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Registered Nurse Management

Beirut, Mount Lebanon Governorate, Lebanon
October 15, 2016

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Curriculum vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Name: Roula E. Gholmieh

Nationality: Lebanese

Sex: Female.

Marital status: Single

DOB: 08.12.1974

Phone number: 00961 1/681764-78/880280.


I am literate of a Master degree in management (MBA in organizational management-UQAC-Canada); several jobs through the years sharpened my skills.

At the time being I am working as a General Manager assistant for sales and Business development for GCC, Arab countries and Lebanon;

I have worked as a Sales manager and previously Senior Product Specialist for a pharmaceutical company; I was responsible for Stem Cells storage at a Bio Bank in UK; I have negotiated contracts with clients, I have gained a great experience within the scientific and research department.

I have also worked in a hospital for eleven years; This experience have helped me to gain a great deal in the field of management as Director of nursing, human resources and training supervisor for nurses as well as quality management director.

In the quality management, I had training for ten months with the Australian OPCV team (Overseas project Corporation of Victoria) supervised by Dr Gareth Goodier, learning the concepts and rules in quality management.

Since that time, I became a control officer and the coordinator of the infection control committee and the occupational health and safety officer at the same time.

I was also responsible for the medical record committee; I supervised directly the medical record department.

I have worked 6 years in the management and have prepared for three accreditation of hospitals surveyed by the Lebanese ministry of health. These three accreditations were very successful and brought better image and quality for the hospital.

I’ve worked also as a registered nurse in the operating theatre for five years; I was responsible for the orthopedic room.

Finally I worked as a nurse delegate in an insurance company, Med Net, for three years, I learned quality assessment of medical procedures; I was responsible for the operations in the claims center department and medical cases study for approval.


• 2007: MBA “Management of organizations”- ISEC-UQAC Canada :

Organizations’ Strategies

Organizational Communication

Diagnostic and problems’ resolution

Creativity and negotiation

Organization’s Environment

The enterprise and the globalization process

International commerce and Marketing.

Patterns of work organizing and efficiency productivity

Management of technological innovations

Financial management

Seminar of entrepreneurship

Intervention Project

Project report

Thesis: Marketing focus and problem resolution.

• 2005: BA: Business Management. ISEC.

• 2001: Competency in English from ALLC- University of Michigan

• 1997: BS: Nursing Sciences- INSI.


Arabic-French and English


Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Power Point), internet.


• 05.04.2015 till now: E-Med Assistant GM For Business development and sales for GCC and Lebanon.

• 23.01.2014 TILL 23.01.2015 Sales Manager at Mirage KR .

• 09/08/2007 till 02/09/2013 : Senior Product SPECIALIST- Future Health UK.

• 10/01/2002 till 04.05.2007: Administrative Director and human resources management, Quality committee member, Recruitment of staff at AbouJaoude Hospital- Prepared for three successful accreditation of hospitals in Lebanon monitored by the

Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

• 22/12/2001-10/01/2002: Quality Manager-Accreditation of hospitals

• Company Name: Med Net Insurance 01/05/94-31/10/96 Position:

claims center coordinator.

*References are available upon request.

Curriculum vitae

Roula Edmond Gholmieh

Beirut 00961 78/880280.

Roula Edmond Gholmieh

Current Address: USA, 1157 Segolily Lane

Lincoln CA 95648.

Phone number: 916-***-****

Curriculum Vitae


N ame: Roula E. Gholmieh

P lace &date of birth: Bouchrieh, December 1974.

N ationality: Lebanese

S ex: Female.

M arital status: Single

P hone number: 00961 1/681764 - 78/880280 .


2007 : MBA “Management of organizations” - ISEC -UQAC Canada :

O rganizations’ Strategies

O rganizational Communication

D iagnostic and problems’ resolution

C reativity and negotiation

O rganization’s Environment

The enterprise and the globalization pro cess

I nternational commerce and Marketing.

P atterns of work organizing and efficiency productivity

M anagement of technological innovations

Financial management

S eminar of entrepreneurship

I ntervention Project

P roject report

Thesis: Marketing focus and pr oblem resolution.

2001: Competency in English f rom ALLC - University of Michigan

1996: Lebanese License i n nursing sciences – I.N . S .I (Delivered by

Lebanese government)


A rabic -French and English


M icrosoft Of fice (Word, E xcel, P ower P oint), internet.


09/08/2007 till 02/09/2013 : Senior Product specialist - Future

Health Bio Bank UK- Stem cells storage.

Company Name : AbouJaoude Hospital - Prepared for three successful

a ccreditation of hospitals in Lebanon monitored by the

Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

22/12/2001 -10/01/2002: Quality Manager - Accreditation of hospitals

10/01/2002 till 04.05.2007: Nursing Di rector and human resources

management, Quality committee member, infection control

coordinator, occupational health and safety officer and

responsible for the medical record, nurses human

resources management.

From 09/12/96 - 22/12/2001 Registered nurse: r esponsible for the

m anagement of a section in the operating theatre

(Orthopedic section).

Company Name : Med Net Insurance 01/05/94 -31/10/96 Position:

nurse delegate than claims center coordinator.

Training before graduation:

I n different hospitals:

From 1993 to 1996: Two thousand and five hundred hours of training.

Training post-graduation: From 1996 till now:

Infection Control:

"Precep torship Workshop" Dec 23,2005 - A UB -ANCC.

"9ème congrès annuel du C.L.I.N de l'HDF": Oct 21 -22,2005 -USJ.

"Quality, Safety and Infection Control": June 15 -17,2005 -University of

H amburg -Eppendorf and Arab Hospitals Federation.

"8ème congrès annuel du C.L.I. N de l'HDF": Oct. 22 -23,2004 -USJ.

“7ème congrès annuel du C.L.I.N de l'HDF": Oct 17 -18,2003 -USJ.

"Intensive course in Infection Control": Jan 29 -31,2003 - H enkel Ecolab.

"The International Standards of Sterilization ":Dec 6,2003 3M Health Care.

“Contrôle D es Infections Nosocomiales": Oct 22,2003 Syndicate of Hospitals.

“Contrôle Des Infections Nosocomiales": Dec 10,2003 Syndicate of Hospitals.

“5ème congrès annuel du C.L.I.N de l'HDF": Oct 19 -20,2001 - U SJ.

“4ème congrès annuel du C.L.I.N de l'HDF": Oct 27 -28,2000 -USJ.


" 1er Congrès International 'La Profession Infirmière au XXIe Sciècle" May 4 -

6,2006 - U SJ.

"Emergency Prepardeness Workshop" March 21,2006 -AUB. -ANCC.

" P receptorship Workshop" Dec 23,2005 - A UB -ANCC.

" R adio -Oncologie" Nov 12,2005 - Institut Gustave -Roussy, Paris -France.

"Centennial Nursing Conference 100 years of Nursing Education at AUB" -

C ontinuing Education Certificate -June 30 July 2,2005 -AUB.

"Post -operative Pain Management" April 22,2005 -Bristol -Myers Squibb.

"Sharp Safety" April 4,2005

" W ound Management" Feb 23,2005 - Jhonson & Jhonson.

"Quality Process in Nursing" July1,2004 Syndicate of Hospitals.

"Quality Process in Nursing" Sep 29,2004 Syndicate of Hospitals. "Nursing

P rocess" April 21,2004 Syndicate of Hospitals.

"Quality P rocess in Nursing" Dec 17,2002 Syndicate of Hospitals.

A nd other certificate of training (available upon request)

Interests :

. R eading, Travel,Music/dancing,drawing.

*References are available upon request .

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