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Quality Control Chemist

Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
October 13, 2016

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OBJECTIVE: To obtain a position as a LAB Technician


Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Quality Control and B.Sc. in Chemistry

Over 8 years’ experience in chemical laboratories

Hands-on experience with most laboratory instruments such as: UV, FTIR, PH meter, Viscometer, Hardness and Analytical scale

Skilled knowledge of GLP, GMP and WHMIS guidelines

Extensive experience in Performing of raw materials, bulks and finished products tests as per SOP to meet specifications

Strong experience in conducting chemical and physical experiments, tests and analyses, preparing solutions, reagents, and sample formulations

Strong knowledge of wet chemistry and analytical bench techniques

Extensive working knowledge of SOPS and OOS

Highly skilled in maintaining organized and accurate records and logs

Solid knowledge of QA Technical Writing

Highly knowledgeable in MS Office

Strong written and verbal communication skills

Team player, detail oriented, self-motivated, organized with problem-solving & troubleshooting, continuous learning, decision making, critical thinking and multi-tasking ability in a fast-paced environment to meet strict deadlines


Quality Control Student Chemist 2009-2010

Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences, Toronto

Performed chemical analysis on both raw materials and finished products such as: Acetaminophen, Aspirin by using Titration, Identification (using UV, FTIR, wet chemistry techniques and procedures), TLC, Loss On Drying, Hardness, Friability, Tap Density Techniques according to SOPs

Learned how to conduct out- of specification (OOS) investigation

Documented laboratory analysis in according with GLP, SOPs and GMP requirements

Attended Quality Assurance Technical Writing program (change control, stability report, deviations, CAPA’S and etc.)


QC Laboratory Technician Oct. 2012-Jan. 2016

Elizabeth Grant International Inc. Toronto

Performed Standard chemical, physical & microbiological tests on raw materials, bulks and finished products according to SOP to verify purity, stability and conformity to specifications

Performed routing and un-routing duties and tests such as taking samples, labeling, PH, %Solid, Viscosity, Microbiological testing, recording, documentation, compatibility, capacity & functionality

Performed process, release & finished goods testing for production line

Followed GMP/GLP regulations and performed routing maintenance &calibration of analytical equipment & Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Provided assistance in lab housekeeping, updated lab supply inventories & performed other occasional duties as assigned by management

Pharmaceutical Laboratory Technician (co-op) Apr-June, 2012 Experchem Laboratories Inc., Toronto

Analyzed finished products and raw materials using wet chemistry techniques and procedures, such as Titration, Identification, Weight Variation, Assay, PH, Viscosity, Specific Gravity, Hardness, Disintegration, Dissolution, Refractive Index, TLC, and standardization by titration in according to SOPs, BP, and USP monographs

Prepared samples (Mycotoxins, Pesticiedes, Vitamine B12 and etc.), and standardized lab reagents by using BP, and USP methods

Conducted all work in compliance with GMP, GLP, and Health and Safety regulations

Documented and reported laboratory analysis based on experimental data, calculations and observations in according with GLP and GMP requirements

Lab Assistant (co-op) Sep. 2008 - Feb. 2009

Fisher Environmental Ltd. (Consulting Engineers - Analytical Laboratory), Toronto

Performed all aspects of daily analytical procedures such as sample preparation (PCBs in oil and paper & PAHS in soil for GC, metals in water and soil & SAR in soil for ICP-MS, PH, EC and etc.) and sample testing (grain size and dry weight by gravimetric method; fluoride, chloride and nitrate/nitrite by colorimetric method and etc.)

Performed basic laboratory techniques including balance use, weighing, pipeting, diluting, calculation skills

Calibrated general laboratory instruments such as PH meter, analytical balance and UV/VIS in accordance with established SOPS

Compiled all data obtained from testing and observations and completed report summaries, as well as standard QC & QA procedures regarding both organic and inorganic chemical analyses

Chemist 2000-2006

Lent Co. (Chemical Company)

Performed and conducted chemical & physical laboratory tests of solid materials to determine strength, stability, purity, and chemical content of raw materials and finished products such as: Humidity percent, Particles screening, Density, Resin fluidity, Weighing, Mixing, Diluting, etc.

Assisted with and Provided technical troubleshooting support and services for research and development work in friction materials including automotive brakes and clutches

Measurement of apparent specifications of brake shoe such as internal arc, external arc and the changes of lining thickness in comparison with time

Performed the baking of sample shoe braking by press machine under considered pressure and heat, Shoe bulging test, control and test of baking dies

Analyzed the quality of friction materials and products by analyzing diagrams of brake friction tests and life durability in various temperatures during continuous and lengthy braking

Documented, organized, interpreted, utilized and reviewed data in order to arrive at scientifically supportable conclusion


Post Graduate Diploma in Pharmaceutical Quality Control 2009

Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS), Toronto

Certificate in GMP & HACCP program in food industry 2009

Academy of Applied Pharmaceutical Sciences (AAPS), Toronto

B.Sc. in Chemistry (Equivalence to Canadian B.Sc.,) 1988-1992

Azad University, Mashhad, Iran

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