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Customer Service Manager

Al Ahmadi Governorate, Kuwait
October 18, 2016

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Rouba Shreif Yaghi

Salmiya, Kuwait


Personal information: Lebanese, Female, 31 years, Married without children

Current location: Kuwait


o Certified pharmacist with over 5 years of experience and a strong background in clinical pharmacology and patient medication therapy management. o Licensed in Lebanon and preparing for the PEBC (Pharmacy Examining Board of Canada)

Experience in: FDA drug safety guidelines, Medical terminology, Pharmaceutical storage, Abbreviation comprehension, Patient counseling, Product management, Clinical pharmacy rotation, community pharmacy, marketing, retail, product presentation, teaching. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

From – To: Oct 2007- Dec 2012

Title: Product specialist

Reporting to: Country Manager

Company/Sector: Sandoz – A Novartis company/Pharmaceutical

Location: Beirut, Lebanon

About the company:

Sandoz, the generic pharmaceuticals division of Novartis, is a worldwide leader in generics. With a history of more than 120 years, Sandoz is a trusted leader with a reputation for exceptional quality.

The role:

Being the Subject Matter Expert on new and existing drugs launched by Sandoz, my main role was to:

• Understand the product, its benefits, side effects, and drug/drug interaction.

• Develop presentation material on different clinical deseases and pharmaceutical therapies related to the product.

• Compare with competing products to focus on advantages.

• Manage the calendar with main hospitals and health care providers to present the product to them in order to start prescribing it.

• Conduct market research to stay up to date on newest products and practices related to our field of activities.

• Manage the PR and Customer Service activities related to my assigned area in the market.

• Own and manage the product budget in order to meet quarterly and yearly sales targets.

From – To: Sep 2007 – Jan 2011

Title: Assistant Professor (Teaching)

Company/Sector: Beirut Arab University/University Teaching

Locations: Beirut

About the company:

)جـامعة بيروت العربية Beirut Arab University (BAU) (si a esenabeL etavirp ytisrevinu detacol ni,turieB nonabeL dna dednuof ni .0691

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• gnihcaeT lacinilC ycamrahP dna lacideM yrtsimehC rof tsrif dna dnoces raey ycamrahP stnedutS

• gnitsissA stneduts ni rieht hcraeser dna baL seitivitca

:setaD enuJ 40 dna tsuguA 50

:eltiT tsicamrahP

/ynapmoC:rotceS regnirheoB /miehlegnIlacituecamrahP

:snoitacoL,turieB nonabeL

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ehT regnirheoB miehlegnI puorg si eno fo eht s’dlrow 02 gnidael lacituecamrahp

.seinapmoc ecniS ti saw dednuof ni,5881 eht -ylimafdenwo ynapmoc sah neeb dettimmoc ot,gnihcraeser,gnipoleved gnirutcafunam dna gnitekram levon snoitacidem fo hgih cituepareht eulav rof namuh dna yraniretev .enicidem

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:7002 rolehcaB fo ecneicS ni ycamrahP – noitcnitsiD drawa (yreV )doog, rebmeM fo eht ronoH yteicoS turieB barA,ytisrevinU,nonabeLturieB


/6002:7002 lacinilC ycamrahp noitator

qifaR /iriraHdesakaM /latipsohraD lA azajA lA ayimalsI –,turieB nonabeL 2003-2007: Community Pharmacy training

Seifeddine Pharmacy – Beirut, Lebanon

Ghassan Pharmacy – Baalbeck, Lebanon

Al Jadida Pharmacy – Baalbeck, Lebanon

Al Madina Pharmacy – Baalbeck, Lebanon

2007: Marketing Training

Beirut Arab University

2006: Training at the Drug Information Center

Syndicate of Pharmacy – Beirut, Lebanon

2006: Training sessions in the plants

Pharco Pharmaceuticals – Alexandria, Egypt


Fluency in Arabic and English

Basic knowledge of French

References provided upon request

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