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Software Developer

El Paso, Texas, United States
October 15, 2016

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Name: Christian Onassis Sanchez Barreto.

Address: **** ********* ** *, ** Paso, Texas 79907. Last Study Grade: Master in Computer Science.

Mobile: (915) 303 - 0457



School: Date:

Centro de Investigacin y Estudios Avanzados del Instituto Politecnico Nacional (Cinvestav). 2011 - 2013

Master in Computer Science.

Thesis: An Evolutionary Approach to Learning Knowledge with fuzzy Petri Nets. Benemerita Universidad Autonoma de Puebla (BUAP). 2005 - 2010 Engineering in Computer Science.

Thesis: Web vigilance based on object comparison and alert in mobile devices. Work Experience

TotalPlay (Tv Azteca) - Mexico, Mexico - March 2014 to January 2016. I was working in the Middleware department:

Responsible for the watch collection (automatic system to give and to remove services, and to make the charge to each customer).

Software Develop (.Net, Java),

Web Services Develop .Net (Visual Studio),

Web Services Develop Java,

Web Services Develop SOAP/REST,

Connectivity and security SOAP/REST,

Connectivity queues,

Data manage XML/JSON,

XML security,

Data base manage MySQL, Oracle.


Computer Skills:


Programming Languages: C, Pascal.

Object-oriented Programming: Java, Objective-C, C++, C#.

Interpretation Languages: Python, Perl.

Funtional Languages: Scheme, Erlang.

Visual Languages: Visual Basic, Delphi.

Developer Platforms: NetBeans (Java), Microsoft Visual Studio.

Languages for Description and Circuit Models: VHDL, Proteus, MpLab, WorkBench, PicoBlaze.

Math Languages: MatLab, MathCad.

Data Mining: RapidMiner, C5.0, See5.

Operating Systems:





WebVigilance (Comparing objects based WEB monitoring).

WebVigilance _Movil (comparing objects based WEB monitoring for móvil devices). Database Management:

Web Develop: DreamWeaver, Navicat (MySQL), PHP.

Database Desing: MySQL, SQL_Server, WAMPServer, Microsoft Visual Studio, DB- Main, Toad Data Model.


Network Simulation: Packet-Tracer.

Installation of Web Servers (http y ftp) on Windows systems. Certifications

Augmented Reality 2010

Institute of Computer Science, BUAP.

November 22 to 26 2010.

LAN Networks, Installation and Use 2009

Institute of Computer Science, BUAP.

February 14 to March 7 2009.

Basic Linux 2005

Institute of Computer Science, BUAP.

September 5 to 9 2005.


Article: Date:

IEEE SMC 2013 2013

IEEE International Conference on Systems, Man, and Cybernetics. Manchester, UK.

October 13 2013.

Link: Resume: Adaptive Fuzzy Petri Nets (AFPN) were proposed for knowledge reasoning and learning. They have advantage on learning dynamical knowledge, i.e., weights of an AFPN model are adjustable dynamically according to knowledge update. In this paper, an evolutionary algorithm called Adaptive Weights Evolutionary Algorithm (AWEA) is introduced which is capable of guaranteeing convergence of AFPN weights. Simulation results show effectiveness of AWEA. Comparing with the original back propagation learning algorithm of AFPN, AWEA does not depend on initial parameters to achieve convergence, so it avoids of getting trapped in local minimum. Additionally, AWEA converges faster than Back propagation algorithms.

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