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Engineering Information Technology

Bengaluru, Karnataka, 560001, India
October 17, 2016

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Name: Arundhathi D

M-Tech. IT Networking

Mob no: 978-***-****


OBJECTIVE: To apply my technical skills to build creative things and leading to a career in research.


Name of institution & university




VIT University, Vellore




VTU university, Belgaum




Karnataka PU Board




Karnataka secondary education board




1Intern in Nokia (Alcatel-Lucent), Chennai July 2015 toMay2016

Experience: 1 year.

Domain: IPTV-Video (Multimedia Integration Gateway (MMIG))

Project: Enhancement of MMIG features to provide quality IPTV services to the customers.

Mainly doing product enhancement in the Billing and purchase management of the Onetime Purchase (OTP) and Combined Subscription Bundles and Offers.

Gain knowledge in IBP software (Instant Buy portal), VodStoreFront

My role in this project: UI level coding (.net), backend development (store procedure writing, DB) scheduler part implementation, API Automation coding, selenium, Testing of product functionality.

2Working as a Freelancer Java Trainer in the company Campus Interaction in my free time. Recently I trained in Java to the KalasaLingam University’s (Deemed University) BTECH Final year Students, Madurai.


1.Won first prize in national level seminar on LRAP protocol topic as an individual participant conducted by GMIT institute of technology, Davanagere, Karnataka

2.4th ranker in 8th semester, one of the top 50th ranker in Bachelor of Engineering VTU University Belgaum, Karnataka.

3.Won first prize in inter college level seminar competition conducted by KENARA Engineering College, Mangalore, Karnataka

4.I am honoured with the title called “Kannada kowari” with the Bronze medal for securing highest score in Kannada subject in 10th standard by Siddhaganga school under Karnataka government, Davanagere

5.I am honoured with third place with the 10,000 cash prize in state level quiz competition, Bangalore


1.Undergone pre placement training course conducted in Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mijar in June 2012

2.Skills gained: C, C++, Core Java and J2EE, ASP.Net and C# Programming, Network Socket Programming, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, XML, CSS basics, MYSQL Server, QualNet Developer, NS2 Simulator, JavaScript

3.Undergone feel employable training conducted by college for leadership and HRD in Alva’s Institute of Engineering and Technology, Mijar in August 2012

4.Undergone vocational training on basics of telecommunication, switching, transmission,

GSM/CDMA, Mobile Services, Computer and Data Network conducted by BSNL Davanagere for 5 days.

5.Certification in core java and Advanced java(Servlet, struts, JDBC/ODBC)

Languages: C, C++, JAVA, C#

Scripting languages: PHP, JAVASCRIPT, HTML,Mysql

OS: Windows XP/7, Unix


Title: Authentication of session passwords using colour and text

Project is about providing gateway to access the confidential information in files or website by providing security in the form of session passwords. Two types of authentication schemes are used.

1.Pair based authentication schema

2.Text based authentication scheme

Language used: C#,, MYSQL

Title: simulation of solar systems

Language used: computer graphics (openGL)

Title: Implementation of AVL trees

To understand the concept of the Balanced Avl tree concept.

1. Coded the Algorithm using both recursive and iterative approach

2. Used Dotty for representing the tree graphically.

3. Insertion, Deletion and Search were the supported functionality.

4. Compared the search time with Binary Search trees

Language used: Java

Title: Online business Intelligent system using data-mining concept

1)Implemented recommendation of product to customer based on his history of purchases using Content based filtering technique by using taking comparison of item to item similarity by using Apriori algorithm.

2)Implemented recommendation of product to the customer based on the comparison of rating of the items from the other user using collaborative based filtering technique by using K-means clustering algorithm Language used: JAVA, servlet, HTML

Title: DBMS Implementation of Student management system

1)Developed ER diagram and UML for modelling

2)Implementation has been done for keeping the record related to student’s academics.

3)Database consisted of student table(main table), course details table, attendance registration table, academic result table

Language used: PHP for backend, MYSQL database, HTML for front end.

Title: Scheduling Algorithm – Operating system

1)Implemented all the scheduling algorithms as a POC to understand how actually processes are scheduled in the Operating system.

2) Algorithms implemented: FCFS, SJF, Round Robin, Priority Scheduling and Multilevel Queue scheduling.

Title: Performance analysis of routing protocol AODV, DSR and DSDV

Simulation tool: NS2

Title: Hidden markov model and text-mining in extracting the reference field from the metadata

simple method for extracting metadata fields from citations such as author, title, publication etc.. from heterogeneous references. For this Viterbi algorithm is used. Language used: PHP

Title: Implementation of Map Reduce Partitioner and Combiner concept for the following problem statement using Hadoop framework

Map Reduce Partitioner: Application to process the input dataset to find the highest salaried employee by gender in different age groups.

Map reduce Combiner: Application to process the input dataset to count occurrence of the each word in the file.

Language Used: Java, hadoop framework


1. Organized and Hosted various program called “CODEVIZ” a coding context Competition and Dance shows organized as a part of my engineering college fest –ALVA’s Nudisiri and Alva’s Virasat.

2. District level Kabaddi player during my school days. Played as a Vice- captain of the team.

3. I have given many classical (Bharathanatyam) and semi classical dance shows in Karnataka and in other states with the team “Lalitha Natya Group”.

4. Organized and hosted Kannada cultural activities as a member of Kannada association group in VIT, vellore.




Arundhathi D






#3419/74, Vidhyanagara,

Vinayaka badavane, 2nd cross









Yoga, Giving Dance shows, travelling, listening to music, Drama, watching movies, playing, Kabaddi and Shuttle badminton.


The information above is true to the best of my knowledge. Look forward to work with your company

Arundhathi D

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