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October 13, 2016

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Glenn Wilson, MSEE


Education M.S. Electrical Engineering 2013-2015

San Jose State University, San Jose, CA Focus: Digital Signal Processing

B.A. Theatrical Arts 1994-1998

University of California San Diego, La Jolla, CA,

Career History Lab Technician, Ops A La Carte, Santa Clara, CA Feb 2015-August 2015

Worked directly with Reliability Engineers to set up and run chambers for HALT and HASS, as well as heat and humidity cycling in temperature/humidity chambers.

Prepared thermocouples and attached them to test samples.

Recorded heat, current, and voltage information using data loggers.

Acquired and evaluated test results using Excel to organize and graph the information

Made sure equipment calibration was kept up to date, and the lab was clean and organized.

Wrote proposals and final reports for clients

Multimedia Technician, Stanford University, Palo Alto, CA 2005-2016

Coordinated with coworkers, and other Stanford staff, to provide technical support on high profile events involving heads of state, company CEO’s, and the Hoover Institute

Led crews of up to eight people to ensure events ran smoothly

Rigged theatrical lighting, speakers, and microphones to lighting truss or other ceiling fixtures

Fixed technical issues during events using troubleshooting to determine problems ranging from wireless microphone interference, computer software problems, projector communication issues, and more so that events ran smoothly and without incident.

Audio Visual Technician, Projection, Santa Clara, CA 1999-2006

Supported the audio visual needs of a diverse clientele who utilized the Santa Clara Convention Center

Managed contract workers and volunteers during large scale conventions

Solved technical problems during live shows quickly and accurately by troubleshooting computer, lighting, audio, or projection equipment.

Built relationships with clients ensuring repeat business.

Audio Visual Technician, AGF Media Services, San Jose, CA 2000-2004

Designed and supported the audio visual needs for clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area

Set up and operated audio visual equipment including projectors, sound, lighting, and computers.

Supported events in multiple rooms solving technical problems quickly and accurately minimizing problems for clients.

Skills Matlab, C, C++, OrCAD, Pspice, Basic Stamp, Energia, Windows and Mac OS, Assembly, Microsoft Office, Verilog, VHDL,

Projects Wireless Microphone over ZigBee, San Jose State University, Fall 2015

Designed a wireless microphone using two TI MSP430 microprocessors with ZigBee Booster packs

Programmed MSP430 and its 12-bit ADC to receive an analog input and then transmit wirelessly

Signal was then received by second MSP430 and converted back to analog for output

Resulted in passing an audio signal over ZigBee network between two microprocessors

Verilog Audio Mixer, San Jose State University, Fall 2014

Partnered with a classmate to program an Altera Cyclone 2 FPGA board for use as an audio mixer

Contributed to writing and debugging of the overall code and wrote the low pass filter code

The audio mixer was able to save two different audio files in SRAM and mix them together for output

Rover Maze, Long Beach State University, Summer 2013

Collaborated in team of three to build, simulate in Matlab and program a rover to navigate a maze

Programmed the rover’s servo motors, track motor, and sensors using Arduino software

The rover not only navigated the maze without hitting any walls, but did it in the shortest time

Voltage Amplifier, Long Beach State University, Spring 2013

A team of two designed a voltage amplifier attempting to get a high gain and no distortion using two BJT’s

Each design was simulated in PSPICE to determine what capacitors and resistors would be needed

With a 20 mV input, the circuit had a gain of about 8, but the input voltage could be raised to 241 mV before distorting

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