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Engineer Field

Houston, Texas, United States
October 13, 2016

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Layth Jumaah


Layth B. Jumaah

Contact Details:

Mobile : 713-***-****

Email :

Address : **** ******** **** ** # ***

Zip : 77082

City/State : Houston / Texas

Objectives: A highly motivated Mechanical Engineer with two different power fields experiences (Oil &Gas and Electric power plants). Has developed strong leadership, Team management, Engineering, mentoring, and communication skills during my role as Field Engineer. Love working with teams which expanded my general skills in different specialties including time management and handling stress. Used to work on long shifts and overnights, managed a team of operators and engineers at the well-site with the responsibility of the client’s location safety and operations.

Accountable in my deliverables and closing of my dedicated tasks on timely manner, willing and eager to learn and excel in any challenge that is given to me. Key Areas of experience:

Field Engineer (I, II, III) – Wireline

Maintenance and Operating Engineer in Power Plants and Boilers. Experience:

I. Baker Hughes:

Field Engineer – Wireline July 2012 – Dec 2015

Started working with Baker Hughes in July 3rd 2012 as a Field Engineer Wireline Position Open Hole and Cased Hole ll Dec 2015.

Started as a junior field engineer progressed each year to Field Engineer, then Senior Field Engineer.


Proficient in running multiple applications

Have the Ability to work and communicate well with others. Gives general instructions on well-site activity.

Effectively preparing, managing and running a service unit ensuring the unit is maintained in an operational and presentable condition.

Working with Customer Representative and drilling crew on location to coordinate operations with the rig and or production facility. Providing Record of all assemblies as run to the Customer Representative at the well-site. Advising Customer Representative in the logging operations; interpreting logging data, troubleshooting, and other well-site analysis and decision-making processes. Layth Jumaah


Working with the client to solve day to day issues the client face in the well. Solving technical and personal problems that the team faces during the job and in the shop. Keeping the team motivated to finish the job safely and effectively with maintaining the good performance and high quality data.

Supervising crew and equipment at the well-site and at the shop to provide specific logging services.

Responsible for the maintenance of equipment and facility. Perform Routine Tools Calibrations.

Assisting with training of assigned personnel in logging operations and maintenance. Promoting and maintaining good customer relations. Performing all required responsibilities safely, Managing Well Operations, and Managing Equipment and Logistics manuals.

Performing other related duties as required.

Conducting all business activities in accordance with The company HSE policies and Legal Compliance requirements.

Jobs Performed:

Open hole Services.

Cased hole Services.

Well Perforation.

Pipe Recovery.

Cement Dump Bailer.

Ballistic Setting for Bridge Plugs.

Mechanical Pipe Cutter.

Corrosion Evaluation for casing and tubing.

Down hole Camera Jobs.

Personal Contribution to the company:

Succeeded to sell one of the company's Wireline services that the company provided to clients by working with the sales team in compliance to present the best quality services. II. Midland Refineries Company (MRC):

Maintenance Engineer Apr 2010 - Jul 2012

Worked in midland refineries company Dura refinery for two years and 3 months, 5 months of them in the electrical generators and the rest in the steam boilers as a operating and maintenance engineer.


Under supervision, incumbents perform operational level duties in the operation, maintenance and repair of gas and oil-fired high pressure boilers, auxiliary equipment used in the manufacture and distribution of steam.

Stand boiler watch; feed and regulate fires; maintain proper pressures, temperatures, water levels and concentrates.

Inspect, adjust and make normal and emergency repairs to boilers, burners, piping and pumps; report breakdowns requiring outside repair. Assist in making major repairs to steam lines; maintain and clean boilers regularly. Clean fire tubes and flues, by the use of blowers and rods; service vacuum pumps and other equipment by oiling parts and packing valves.

Keep log of steam plant operations; may operate and/or maintain associated stationary equipment such as a water still, or air conditioning and ventilating equipment. Layth Jumaah


III. Air Conditioning Devices Company:

Installation Engineer Jan 2010 – Mar 2010

Worked in electrical and air-conditioning Devices Company as an installation engineer for air- conditioning devices (outdoor type air-conditioners) for 2 months. Accomplishments:

Installation of outdoor Air-conditioning Units.

Check and repair the units.

Academic Qualification: B.Sc. degree in Mechanical Engineering from Nahrain University 2009 - IQ Patents and Publications:

(Fatigue Stress in Composite Materials) This project was submitted in NAHRAIN UNIVERSITY and evaluated with Very Good.

Soft Skills:

Microsoft Windows, Internet.

Microsoft Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, Outlook)

AutoCAD 2007

Certifications: BP:

Hazard Awareness

HITRA Awareness ( Hazard Identification and Task Risk Assessment)

Safety Passport


Hydrogen Sulfide\Breathing Apparatus Awareness

Baker Hughes:

HS&E Courses

BOSS (Basic Operation and Safety School) (Dubai)

Rig awareness course.

Rigging and slinging course by Crosby Industries.

Pressure control Equipments (Basra, Iraq)

Root Cause Analysis (Odessa, Texas)

ECLIPS Logging School Modules 1 and 2 (Odessa, Texas)

Wireline Perforation services.

Cement evaluation logging.

Open Hole logging.

Casing Collar Locator.

Telemetry and communication tools

Gamma Ray and Spectra log tool.

High Definition induction log tool.

Layth Jumaah


RT explorer Resistivity tool.

Acoustic tools.

Caliper tools for borehole volume determination and profile.

Formation Density tool.

Formation porosity Neutron tool.

Micro resistivity tool.

ECLIPS – S Ballistic Training (Odessa, Texas)

Radiation Safety for Well Logging for Radiation Safety Supervisor (Odessa, Texas)

Safety and HS&E online courses.

Information Security online curses.

Warrior Logging System (Basra, Iraq)

Tubing and Casing corrosion Evaluation tools (Basra, Iraq).

Down Hole Camera tool (Basra, Iraq).

Engineer Development Program 1 (Dubai)

Engineer development Program 2 (Malaysia, KL)

RPM – Production Logging And RPM Hydro Log (Tomball, Texas, USA) Languages:

Arabic (Fluent Written & Spoken)

English (Fluent Written & Spoken)

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