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Engineering Data

Farmington, Michigan, United States
October 16, 2016

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Sourabh Sundar Bunnan

***** ******* *****, *** ***, Farmington hills, Michigan-48335




Masters in Electrical and Computer Engineering May 2016

University of North Carolina at Charlotte (CGPA: 3.5)

Course Work: Embedded System Design, Data Communication and Networking, Computer Architecture, Real Time Operating System (RTOS), Parallel Computing, Advanced Operating system, Digital Signal Processing, Digital Control System, Robot Motion Planning.

Bachelors in Electrical and Communication Engineering May 2013

BMS College of Engineering at Bangalore India (CGPA: 3.7)

Course Work: Digital Electronics, Embedded System Design, 8086 Microprocessor, Automotive Electronics,


Languages / Libraries: C, C++, Python, ROS, CUDA, Pygame,

Tools: Eclipse, Code Composer Studio (CCS), Keil, HEW, MATLAB, Octave, GEM5, QEMU.

Operating Systems: Windows, Linux.

Hardware hands-on experience: Atmega16, RX63N, MSP 430, Arduino, TM4C123.

Protocols: SPI, RS-232, I2C, CAN, TCP/IP, UDP.

Academic Projects:

Real Time Operating Systems on TM4C123 ARM-M4F Processor June 2016

Implemented a round robin Scheduler for multiple threads, wherein each thread had its own stack and the states of each thread were stored in TCB.

Each thread had its own functionality, like calculating steps taken by reading the accelerometer, polling the switch to sound the buzzer, reading temperature Sensors, displaying data onto a LCD, sampling data from accelerometer and microphone.

Performance Evaluation of ARM Processor using GEM5 Simulator. Dec 2015

Simulated single and dual Core ARM Processor with two level cache on GEM5.

Analyzed data access patterns cache hits/misses, Memory access times and cycles of programs like Matrix Multiplication and FFT computation.

Implemented basics parts for JOS kernel like Virtual memory and exception handling. Dec 2015

Implementation of memory management: Implemented two level Page table to manage physical pages and configured page directory and page table for kernel and user process.

Interrupt and Exception handling: Configured Interrupt Descriptor Table. Wrote handlers for Interrupt and Exception Handling.

Real time Priority based Pre-Threaded Web server using POSIX Pthread API Feb 2016

Developed a web server that interacts with web clients (web browsers) through a pool of worker threads using the producer consumer model.

The server consists of a main thread and a set of worker threads with the main thread running at a higher priority than the worker. The main thread accept connection request from client and fills up the bounded buffer and the worker thread remove the descriptor from the buffer and services the request.

Space Invader game using TM4C123 ARM Cortex-M4F Processor July 2016

Developed Nokia’s classic space invader game on TM4C123 development board with Keil uvision IDE.

Peripherals like ADC, DAC is used as Input and Output module to control the game.

Rapidly Exploring Random Tree (RRT) for Non-holonomic Robot May 2016

Implementation of RRT algorithm for a point robot having differential constraints similar to Dubin's car.

SAT (Separate axis theorem) was used to implement Collision detection package for set of convex obstacles.

PD Controller for simulation based Quad-rotor Jan 2016

Using Newton's and Euler's equation of motion, minimum snap trajectory was generated for the Quad-rotor.

Proportional plus Derivative (PD) altitude controller was used to track a trajectory in SO (3) specified in terms of a desired roll, pitch and yaw angle using MATLAB.

Controller Area Network (CAN) Based Automobile Embedded Controller Design Dec 2014

The Controller Area Network communication protocol was implemented between two modules using RX63N board.

Peripherals like Accelerometer, Temperature sensor were used to in this protocol

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