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Chemical Process Engineer

Houston, Texas, 77084, United States
October 13, 2016

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Yen-Hsun Tseng

(Immigration status: Permanent resident)


**** ****** ******* **. *******, TX 77084 SUMMARY

Experienced in reactor design, scale-up, and hands-on experience of reactor building (950L bioreactor). Experienced in high pressure impinging jet mixer (for algae lipid extraction) design and build. Experienced in material characterization by GC-MS, FTIR, UV-vis and HPLC. Experienced in algae biofuel process development, harvesting and culturing. EDUCATION

Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering, University Of Utah, Salt Lake City, UT, GPA: 3.6, Aug/2016 B.S. in Chemical Engineering, National Taiwan University, Taipei, Taiwan, GPA: 3.8, June/2011 EXPERIENCE

Graduate Research Assistant, Renewable Energy Lab, University of Utah August/2012 – Present Developed highly scalable photobioreactors (250gal) for microalgae cultivation Hands on experience for bioreactor building

New mixing technology (saving 90% energy compared to traditional reactors) Algae biomass culturing and harvesting

Used UV-vis absorption to determine the algae optical density Used hemocytometer to determine the algae cell size Developed confined impinging jets mixer to extract the lipid from microalgae Making mixer by 3D printing, CNC-machining, and laser cutting Operated in wet system (saving 90% dewatering energy) Saving 99% process time with same yield

Mass transfer modeling for the parallel extraction process Determined algae oil content by dye-base sensor and other technologies Used Nile red method to get the oil percentage of algae Used HPLC to identify the oil content of algae biodiesel Used GC/MS to identify the content of biocurde oil and biodiesel Determined wax precipitation temperature (WPT) of waxy crude oil by FTIR method Decrease waxy crude oil WPT from 106.6oF to 93.3oF by adding diluents This improvement can save the cost of transportation Used GC/MS to determine the waxy crude oil

Determined particle size distribution (2-450 nm) by Electrospray–differential mobility analysis High-resolution detection for Nano-size molecules include: DNA, RNA, Polymer...etc Used Labview to control the Electrospray–differential mobility analysis system Isolation of specific size molecules by Electrospray–differential mobility analysis system Research Assistant, National Taiwan University September/2008 - June/2011 Developed LiFePO4/carbon composites as cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries. Developed new process for LiFePO4 synthesis.

Use XRD and SEM to determine the quality of LiFePO4/carbon composites. Preform lithium-ion batteries performance test base on the capacity. PATENTS

Y. –H. Tseng, L. F. Pease III, S.K. Mohanty, et al., “Periodic Symmetry Defined Bioreactors”, PCT US Patent

(Pending), Feb 2015, Application No. 201********.NP Y. –H. Tseng, L. F. Pease III, S.K. Mohanty, et al., “Algal Lipid Extraction Using Confined Impinging Jet Mixers”, Inventation Disclosure filed, May 2016



Periodic Symmetry Defined Bioreactors, American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE), SLC, UT, 11/8/2015 PUBLICATIONS

Y.-H. Tseng and L. F. Pease, “Electrospray differential mobility analysis for nanoscale medicinal and pharmaceutical applications.” Nanomedicine, 2014, 10(8), 1591-1600 V. S. Chernyshev, Y.-H. Tseng, D. Belnap, Y. Jia, K. Branch, et al., “Size and shape characterization of hydrated and desiccated exosomes.”, Analytical and Bioanalytical Chemistry, 2015, 407(12), 3285-3301 Y.-H. Tseng and, R. Roehner, “Wax Precipitation in Uintah Basin Crude Oils and Blends” (submitted) Y.-H. Tseng, S. K. Mohanty and L. F. Pease, “Periodic Symmetry Defined Bioreactors Enhance Algae Growth”

(In preparation)

Y.-H. Tseng, S. K. Mohanty and L. F. Pease, “Algal Lipid Extraction Using Confined Impinging Jet Mixers” (In preparation)


Instrumentation: 3D printer

Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry (GC-MS)

X-ray Diffraction (XRD)

Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM)

Fourier Transform Infrared Spectroscopy (FTIR)

UV-vis absorption (UV-vis)

Computer Numerical Control (CNC)

Laser Cutter

Research: Design of Experiments

Reactor Design

Process Scale Up

System Trouble Shooting

Algae Lipid Extraction

Electrospray Differential Mobility Analysis

Biodiesel Conversion

Software: Matlab, C++, Labview, ASPEN, COMSOL, AutoCAD, SolidWorks, SketchUp, Fortran Language: English (fluent), Mandarin Chinese (native), Taiwanese (native) LEADERSHIP

President, Taiwanese Student and Scholar Association June2013-June2014 Hosted 4 events (Welcome party, Moon festival, Chinese new year, farewell party) for 150 members. Team leader in BASF Kid’s Lab, BASF Taiwan March2008-July2011 Performed 9 BASF Kid’s Lab road shows for 1500 kids. Trained and coached 50 new mentors. Membership

American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AICHE)

Taiwanese Student and Scholar Association


Dr. Swomitra Mohanty (Ph.D. advisor) Dr. Leonard Pease (Ph.D. advisor)

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