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Columbus, Ohio, United States
October 16, 2016

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Over 10 years of experience in administration and development of Business Analytics solutions using Data Warehousing and Reporting tools and techniques.

Expert level skills in tools such as SAP BW, BODS and HANA used for Extraction, Transformation and Loading of data from numerous sources.

Completed 5 End to End cycle SAP BW/BOBJ project implementations using ASAP methodologies.

Designed SAP BW/BI components such as Info Objects, DSOs, Info Cubes, Data sources, MultiProviders, Virtual Providers, Semantically Partitioned objects, Info Packages, and DTPs.

Built BEx reports and workbooks in BW using Query Designer and Analyzer.

BO Admin

Administered the business objects enterprise clustered servers and implemented changes to Scale-Out and Scale-Up the environment to optimize performance.

Configured different types of authentication for BO environment such as Enterprise, SAP and Windows AD with seamless Single Sign On (SSO).

Performed end to end administration including Planning, Sizing, Installation, Integration, Maintenance and Production Support to ensure high availability of BO 4.1 environment.

Executed upgrades from BO XI 3.x to BI 4.x, as an administrator and developer.

Implemented the use of troubleshooting techniques and tools available in the Business Objects enterprise such as Auditing, Logging, Monitoring, CMC, WebiAdmin and BI Platform Support.


Demonstrated the effectiveness and suitability of tools such as SAP Business Objects, Tableau and Power BI for Reports, Dashboards, Analysis Applications and Data discovery.

Utilized the tools such as Universe Design Tool (UDT), Information Design Tool (IDT), WebI, Xcelcius, Dashboard and Crystal Reports to build insightful and interactive reports.

Worked with relational databases such as Oracle, IBM DB2, SQL Server, Microsoft Access and OLAP data sources such as, SAP BW, HANA, and Microsoft SQL Server Analysis Services.

Exercised advanced design techniques in building WebI, Crystal Reports and Dashboards.

Formulated effective techniques to troubleshoot the report performance issues to identify the bottlenecks in connectivity, memory allocation, server configuration and report design.

Designed analysis applications and dashboards using SAP Business Objects Design Studio and interactive charts and story boards using SAP Lumira.


Installed Tableau Server and configured authentication and processes resource allocation.

Defined and maintained sites, users, roles, extract schedules and subscriptions.

Developed tableau worksheets, dashboards and intuitive story boards connected to CSV, relational databases and OLAP datasources via live connection or data extracts.

Authored formulas with LOD expressions, calculations, Sets, Aliases and custom Hierarchies.


Integrated enterprise data sources with HANA and BW with data flows in Business Objects Data Services (BODS), utilized Data Cleanse transforms and schedule the jobs to replicate data.

Established and supported Data Provisioning techniques in HANA such as SAP Landscape Transformation (SLT), SAP BODS 4.0/4.1 and Direct Extractor Connection (DXC).

Devised Schemas, Packages, Information models, Analytic Privileges and CE Functions.

Built HANA attribute views, analytical views and calculation views and presented this data in advanced visualizations in Webi, Analysis, SAP Lumira and Design Studio.


Planning -Ensure to get a clear understanding of duties and contributions to the project to deliver the promised deliverables on time and without compromising the quality.

Team Player - Always up for any help with a problem faced by a team mate and don't hesitate to seek help if got tied up, a different perspective always helps.

Quick Learner - Learn and exercise the use of new tools to evaluate benefits.


ERP Packages


Business Intelligence

SAP BW 7.0, 7.3; SAP BODS; SAP HANA SPS06, SPS09; SAP BO XI R2/3.1; BI 4.0, 4.1 (Information Design Tool, Central Management Console, Webi, Crystal Reports, Xcelcius/ Dashboards, Analysis for Office/OLAP, Design Studio, Lumira, Import Wizard, Promotion Management), Tableau, QlikView, Power BI, InfoBurst, InfoSol 360


VB, ABAP, Java


IBM DB2; Oracle 10g,11g; MS Access 2007, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008

Tools & Utilities

Excel Macros, Microsoft Project Planning, SR Tool, Control M, HP Quality Center, QTP, JIRA

Business Domain

Health Care, SRM, Retail, Manufacturing, and Marketing


Excel in the emerging Business Intelligence and Big Data Analytics products working in multitude of business domains. Engage in every opportunity with full energy to work in diverse technologies and roles to ensure continuous learning in my IT career


Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering from Sri Venkateswara University


10 Years

5 Years

2 Years

2 Years

1 Year

SAP BO XI R2/3.1; 4.1 SP2, SP5

SAP BW 7.0, 7.3


SAP BODS 4.0, 4.1


Client Location Start - End

UCLA Health Los Angeles, CA Mar 2016 – Current

Owens Corning Toledo, OH Apr 2015 – Feb 2016

EPSON America, Inc Long beach, CA Nov 2012 - Mar 2015

Cigna Bloomfield, CT Aug 2006 - Oct 2012

Tata Consultancy Services India May 2006 - Aug 2006


Client: UCLA Health, CA Mar 2016 – current

Role: SAP Business Objects/Tableau Administrator

Project Name: BI Administration

Environment: BI 4.1 SP4 (Central Management Console, Upgrade Management Tool, Promotion Management, Information Design Tool, Crystal Reports 2013, Web Intelligence), InfoBurst, InfoSol 360, Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008, Oracle 11g, 12c(EPIC Clarity ETL), Service Now, Tableau 9.1, 9.3, BODS 4.2


Creating a plan to upgrade the BOBJ to 4.2 version

Built Auditing dashboards for Tableau and Business Objects environment

Monitored and scheduled the execution of the InfoSol 360 jobs to extract CMS metadata

Created alerts in BO monitoring to get notified via email based on change in server metrics

Reports inventory catalog is built to enable a view of Usage and Updates statistics

Deployed Webi and Crystal reports and created schedules

Create publications and bursts in InfoBurst to distribute report content based on dynamic parameters

Monitoring the BOBJ system, suggest and implement process improvements for efficiency

Setup the Tableau server and configured Windows AD authentication

Tableau user and server administration, provisioning the permissions based on the AD Groups

Administration of the BODS 4.2: Access, maintain Repositories and schedule ETL jobs

Provide architectural suggestions in Business Objects server management by following the SAP best practices

Prepare and review the estimates for building the disaster recovery server for BOBJ

Client: Owens Corning, OH Oct 2015 – Feb 2016

Role: SAP BI Reporting Lead/Architect

Project Name: Webi Analytics for Roofing business (Agile)

Environment: BI 4.1 SP5 Patch 4 (Central Management Console, Upgrade Management Tool, Promotion Management, Information Design Tool, Web Intelligence, WebiAdmin Tool), Windows Server 2008 R2, SQL Server 2008, SAP BW 7.0, Microsoft Access 2007, Project Management (JIRA)


Estimated the efforts to deliver the reporting requirements for 3 different work streams of Roofing business segment.

Prepared and reviewed the estimates with the program managers to seek their approval

Created Issues, Tasks, Epics to identify the project work and created a Kanban board to see summarized status

Worked with the business analysts to document the requirements

Coordinated with off-site team to review requirements and host design meetings

Determined the layout of the reports and connections to the sources.

Created reports in JIRA to show the progress of the Issues to Business Owners

Reviewed the Universes and Web Intelligence reports created by the off-site team

Scheduled review sessions with business analysts to get their feedback and sign-off

Promoted the content to production using the Promotion management

Assigned security for the Universe and report folders as per the security requirements

Provided architectural directions in Business Objects server management following the SAP best practices

Implemented the Scale-Out approach to have a dedicated business objects server for CMS database.

Client: Owens Corning, OH Jul 2015 – Sep 2015

Role: BI Analytics Architect/Administrator

Project Name: Evaluation and deployment (Design Studio, Tableau and Lumira)

Environment: BI 4.1 SP5 Patch 4 (SAP Design Studio 1.5 Patch 0, CMC, Promotion Management, Analysis for OLAP, Analysis for Office, SAP Lumira 1.28 - Server for BI integration), SAP BW, Tableau 9.1 (Tableau Sever administration; Tableau Desktop; Data Source, User and Site management)


Presented the capabilities of the Design Studio and identified an use case for building the dashboard.

Installed the BIP Server add-on for Design Studio and configured the Adaptive Processing Server to host the service

Created an analysis application to show the MTD and YTD Sales for a business segment for Business Director review.

Used Geo Maps to show the trends of revenue distribution and Profit margins across the global market

Provided multiple analysis paths with views at different granularity and selections to drill through Product hierarchy

Utilized the different methods and properties of the components to allow easy to use interactive features.

Published the dashboard to BO repository and provided access to the user through BI Launchpad

Demonstrated interoperability feature between Analysis for Office workbooks and Design Studio

Installed the Lumira, Server for BI platform in the Business Objects server

Created visualizations and story boards using SAP Lumira Desktop and published to the BO repository

Installed the Tableau Server and configured local authentication.

Showcased the Tableau features and brainstormed the suitable use cases for implementation

Connected the Tableau to different possible data sources such as SAP BW using MDX connection, SQL Server and CSV

Created dashboards and story boards to demonstrate the ease of creation and effective use of Tableau.

Publish the Tableau content to server and provided access to users by assigning the roles at project and workbook level

Administered the Tableau server and maintained the sites, users and extract schedules.

Presented a comparison of the tools in terms of ease of use, capabilities, content distribution options, data acquisition and performance with high volumes of data.

Client: Owens Corning, OH Apr 2015 – Jun 2015

Role: SAP BOBJ Architect

Project Name: SAP BI from 3.1 to 4.1 SP5 Patch 4

Environment: BI 4.1 SP5 Patch 4 (Central Configuration Manager, Central Management Console, Promotion Management, Upgrade Management Tool, Analysis for OLAP, Business Objects Mobile, Information Design Tool, BI LaunchPad), BO XI 3.1 SP4 (AIX server administration, InfoView, Central Management Console, Web Intelligence Rich Client), Oracle 10g, SAP BW, SQL Server 2008


Reviewed the current Business Objects environment XI 3.1 setup

Prepared the plan for the upgrade to the 4.1 SP5 documenting the timelines and process of execution

Worked with BI COE team to review the usage patterns of the system and reporting applications in use

Performed the sizing and install the 4.1 SP5 platform on the Windows 2008 R2 server

Configured Windows AD authentication and Single Sign On using Kerberos option

Implemented the best practices for upgrade process and server configuration and management

Created additional Adaptive Processing Servers to distribute the services and memory based on the usage expected

Moved content with Upgrade Management Tool leveraging live to live and BIAR to live options

Security setup on the Folders, Universes and Connections in 4.1 system is replicated based on current 3.1 system

Established schedules and monitored them in the new 4.1 system

Analyzed the system performance using different admin tools such as CMC, Webi Admin tool and logs

Configured the servers and server parameters to reflect the suitable timeout and memory requirements

Configured the BO Mobile by updating the MobileBIService and MOBIServer .war files defined Categories in CMC

Documented and implemented a process to maintain the Business Objects environment by taking regular backups

Created watches, alerts on the server performance metrics to get a notification before a possible event of failure

Configured auditing database and created Webi reports to monitor the usage of applications and User activity

Client: EPSON America Inc, CA Jul 2014 – Mar 2015

Role: SAP BI HANA Consultant

Project Name: SAP Implementation Latin America (LATAM)

Environment: BI 4.1 SP2(SAP Design Studio, CMC, Promotion Management, Live Office 4.1, BO Analysis for OLAP, Lumira), Oracle 11g, SAP HANA 1.0 SPS06

Responsibilities as BW, HANA Developer:

Analyzed the reporting requirements and designed Data Flows responsible for OTC and PTP data extraction.

Gathered and analyzed the requirements to replicate the ECC content in HANA using BODS.

Leveraged SAP SLT and Business Object Data Services (BODS) to acquire the data into SAP HANA Data Mart.

Loaded SAP ECC tables into HANA using SAP LT (SLT) data replication.

Performed data modeling and developed Analytical views for the transactional data, Attribute views for the master data, and the Calculation views in HANA Studio.

Promoted HANA information models from Dev to Quality and Production using delivery units.

Built BO UNX universes on top of HANA calculation views in Information Design Tool and developed Webi reports.

Build the analysis applications using the SAP Design Studio to display the Sales Orders, Delivery, Purchase Order and Receipts metrics across Time and Sales Organizations dimensions

Established the recommended SAP best practices for developing Universes, reports and dashboards from HANA views

Created interactive visualizations based on HANA models in SAP Lumira for Inventory and Sales Order metric.

Responsibilities as a BO Developer/Administrator/Architect:

Documented the existing reporting solution available for North America

Worked closely with business and the BO/BW teams to identify language patches to be applied and configured.

Reviewed Business Objects server memory requirements for the increase in the number of users and reports

Presented a report to the management on gap analysis and requirements to change the existing system landscape.

Reviewed the language requirements for the different LATAM countries and updated settings in the BO and BW

A new landscape is created for the development and testing of the Latin America SAP implementation project

Clustered environment is built with 3 nodes to accommodate the additional power users and concurrent usage.

Gathered the mobile requirements for the implementation and did the required configuration.

Tested the issues related to the language text display for Spanish and Portuguese as per the Business requirements

Synced the LATAM Development landscape with production support changes done in Production landscape.

Performed Volume user testing to confirm the production system sizing and ability to handle concurrent usage

Conducted trainings for business users from Latin America in integration testing and resolved any system access issues

Client: EPSON America Inc, CA Feb 2014 – Jun 2014

Role: SAP BI Administrator, HANA Modeler

Project Name: Native HANA for Order Performance Analysis

Environment: BI 4.1 SP2, Oracle 11g, SAP HANA 1.0 SPS06, CMC, Promotion Management, Live Office 4.1, Dashboards, Crystal reports for Enterprise, SAP Design Studio


Configured the repositories and built BODS data flows to replicate ECC tables data into SAP HANA

Created information models, attribute views, analytic views, calculation views Graphical and SQL script based

Monitored and analyzed the data load failures.

Created Technical specifications and standard modeling documents for SAP HANA dataflow.

Performed user training sessions for SAP HANA Information Models.

Designed the information models to derive the performance metrics of the Order Processing in OTC and Shipping activities data of PTP process flows.

Created a universe on top of the Calculation views using IDT.

Built Webi reports to show the Sales Order life cycle and its aging at different steps of the process.

Designed the highly formatted crystal reports based on the HANA views to provide them for Warehouse managers

Created Dashboards using the Live Office connection to the Webi Reports content to showcase to Business directors

Developed an analysis application using SAP Design Studio connecting to HANA views and BEx Queries

Utilized different container components and charts along with their associated events and methods in building the easy to use, highly interactive dashboard

Client: EPSON America Inc, CA Oct 2013 – Jan 2014

Role: Sr. SAP BOBJ Developer/ Administrator

Project Name: BI Upgrade from XI 3.1 to 4.1 SP2 Patch 0

Environment: BI 4.1 SP2, Oracle 11g, SAP BO XI 3.1 SP5, CMC, Import Wizard, Promotion Management, Upgrade management tool, Live Office 4.1, SAP BO Analysis for OLAP


Presented the Pros and Cons of upgrading from the existing version.

Documented and showcased to management the need and process of the upgrade

Estimated the work effort based on the volume and complexity of reports in different domains and planned resources

Worked closely with the Basis team in sizing the system, configuration and provided feedback

Used Upgrade management tool to migrate the content from 3.1 system to 4.1 system

Identified the issues and researched for a solution and worked with SAP support team for product defects

Changed the source to BICS connection for the reports utilizing the OLAP universe

Migrated the .UNV universe to .UNX universe for relational universes and mapped the new universe in reports

Migrated the live office documents from 3.1 to 4.1 and tested for any connectivity issues

Tested with business users to validate the data and trained the users in 4.1 tools

Leveraged connection folder level access restrictions to improve the security setup.

Maintained the change log and kept the 3.1 and 4.1 systems in sync with the production support changes

Used Promotion management to promote the content from Dev to QA and Dev to Prod systems

Client: EPSON America Inc, CA May 2013 – Sep 2013

Role: SAP Business Objects Lead

Project Name: Catalina Ink Shot Billing Model

Environment: Oracle 11g, SAP BO XI 3.1 SP5, CMC, Import Wizard, SQL developer


Migrated the business processes from mainframe to a new Oracle system

Worked with legacy system developers to understand the existing reports design

Gathered the business requirements and suggested improvements in the new reports

Documented the functional and technical specifications for the Universe and Webi Reports design

Discussed with Oracle developer regarding reporting needs and brainstormed the data model to optimize for reporting

Created the relational universe with a JDBC connection to the Oracle 11g database

Used contexts to resolve loops and changed the connection pool parameters to suit better hardware capability

Created the Webi Reports using the specifications to provide ink performance and ink revenue

Tested the reports with business users after providing the training to use reports via InfoView

Scheduled the reports with an event based trigger from the Oracle batch process to ensure latest data in reports

Client: EPSON America Inc, CA Nov 2012 – Apr 2013

Role: SAP Business Objects Consultant

Project Name: Tinta Blue (SAP Implementation for Service Phase II)

Environment: Oracle 11g, SAP ECC (SD, PTP, OTC, SVM, FI), SAP BW 7.2 and SAP BO XI 3.1 SP5, CMC, Import Wizard, Crystal Reports 2010


Created the OLAP Universes using Designer with a connection to SAP BW BEX queries.

Examined the Webi report specifications and created reports per specifications.

Refreshed the universes for the scope changes during testing and modified the reports accordingly

Analyzed and fixed the defects identified during the test cycles ITC and UAT

Migrated reports from development to testing environments using Import Wizard

Identified the different errors we encounter in WebI because of the data model issues

Executed performance testing of the BO system to make sure it can handle production volume and users

Worked with security team to setup the appropriate user roles and authorizations for the BO users

Built cell based reports with hyperlinks for specific requirements and leveraged excel functions in building formulas

Designed Crystal Reports to show the weekly inventory transactions summary connecting to SAP BW universe.

Client: Cigna Corporation, CT Nov 2011 – Oct 2012

Role: SAP Business Objects Administrator

Project Name: Claim IT HIPAA 5010 Data reporting

Environment: Oracle 11g, IBM DB2, SAP BW 7.0 and SAP BO 4.0, CMC, Life Cycle Manager, BO XI 3.1, Dashboards, Crystal Reports 2008


Analyzed the data model to designed the universes for Relational DBs (Oracle and IBM DB2)

Designed Universes using Information Design Tool and resolved the loops in the data foundation

Created Business layer using the data foundation with object names familiar for business users

Configured BICS connection to create the reports based on the BEX queries

Converted .UNV Universes to .UNX Universes as part of migration to BO 4.0 for the existing 3.1 reports

Developed the Webi reports and Dashboards to enable Business team perform their periodic validations

Enabled drill down feature for hierarchy objects allowing user to view data at different granularity levels

Created Crystal reports to meet the specific formatting requirements based on sections and claim type.

Configured alerts and data tracking to highlight to the end user for any anomalies in the data.

Created variables in Webi using multiple functions to achieve the calculations as required by business logic.

Scheduled periodic reports to various destinations BI Inbox, Corporate email address and as a document instance.

Configured notifications in CMC for the scheduled instances to notify failures via emails

Implemented data Level security to restrict the users to access claim areas based on their Claim Department.

Analyzed and identified the performance bottlenecks and tuned the source to improve the report execution time

Created Users/User Groups and assigned roles in CMC to provide the access to respective folders/universes/connections.

Used Life Cycle Manager (LCM) to promote the Universes, reports and User roles across Dev, QA and Production.

Client: Cigna Corporation, CT Apr 2010 – May 2012

Role: SAP BO Team Lead

Project: Eligibility, Claim and HR Analytics

Environment: Oracle 11g, IBM DB2, SAP BW 7.0 and SAP BO 4.0, CMC, Life Cycle Manager, BO XI 3.1, Xcelcius


Created a blue print of modeling and provided walkthroughs to the team and management

Designed ETL process to load the data from IBM DB2 database, Oracle 10g and flat file data sources into BW.

Managed access and Security setup for different Users and User Groups in Business Objects and BW.

Created the Webi reports using Merged Queries, formulas, Drill down, Cross Tab and Master-Detail Hyper links etc.

Created custom list of values and provided prompts as per user requirements.

Developed Crystal Reports showing list of claims processed in each month with different attributes of the claims

Defined groups based on the status of the claim and date parameters based on Service Dates to improve readability

Responsibilities as a Team Lead:

Hosted meetings to gather the requirements from the business team

Engaged in the Blue printing phase to determine the architecture and logical data flows to meet the requirements

Monitored the realization phase to ensure the modeling is done as per the planned schedule

Hosted the meetings to review the Unit Test evidences

Secured UAT sign-off after the functional testing is done

Ensured resource availability during the Hyper-care period

Client: Cigna Corporation, CT Jul 2009 – Mar 2010

Role: BW/BO Consultant

Project: Vendor management Integration

Environment: SAP BW 7.0, Query Designer, IBM DB2, SAP SRM, SAP ECC, SAP BO XI 3.1


Gathered reporting requirements and prepared the specification documents with the details of the info providers and data sources needed.

Led the team involved in design and development of the data models.

Documented the best practices to follow in creating the process chains, variants and building schedules for data load.

Provided periodic status updates to the Project Managers to appraise them with the progress of the planned tasks.

Designed the BEX Queries using Query Designer and published to Web Application Designer.

Built OLAP universes on the BEX queries and created Webi reports

Developed Crystal Reports connecting to the IBM DB2 database using ODBC driver

Configured alerts and created complex formulas in Crystal Reports to show vendor payments, fallout claims Analysis.

Create Dashboards and publish the summarized data to the management using Live Office, QWAAS connections to Webi and OLAP Universes.

Client: Cigna Corporation, CT Feb 2008 – Jun 2009

Role: SAP BI Administrator/Lead Developer

Project: Customer Relationship Analysis

Environment: SAP BI 7.0, IBM DB2, SAP CRM, SAP ECC, SAP BO XI 3.1


Designed and developed the data flow and data extraction from SAP CRM to BI 7.0 using standard extraction

Enhanced standard data sources, modified start routines and end routines in transformations.

Utilized the look-up functions to read data from different Info providers.

Devised Process Chains and Meta-Chains for loading Master Data (Attributes,Text) and Transactional data

RSPCM transaction is used to monitor the data loads.

Modified the hierarchy to accommodate changes to a Cost center.

Created workbooks using BEX Analyzer per the specifications.

Authored several variables, Calculated Key figures and Restricted Key Figures in BEX queries.

Collaborated implementation of the BOBJ reporting solution to provide more analytical capabilities to the users

Reviewed documents such as Product Availability Matrix to identify supported platforms and tools

Installed the Business Objects Enterprise server and established RFC connection to the SAP BW system

Installed the client tools to build the reports and migrate across Development, Test and Production systems

Created the Business Objects Webi reports using the Universes on BEX queries.

Client: Cigna Corporation, CT Aug 2006 – Jan 2008

Role: SAP Business Intelligence Developer

Project: Member eligibility Analytics

Environment: SAP BW, SAP BO XI R2, IBM DB2, Import Wizard


Examined and understood the design specifications detailing the layout and fields required in the reports

Analyzed the different tables to acquire the data elements needed for reports

Created the universes on top of the IBM DB2 Data Warehouse

Joined the tables as per the technical specifications and resolved loops by using aliases and context techniques

Created the objects required for the different reports and named them in simple business terms

Built Web Intelligence reports as per the layout requested and unit tested the reports

Tested the reports with business users and resolved the defects identified

TATA Consultancy Services Ltd. May 2006 – Aug 2006

Role: Trainee

Project: SAP ERP/BI Training

Environment: SAP ECC, BW, IBM DB2


Attended training on the ERP solutions by SAP and different products available for enterprise data management needs

Gained knowledge of the BW solution by SAP and completed exercises on BW modeling, Querying tools

Successfully completed sample projects in standard Project life cycle using SAP BW for Data warehousing and reporting

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