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Engineer Electrical

October 15, 2016

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Sidi akkacha_chlef


Tel: (+213)0668.09.58.80


Core competencies:

Good recognition in the electronic tool

and computer


2005: BAC in exact science.

2005-2008: electronic DEUA degree option "industrial control" of the University of Science and Technology of Oran "USTO".

2008-2011: Electronic engineer diploma option "instrumentation" of the University of Science and Technology of Oran "USTO".

23/11 to 05/12/2015: Accelerated Training on gas turbines "Level I"

14/12 to 01/27/2015: Training on the gas turbine "level II"

18/01 to 01/23/2016: Accelerated Training "oil instrumentation"

18/01 to 01/23/2016: Training on the control system of the gas turbine "Mark II"


2008: Practical training 1 month in the radio:

The course was on maintenance and familiarization with electronic devices, handling devices and with supervision.

2008 : Final project D.E.U.A study:

The project on the study and implementation of an optical mouse so the operating principle of the optical mouse used computer equipment and then a realization of this mouse. It is to realize an optical mouse with the efforts and personal means.

2010: Practical training in Algeria Telecom for a period of one month:

The course was made in an amplification center chlef using new systems and equipment. Usually to get to know the maintenance and transmission of fiber optic signals. Installation of new transmission devices and wiring of telephone lines.

June 2011 : Final project design engineer:

The project was the study of smart antenna in principle smart antennas that used by all. This is a communication project. It was a more accurate study of this type of antenna with a practical simulation using Matlab.

From Nov 2011 to Sep 2013: Electrical Engineer

Occupying a post of engineer in electrical engineering in the state public sector. Supervise the work on high voltage electrical installations and even electrical wiring different elements.

From sep 2013 to 1 may 2014: Electromechanical Engineer

I worked in an electromechanical state engineer in a private company. In this position, it was the maintenance of machinery and electronic equipment, work on electrical problems and even mechanics, versatile work on the plant.

From 1 May to 31 August 2014: state engineer in "Abeinsa construction"

I held an electronic switch-engineer in a foreign company building and industrial production "Abeinsa construction" in a project of a large desalination plant of the water of the sea. It was the following tasks:

-Installation and commissioning Hydraulic Service

-Installation and commissioning of electronic instruments and measuring devices (flow meter, pressure switch

- Installation and mechanical and electrical pump circuit (intermediate, booster and high pressure).

-The start of all mechanisms installed in the station and general audit prior to reliability testing.

- Head implement cartridge filters and membrane loading in reverse osmosis.

- Operator of production in the testes reliability: checking instruments, pumps and general circuit before starting.

Dcs-supervisor scada station: supervision and control of the entire desalination plant, starting any machine production control and quality of product, test instruments with microphone and see the accounting field.

From 05 May-June 2015: Responsible for technical study "sarl GENITEC"

I hold a responsible post of Technical Study to GENITEC sarl. This is a research department, installation and maintenance of air conditioning systems, fire protection, heating and detection (Hvac). In this position I do:

- Study Technics, installation, commissioning of systems

- Supervision of project and construction sites

- Wiring of electrical cabinets and coffers.

- Follow electric traveaux

From 16 June to this date: training / induction in "Sonatrach"

Actuelement, I'm induction in the large « Sonatrach oil company » as a senior technician specialized instrumentation in production and gas processing plant in Hassi R'Mel region

Other skills:

• Good knowledge of computer skills: word, exel, powerpoint

• A good background in programming machine: Pic 16f and 18f, Matlab, C and C ++ ...

• Different electronic simulator workpenche, proteus7 ...

• Good with the CMMS, Autocad.

• be able to familiarize themselves with any electronic and computer software.



FREE ALL COMMITMENT (military service)

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