Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS). Created collateral material and news releases, analyzed and revamped website performance, improved Search Engine Optimization (SEO) results and implemented a Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaign, doubling productive website visits within two months. Coordinated with offshore developers to implement updates.

L-3 Telemetry & RF Products, Bristol, PA

Director, Business Development, 2007-2015

Authored, obtained approval for and executed a strategic plan that reversed the product line’s decline and doubled sales between 2011 and 2015 (with an additional 70% increase forecast in 2015-2018). [This product line consists of miniaturized test instrumentation, embedded and application software used to test and flight-certify manned and unmanned aircraft]. Captured key contracts to implement next-generation industry standards, tapping government R&D funding and establishing technology leadership for the coming years. Utilized that new technology to win commercial business with customers such as Boeing and Sikorsky. Re-established L-3 as a credible player within the customer community.

Established and utilized business channels (including manufacturer’s representatives) in Europe, South America and the Far East, and expanded domestic and international customer bases. Mentored staff including Engineering, Program Management, Bids & Proposals and Contracts to recognize and respond to customer perspectives in their daily interactions. Stabilized and maintained constructive customer relationships in the face of product delivery and performance issues. Linked technical, corporate and customer requirements to justify and develop many new product features that directly increased product sales. Managed R&D, Customer Support and Bids & Proposals budgets in alignment with product development roadmaps addressing emerging customer requirements.

Formation, Inc., Moorestown, NJ

Product Director, 2000-2007

Championed Formation’s transformation from a service-oriented to product-oriented market strategy, which led to winning Gogo Inflight’s wireless hardware contract. As a result, Formation’s valuation increased from $1.9M in 2005 to its $55M sale (to EMS and eventually Honeywell) in 2008.

Led Formation’s Advanced Integrated Recorder™ (AIR) subsidiary, with full P&L responsibility. [This product consisted of company-developed software installed in networked servers and disk storage arrays. It recorded voice communications, computer screens and radar data for training, investigative and legal purposes]. Revived the AIR product line, which had been unreliable and plagued by customer defections. Quadrupled the customer base to include System Integrators (e.g., Raytheon, Northrop Grumman, Lockheed Martin) and government end customers in 36 countries. Developed product roadmap, system architectures and software requirements, working with Engineering to design, implement and test new software functions per customer schedules. Reduced recurring system costs by two-thirds, standardized pricing strategy and prepared all bids & proposals. Interfaced with customers on a daily basis under marketing, program management and general management roles. Coordinated with partners in Europe, Far East, Middle East and South America and obtained new business in those areas. Briefed the Board of Directors quarterly about our progress and garnered their support.

Conceived the ToughDisk® rugged hard disk product line, which sold over 3,000 units among all branches of the military and civil aircraft applications. Implemented e-commerce initiatives to allow online and credit card product sales, analyzed website traffic and channeled marketing activities accordingly. Captured $6M FAA contract to develop and produce an airborne data collection device used to calibrate air traffic navigation services.

Smiths Aerospace, Information Management Systems (now GE), Grand Rapids, MI

Director, Marketing, 1999-2000

After Smiths purchased Strategic Technology Systems, Inc. (STSI), was promoted to lead Marketing in Smiths’ Mission Management Business Operations (3 sites, $100M/yr). Highlighted STSI’s capabilities at the Smiths corporate level and facilitated integration of the smaller company into the acquirer. Expanded STSI bookings from $12M in fiscal ’98 to $25M in fiscal ’00. Enlisted the support of Field Marketing and coordinated trade shows, advertising and brochures. Directed $3M R&D budget to develop new product lines and recommended acquisition strategies for international expansion.

Strategic Technology Systems, Inc., Trenton, NJ (formerly Base Ten Systems, Inc.)

Vice President, 1995-1999

Director of Programs, 1994-1995

Senior Program Manager, 1993-1994

Program Manager, 1991-1993

Quality Engineering Manager, 1989-1991

Senior Quality Engineer, 1988-1989

Led a successful start-up business segment addressing “black box” crash recorders and in-flight safety diagnostics for helicopters. Negotiated a key teaming agreement with a UK partner and in less than one year won business positioning the team to be #1 or #2 in the U.S. market. This success led to the company’s $14.5M acquisition by Smiths Aerospace.

Re-engineered Business Development, Product Assurance and Engineering processes, recruiting a core of engineers whose performance thrived in a collaborative, team-oriented environment. Standardized design tools and implemented concurrent engineering practices that reduced labor times by over 50%. Organized small teams to address fast-turnaround requirements, delivering complete projects in as little as three months. Prepared and deployed the company’s IT Integration Plan.

Directed four Program Managers, overseeing all of the division’s projects and all bids & proposals. Introduced computerized project management tools (e.g., Microsoft Project), and formulated long-term staffing plans for engineering resources. Standardized IT and development tools to eliminate data entry duplication. Built a bid & proposal database to streamline bidding processes, reducing turn-around time from weeks to days.

Captured a $30M contract to package and produce a massively parallel missile video processor. Generated the winning two-volume proposal in nine days, hosted the customer’s evaluation team, and negotiated the final contract. Led the winning Technical Proposal and generated all costing for an airborne jammer-related project generating over $100M in revenues over 15 years. Prepared the winning $22M proposal for production of missile guidance subsystems. Managed the production effort, which led to additional contracts totaling over $10M. Organized (together with a university-based partner) a winning $1.25M proposal for a high-reliability power supply installed on the International Space Station.

Directed a “fast-track” $1.6M Special Operations program, winning written commendations for the company and the project team. Relocated two avionics production lines from the company’s discontinued UK subsidiary to U.S. and German facilities, achieving over 50% gross margin. Transferred a $20M production line from the U.S. to an Italian partner, profitably fulfilling an offset obligation. Initiated a Surface Mount Technology production line (one of the first in the country approved by NASA) to build circuits for the Space Shuttle’s television cameras. Turned around a troubled $2M satellite subsystem program, preserving all satellite integration schedules. Guided recovery of a $15M development/production program that had been over budget and one year behind schedule, maintaining the company’s fiscal year revenue budget.

Slashed hardware defect rates from 3% to less than 0.2% using automated data collection systems and “non-traditional” applications of statistical process control. As company’s IS0-9001 Management Representative, led ISO preparation efforts, overhauled departmental procedures, and interviewed ISO registrars. Restored the confidence of the company’s largest customer by aggressively investigating, identifying and eliminating defect causes. Installed failure reporting, analysis, and corrective action systems addressing incoming materials, production, test and shipment. Established process controls for newly acquired automated assembly equipment, conducted long-term product reliability tests, and implemented fixes for design and manufacturing defects.


Secret clearance (current), member of Mensa since 2013

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