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Manager Developer

Brighton, Colorado, United States
October 13, 2016

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I am a software engineer interested in challenging android application development projects that allows me to utilize my skills and experience.


**/**** – 08/2016 Deal Acceleration, Inc. San Jose, CA

Android Application Developer

Sole developer responsible for developing a Social/E-Commerce native android application.

Successfully designed the UI, implemented a SQLite database and consumed REST APIs.

Parsed JSON to populate application activities, followed best Multi-Threading practices. Enhanced memory management and application performance. Image manipulation, pinch, pan and scroll gestures on images. Custom list views and paging.

Customization of UI components such as buttons, lists, fragments, action bar. Practiced Google’s Android design specs.

Collecting user data such as current location to narrow the search results. Collecting search bar entries to suggest products on the next visit.

Implemented Google Maps API.

Master of Science, Software Engineering - Regis University

GPA – 3.93

12/2014 – 08/2016

Bachelor of Engineering, ME – VTU

GPA – 3.44

07/2009 – 08/2013


Courses - Data Structure and Algorithms, Operating System Internals and Design, Computer Organization, Software Engineering Practicum I & II, Database Architecture, Android Software Development, Java Software Development, Advanced Software Development, Object Oriented Software Engineering, Software Development Methodology, (Online courses – JavaScript, HTML\CSS, JSON, JDBC).


01/2016 – 04/2016 Regis University Denver, CO

Relational Database -

Successfully designed a Relational Database based on the business rules. Successfully tested and maintained the database.

Utilized the sequential phases of a structured database development life cycle.

Used Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 4.1.0, SQL Plus and UML-Visual Paradigm.

Performed data normalization and data analysis on test data.

09/2015 – 11/2015 Regis University Denver, CO

Schedule Manager – Android Application

Successfully designed the UI, developed the project and performed JUnit and instrumentation tests.

Successfully Implemented a SQLite database.

Generate PDF using PdfDocument – Drew view content’s graphics on the pdf page’s canvas.

Shared pdf with other applications on the device using a share intent.

Google Play Store Link -

05/2015 – 08/2015 Regis University Denver, CO

Activity Manager – Desktop Client Application

Successfully designed the UI using Java Swing and performed JUnit test on a desktop client application.

Utilized Eclipse, Java, SQL, Hibernate, XML and JDBC.

Followed n-tier architecture, factory design pattern for services, test suits for testing

08/2014 –12/2014 Wright State University Fairborn, OH

Operating System Internals and Design

Successfully established an inter-process communication (IPC) between producer and consumer to transfer a total of 100 randomly generated data using techniques such as pipes, sockets, semaphores and direct/indirect messaging.

Data Structures and Algorithms

Successfully wrote various algorithms for searching, adding and deleting objects for AVL tree, B-tree, Hash Tables, Heaps, Stacks, Queues, Lists, Skip Lists, Maps, Graphs and Arrays.

Successfully performed asymptotic analysis of these algorithms to find the optimal algorithm.

Programming language – C++, environment – UNIX using MAKE utility to link source files and compile them.

Computer Organization

Successfully developed timing/delay modules, analyzed SPI controller, BDM debug module, I/O control on MC9S12C32 using CSM-12C32 emulation module.

Analyzed the working Von Neumann architecture and formulated full resolution of structural, control and data hazards in the pipeline. Used Termite (RS232 terminal) for emulation.

Utilized LC-3 assembly language and microcontroller. Familiar with RISC and CISC architecture.


07/2016 – Current Denver, CO

Android Application

Successfully designed the UI. Completed few sprints on developing and testing a native android application.

Using Google Maps API for rendering maps. SQLite database for caching map images for faster map rendering.

Android location services and Google Maps Geolocation API for identifying device location and updating markers on the map. Gathering required Geolocation post request credentials such as mobile country code (MCC), network code (MNC), network type, network provider name and tower details using android services through managers.

Google Maps Directions API and Google Maps Distance Matrix API for directions and journey duration. Polyline to plot the path. Google Geocoding API for geocoding and reverse geocoding of addresses and co-ordinates respectively.

Google Maps Places API for searching for businesses using three different GET requests. Nearby search request, text search request and radar search request.

Frequently updating API key to provide security.

01/2016 – 03/2015 Denver, CO

Energy Conversion Laboratory – Android Application

Successfully designed, developed and tested a native android application. Implemented SQLite database. Performed Junit and Instrumentation test.

Used an external chart library – AchartEngine to plot graphs. Used chart rendering for modifying chart UI, pan and zoom options. Generated pdf using PdfDocument and shared the document through email using Google Gmail API. Used share intent to share pdf using other applications on the device.

Services included performing complex mathematical calculations, tabulating results and plotting graphs, generating report, CRUD data handling and sharing report.

Google Play Store Link -

Eclipse (Everyday)

Android Studio (Everyday)

Postman (Everyday)

NetBeans (Everyday)

Notepad++ (On Demand)

GIT, SVN, GitHub (Everyday)

Maven (On Demand)

Code Warrior (On Demand)

App Inventor (On Demand)

JSFiddler (On Demand)

SQL Plus (On Demand)

SQL Developer (On Demand)

Fiddler (On Demand)

MySQL Workbench

Oracle Data Modeller

Moqups (On Demand)


Java (Everyday)

C (Intermediate)

C++ (Intermediate)

HCS12 Assembly Language

XML (Everyday)

SQLite (Everyday)

MySQL (Intermediate)

HTML, CSS (Intermediate)

API/JSON (Intermediate)

JavaScript (Intermediate)

Android (Everyday)


Test Driven Development

Instrumentation & JUnit tests

SOA, N-tier Architecture

MVC Design Pattern



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