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Network Engineer Management

Hyderabad, Telangana, India
October 13, 2016

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Name: Vamshi Kumar

Email id:

Ph. No: 469-***-****


Cisco certified Network Engineer Professional with 8+ years of experience in Network design, implementation, troubleshooting, and managing of large scale enterprise network systems. Provided level-3 & 2 support for network operation center’s team.

Experienced on working with network equipment such as Cisco routers, switches, firewalls and F5 load balancers.

Provided installation and support of network process components including servers, workstationsand software.

Leads investigation of new technologies for deployment and integration of production enterprise environment.

Experienced on working with Cisco Catalyst series 2960, 3560, 3650, 3750, 3850, 4500, 4900, 6500, and 6800.

Experienced working with layer-3 routers and layer-2 switches. Besides these also experienced with Cisco Nexus series switches 2k Fabric extender, 3k. 5k, 6k and 7k series.

Experienced working on VPC, VDC in Nexus and VSS on Catalyst 6500.

Proficient in configuring, and troubleshooting various routing protocols (BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, RIP, and Static routing).

Experienced in management of route summarization, default routes, redistribution, sub netting, and VLSM.

Experienced in Check point, Palo Alto and Cisco ASA firewall administration across different corporate networks.

Proficient working with F5 LTM, GTM series 6400, 6800, 8800 on corporate infrastructure.

Experienced in switching protocols such as VTP, STP, RTP, PVST, and MSTP. Creating VLANs, Ether Channel, andimplemented inter VLAN on SVIs and VLAN Truckingusing 802.1q standard.

Experienced in DNS, DHCP, SMTP, FTP, HTTPS,and Web security architecture.

Experienced in Network planning and implementation of WAN technologies including E3, E1, T3, T1, ISDN, HDLC, PPP, Frame relay, ATM and MPLS VPN.

Experienced in configuring Security firewallsNAT, PAT, and IPSEC.

Experienced in Network Security TACACS+, NTP, TFTP, and SNMP.

Excellent in Communication, Analytical, and problem solving skills.

Good team player with excellent interpersonal skills.


Cisco Routers: 2500, 2600, 2900, 3600, 3800, 7200, and 7600

Cisco L2 & L3 Switches: 2900, 3560, 3750, 4500, 4900, and 6500

Nexus Switches: 7018, 6601, 5596, 5548, 2232, 2248

LAN Technologies: Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, VLAN, Inter VLAN, VTP, STP, RSTP

WAN Technologies: Frame relay, PPP, HDLC, E1/ T1/ E3/T3

Network Security: Cisco ASA (5512/5550/5585), ACL, IPSEC

Firewall: Checkpoint Firewall, Palo Alto, Cisco ASA

Network Management:Wire shark, Net flow Analyzer, Cisco works, SNMP, SYSLOG

Security Server Protocols: TACAS+, LDAP, Radius

Load balancer: Cisco CSM, F5 networks (Big-IP)


CGI Group, GA Sep 2014 – Present

Sr. Network Engineer


I was part of Data Center design and build team. As part of data center refresh project, I performed migration from Cat 6513 Switches with Sup 720 and WS-X6148A-45AF Line cards of version Cisco IOS Release 12.2(33)SXI2 to Nexus 7009 and 7018 Switches with Nexus 7000 Supervisor 2E, N7K-F312FQ-25 F3,N7K-M206FQ-23L M2 line cards of version NX-OS Release 5.2(1), Nexus 5548UP Switch and Nexus 2232TM-E Switches.

Implemented VPC, VDC on Nexus Switches and also configured FEX

Worked with the data center planning groups, assisting with network capacity and high availability requirements.

Responsible for entire LAN and WAN maintenance and troubleshooting of the company network. Involved in the Team of Data Center Level 2 support to perform duties like deployment and troubleshooting of Cisco Routers Switches, Load balancer and Firewalls according to the organization requirements.

Performed network administration tasks such as creation and management of VLANS, Port security, Trunking, RPVST+, Inter-VLAN routing, and LAN security

Acquired excellent troubleshooting skills on 7613 Cisco Router, which include working on ticketing system and change management system to provide, troubleshoot support.

Configured and maintained (2921, 3845, 7204, and 6509) and configured OSPF & BGP Protocols.

Configured and resolved various OSPF multi-area environments, used OSPF as IGP with route filtering and route-redistribution, implemented Stubs/Totally stub areas, implemented features like route summarization and SPF throttling.

Used BGP for verifying various traffic policies and influencing outgoing, incoming traffic using BGP attributes such as Local Pref., AS Path, Med, Weights.

Configured ASA 5540 to ensure high-end security on the network with ACLs and Firewall.

Involved in providing access to user machines and partners outside our network by SSL and IPSEC VPN tunneling.

Configured and deployed BIG-IP LTM-6900 for providing application redundancy and load balancing.

Configured Site to Site IPsec VPN tunnels to peer with different clients and each of client having different specifications of Phase 1 and Phase 2 policies using Cisco ASA 5500 series firewalls.

Configure Virtual Servers, Nodes, and load balancing Pools in F5 Big-IP LTM.

Configured and deployed BIG-IP LTM 6900 for providing application redundancy and load balancing.

Successfully installed Palo Alto PA-3060 firewall to protect data centers.

Implemented Firewall and IDS/IPS solutions to mitigate client risks and analyzed security issues.

Assisted in backing up, restoring and upgrading the Router and Switch IOS.

Upgrading IOS - Upgrading hardware and installing new devices, Tuning (Configuration), make standardization for the topology.

Helped the network team to install new switches and routers and configure the IOS according to the requirement which included VLAN, OSPF, Sub netting, EIGRP, IGP, BGP, VTP, STP, wireless access points.

Assisted corporate infrastructure for VOIP network management and troubleshoot.

Creation of change tickets and implement according to the customer requirements.

Environment: VLAN, OSPF, Sub netting, EIGRP, IGP, BGP, VTP, STP, F5 Big-IP LTM, TACAS+, LDAP, Radius.

AmicaInsurance RI May2012 – Aug 2014

Network Engineer


Involved in complete LAN, WAN development including IP address planning, designing, installation, configuration, testing, maintenance etc.

Installation and Configuration of Cisco Catalyst switches 6k, 3k series and Implementation of EIGRP, OSPF, and BGP routing protocols on Cisco routers.

Configuration, upgradation and deployment of Nexus 7010, 5596 and 2248 switches.

Experienced in configuring Nexus 2k fabric extender which behaves as remote line card for Nexus 5k.

Configured LAN switches Cisco 4500, 6509 and also configured Access layer switches Cisco 4507, and 4948 for VLAN, and Fast ether channel.

Configured LAN protocols such as STP, RSTP, VTP, VLAN, LACP, and PAGP.

Implemented Cisco layer-3 switches 3750, and 4500 on multi VLAN with Inter- VLAN routing, HSRP, ISL trunk and ether channel.

Implemented IPsec VPN for different corporate lines to secure the communication for outside traffic.

Experienced with Checkpoint VPN rules over Cisco ASA VPN. Which filters traffic by inspecting the application layer.

Configuration and managing of network & security devices which includes Firewalls, F5 load balancer, and DNS.

Experienced in Data, VOPI network management and troubleshoot.

Provided network support for Check point VPN firewalls and F5 LTM load balancer.

Experienced in configuring and troubleshooting WAN technologies like MPLS, Frame relay and ISDN.

Experienced in monitoring network traffic with Qradar and CiscoIPS event viewer tools.

Worked on installation, upgrades, and maintenance of LAN/WAN, network security, and firewalls.

Expertise in implementing gateway redundancy protocols likeHSRP, VRRP and GLBP to provide load balancing over multiple routers by using a single virtual IP.

Configured Cisco IOS backup, uploading & downloading IOS using TFTP server.

Real time monitoring and network management using Cisco Works LMS.

Provided technical support on hardware and software related issues to remote production sites.

Involved in operations and administration of WAN consisting Ethernet Handoffs, T1, DS3, and Optic Fiber Handoffs.

Used internal network monitoring tools to ensure network connectivity and Protocol analysis tools to assess the network issues causing service disruption

Experience working with migration from 6500 series devices to 4500 Series switches in Campus deployments at Core, Distribution and Access Layers.

Working with Cisco Nexus 2248 Fabric Extender and Nexus 5500 series to provide a Flexible Access Solution for datacenter access architecture.

Environment: F5 load balancer, LAN/WAN, network security, and firewalls, Cisco Nexus 2248, T1, DS3, and Optic Fiber Handoffs.

ISO, NC Oct 2009– April 2012

Network Engineer


Responsible for installing and supporting hardware and applications on PC.

Deploy Cisco routers and switches and administer network-monitoring services.

Implementing security policies using ACL, Firewalls, IPsec, and VPN.

Installation, configuration and administration of Windows Servers, Active Directory, DNS, DHCP, Linux OS under various LAN and WAN environments.

Migration of existing IPSEC VPN tunnels from pre-shared key to Certificate.

Troubleshooting complex LAN/WAN infrastructure using routing protocols EIGRP, OSPF& BGP.

Lab testing and validation prior to implementation of Nexus 7K, 5K & 2K connecting to blade servers.

Setting up Cisco router, switches and coordinating with the System/Network administrator during implementation.

Ensure thorough network documentation, including maintaining each account’s network matrix, backup configurations and network diagram.

Monitored bandwidth and network activity by analyzing all the information to ensure efficient and effective network operation.

Deployed and managed Cisco IP phones and Cisco ATA devices at corporate and remote locations.

Troubleshoot call routing issues using debugs and traces to identify and correct issues.

Performed cluster wide upgrades and security patches.

Worked with vendors to resolve voice/data issues with WAN, MPLS, PSTN issues.

Conducted risk assessments for new customers to ensure compliance to rules and regulations.

Configuring and resolving various OSPF issues in an OSPF multi area environment,

Implemented, configured BGP WAN routing, converting OSPF routes to BGP (OSPF in local routing).

Expertise in maintenance of layer2 switching tasks which advocate VLAN, VTP, STP, RSTP, PVST, RPVST, configuring of ether channel with LACP and PAGP along with troubleshooting of inter-VLAN routing.

Worked on commissioning and decommissioning of the MPLS circuits for various field offices & POPs.

IP Allocation & Maintenance for users and other needs throughout company.

Involved in IOS and CAT OS upgrade procedures and Pre/Post checks for customer production upgrades.

Ability to analyze, configure and troubleshoot networks


SYNTEL, INDIA May2008 – Sep 2009

Jr. Network Engineer


Designed and implemented IP addressing, sub netting, summarization and route distribution on different devices in the network.

Primarily responsible in designing and maintaining the resources of the complete network.

Configuration, installation, troubleshooting, and maintaining of all network devices.

Implementation of LAN protocols like Ethernet, VLANs, VTP and STP.

Responsible for transferring tickets to L2 engineers for problem resolution, and for active support of team member for daily operations.

Understanding the business impact and sensitize the reported or proactively observed fault/issue and carry out proper much needed escalation within the management.

Created network diagrams using Visio.

Monitored and troubles hooted LAN and WAN network traffic and performance of the all the devices on the network.

Worked on Remedy ticketing tool for maintenance and tracking of logs.

Configured and maintained Microsoft Exchange server.

Performed update and installation of Operating systems, software, antivirus and server OS on client machines for users.

Environment: Ethernet, VLANs, VTP and STP, Cisco CSM, F5 networks.

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