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Customer Service Microsoft Office

New Haven, Connecticut, United States
October 14, 2016

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*nd Fl.

Hamden, CT 06514



Business Professional with strong background in Customer Service, Information Specialist. Self starting, quick learner, superior work ethics, and commitment to quality outcomes. Team focused on complex confidential customer driven issues. Organization, time management and communication abilities.

Bridgeport Hospital

08-2011 to Present

Telecommunications 08-2011


AT&T, Hamden CT


Operator Services, 2001-2006

Information Specialist, 2006-2011

Receive calls from customers nationally directing them throughout the United States. Provided Verbal GPS information.

Also providing Verbal Movie Guide information.

Schedule reservations nationally

Contact appropriate entity to obtain information within 72 hours of request

Respond to request for various customer referrals

Extensive experience in providing assistance in telephone research

Skilled in customer support

Secretarial experience

Demonstrated experience in customer relations

Recognized self-starter with equal ability to work as a team member or independently

Interfaced effectively with outside providers

Versed in communication and processing confidential information

Performed various office task, data entry, typing, filing, copying


Diploma, Richard C Lee High School, New Haven CT

Computer Skills:

Microsoft Office, Excel, Word, Calculator.



HAMDEN, CT 06514

MAY 2, 2013

To whom it may concern,

Hello, my name is Cheryl Richardson. I am the aunt of Marquis Richardson. His dad is my older brother. I love my nephew like my son. Although he has made some HUGE mistakes, that doesn’t take away from him being a good person. He’s not a violent person, and he has a big heart.

Marquis had an ordinary childhood. He was a quiet, somewhat shy child. He was raised mostly by his mom. His dad was in his life, but they haven’t always had the best relationship, but I feel that both parents did the best they could with what they had.

As I said Marquis had an ordinary childhood, until he started getting sick. There was a period in Marquis’s life when he became distant, withdrawn. He’d fall asleep in the middle of a conversation. His teachers complained he was always tired and would fall asleep in school. His skin started becoming dark, and extremely dry. The biggest problem was him saying his bones hurt. His was misdiagnosed several times, which just made him withdraw that much more. At family functions, he couldn’t stay awake long enough to play with his cousins. Then after seeing many different specialist the doctors said he had Lupus and Diabetes. I believe it was all that Marquis had to go through being so sick so young that changed him. He was on high dosages of steroids and many other medicines. He would go in and out of different stages of depression, but being a pre-teen and teenager, he would just want to be alone. He started getting into trouble, and eventually ended up in jail for selling drugs.

I truly believe that he was trying to find himself, or what he thought was a “safe” place when he started running the streets. I am not making excuses for him; I firmly believe that if you commit a crime, you have to pay. I just ask that you take into consideration that he has been through a lot, he’s never been a violent person, and he was trying to better himself by looking for a job with the help of myself and my son, and going online trying to find a way to go back to school.

In closing, I want to thank you for taking the time to read my letter and ask that you would just think about showing Marquis leniency, and giving him another chance to prove that he is the nephew that I know.


Cheryl Richardson


30 Coleman St. Apt.B

West Haven, CT 06516

Hello my name is Ward Williams. Marquis Richardson is my grandson. He’s a good boy, always have been… But there came a point in his life when he became withdrawn, distant. He was very different.

As a child, he was a happy playful child. He’s always been close to his family. When he was younger, he started complaining about pain and he would fall asleep whenever he wasn’t moving. His parents took him to several different doctors to eventually find out that he was a Diabetic and had Lupus.

It was then Marquis started being “different”. He got worse when his face started breaking out from the Lupus. He didn’t want to be around people other than family, even then he wasn’t absolutely comfortable. The medicines had different effects on him. His attitude changed, his weight went up and down, sometimes he’d get really tired. Even now, there are times when his body just hurts. He would go into a deep depression, but no one could figure out what was going on with him

Going through all of these different changes are what I think changed my grandson. He’s never been a bad kid, he’s still not bad, he’s made some very bad choices, but I believe he was trying to find himself. He’s never been violent. It’s almost like he was trying to “fit in”.

Please believe me when I say, he was raised to disobey the law, and I know that if he commits a crime, he must be held accountable. I am asking you to give him another chance, Marquis is very intelligent he’s also extremely talented in art. He had plans to find a job and try and get back into school.

I love my grandchildren and I would do anything for them. Please allow him to prove himself to be the man he was raised to be and that I know he is.

Thank you very much,

Ward C. Williams

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