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Development Design

Kingsville, Texas, 78363, United States
October 15, 2016

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Eligible to work in USA (Ready to relocate)

M.S. in Electrical Engg

Graduation Date: Dec 2016

GPA: 3.81


Firmware Developer

Mob: (361-****-***

Email: s

Address: 1 414W Santa Gertrudis Apt #703 Kingsville TX 78363 PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY

● Professional Experience for 5.8 years in Firmware design and development of Embedded Electronics products.

● Firmware (FW) Design & Development for RTOS/Embedded OS based products.

● Linux Device Driver, Design and Development, Application, System programming

● Broad bring up, BSP, UBoot, File system and Linux kernel, scripting.

● Have knowledge of CAN Bus protocols.


● M.S. - Electrical Engineering from T exas A&M University-Kingsville TX USA in D ec 2016

● Diploma in Embedded Design from ACTS CDAC Institute – Pune India in Aug 2009

● B.E. - E lectronics & Communication from KLS GIT, Belgaum ( Univ: VTU Karnataka, India) in July 2007 CERTIFICATION

● NVidia based CUDA c ourse work on U dacity f or parallel programming. SKILL SET

● Programming Languages: C, C++, Java (JSE), Visual C++, C#, VB.Net, Assembly

● Processors worked on: ARM-9, CortexA, SAM3S, Sitara, Coldfire uC, PowerPC, Blackfin, DSP-TMS320XX

● RTOS: Quantum Leaps(QP), QNX

● Scripting Languages: Linux Shell script(bash), Mat-lab, Python, Perl, R.

● Software IDE: IAR, Keil, Matlab, Visual Studio, Code Composer Studio, Qt, OpenCV, Asterisk.

● Boards/Modules worked on: proprietary boards & Test-Jigs, uC&uPbasedARM, PowerPCboards, PCI PLXbridge, GSM, GPS, RF 800 MHz module, RS-2332 based UART module, FXO, FXS.

● Programming Skills: Semaphore, Mutex, shared memory, threads, cloning process, physical, Virtual memory.

● Equipment: JTAGs, DAC, Oscilloscope, Logic analyzer, AC/DC Power supplies.

● Protocols: SPI, I2C, Ethernet, USB, Bluetooth, BLE, UART, Parallel Port, device driver, APIs.

● Network Protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, RTSP, ARP, PPP.

● Management Tools: Cisco VPN, Redmine, SVN, Git.

● Matlab toolbox used: Control toolbox, Neural networks, speech analysis, image processing. TECHNICAL EXPERIENCE

Texas A&M University-Kingsville TX

Roles: Graduate Assistant – Research Nov 2015 – Dec 2015 Graduate Assistant – Research & Teaching Feb 2016 – May 2016

● Image Processing Analysis: Worked in designing a Real-time Image Matching algorithm for UAV based system in MATLAB with robust time efficient techniques like SIFT. Matlab Academic Projects

● Network Tomography: U sed Matlab to work out all possible integers based solutions for a Markova routing network in Matlab.

● Neural Networks: S upervised MLP based learning based for recording speech based numbers and recognizing them in real-time on Matlab.

● Control Engineering: W orked on simulating system behavior for various state space representations, optimize LMI solutions for certain given constraints, model kinematics for some systems.

● Image Compression: U sed Haar wavelet transform to compress and de-compress a grayscale image, encode using Huffman encoding technique, storing it and retrieving back in Matlab. Symphony Teleca (HARMAN) Pune India

Role: Embedded Firmware Developer Feb 2014 – Aug 2015 Description: F irmware development on a RTOS framework (QP) in C++ of a Health care based embedded product for a US based company.

● Embedded Health Care device - Firmware development: Adding various new features, Re-solve & fix issues, improving the Bluetooth data transfer, implemented bootloader up-grade mechanism, implementation of state machines for a code testable PC code. Worked on Development of an Automation Application in C# and python using Design pattern, V C++ application command/response parsing. Worked on test Jig for device and various equipments to emulate the real-time environment, performed release and unit testing on Windows, iOS, Android Apps. Worked closely with the interface configuration for theBT stack of the device tooptimizeBt communication and change firmware registration parameters.

Spectross Digital Systems (P) Ltd New Delhi India Role: Design Engineer Nov 2009 – Feb 2014

Description: W orked as embedded software/firmware developer for various electronic products & boards.

● Custom USB Printer Box Firmware development: A box toprintmessages sent on various interfaceswith a printer on USB (supported on Linux for some HP printers). Developed a startup firmware application for parsing various commands over UART, USB keyboards and logic in issuing prints over the USB interface.

● Voice-Main System Firmware development: Developed, designed, and implemented t he DSP firmware for handling 8 voice channels simultaneously to communicate over theHPI interfacewith an existingmodifiedAsterisk Application used for managing all theVoicemails. Implemented the Power-on self-test (POST) toperforma system hardware check at startup, Device driver development in QNX.

● Digital PBX Firmware development: W orked on d evelopment and testing based on reverse engineering to understand a known DSP processor application from a ssembly to C. Also integrated G .729 codec source with the processor application to increase the storage capability of the messages. Also worked on voice features like conferencing etc. Reverse engineered DSP assembly code from a binary to C code for TMS320 series into a workable code.

● RF 849 MHz TDMA firmware Application: Designed & Developed a TDMA application to auto synchronize based on First come First serve basis to allocate a time-slot for each module to communicate in a node topology. Also developed module to dump debug messages on UART. Managed all the RF interferences in a clever way too.

● Vehicle tracking system Firmware Development: D eveloped a tracking application to track and log the vehicle location over GSM based SMS and 2G network service. The locationswere saved in aNOR flash and retrievedover 2G network on issuing a command. O penGTS was used to register and track the device on this Web based application.

● High Performance Computing for key decryption: Leada Teamof 4+1 in complete software S ystemDevelopment in Linux on P owerPC of an AES-128 bit Decryption System which costs approximately $ 158,730 to perform its Design and Development at all the Hierarchies in the System. Developed PCI driver and application interface to read write data over PCI mapped memory in Linux OS. Qt application design and development for TCP, UDP protocol and many other proprietary features.

● Wi-Fi based Video Streamer: W orked on d evelopment of video streaming for FF-MPEG over Wifi and LAN, using G-streamer over an RTSP server application and delivering at the composite out/HDMI out. Did using TI’s Sitara ARM11 processor.

Om Soltech Softwares Belgaum Karnataka India

Role: Visual Basic Programmer Aug 2007– Sep 2008

Description: Worked on a Proprietary Application for the company.

● Bill Generator: P roprietary Application development for bill generation database, SQL Query, testing of the application, Documentation, Creation of forms and backend coding using various widgets to readdisplay fromthe database(using ADODB engine to run SQL Query) and printing the results as needed, maintain code in source safe.

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