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Assistant Research

Boston, Massachusetts, United States
October 13, 2016

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Aom R. Isbell

*** ******** **. #*, *********** MA, 01950

Cell Phone: 510-***-**** Summary:

• Molecular and Cellular Biology with 3+ years of lab experience in Biomedical/Biotechnology Research and Development

• Areas of concentration in Mammalian/Bacterial Cell Culture, Bacterial Transformation, Gene Cloning/Expression, Protein Production/Purification/Analysis; SEC/HIC/Ion Exchange FPLC, SDS-PAGE, Western Blot, PCR


• Protein Purification/Analysis (Chromatography, FPLC, SDS-PAGE, Western Blot)

• Mammalian Cell Culture (Maintaining, Passing, Counting cultures, Cryopreservation, Cytocentrifugation, Cell Cycle Analysis and Immunohistochemistry assays)

• Bacterial Transformation, Gene Cloning, Vector Construction, Transgene Expression

• Environmental Monitoring; Water and Soil Sample Analysis,

• Bioremediation: Developing/Implementing Water Purification Systems.

• Computer Skills: MS Word, Powerpoint, Excel, NCBI BLAST Laboratory Research Experience :

Expression of malE/A399R Fusion Gene by Use of Engineered E. coli Transformed by Means of a Recombinant pMAL-c5E Vector Construct:

• GOI was identified using BLAST algorithm software

• Source gene was amplified by PCR using provided DNA primers

• Restriction Digest was done on PCR product and provided vectors

• Digested vectors were dephosphorylated and ligated with PCR product

• Competent Bacteria were Transformed with Recombinant Vectors

• Bacteria were induced with IPTG to Express Transgene

• Protein Samples were purified by Batch Chromatography and Anaylazed by SDS-PAGE and Western Blot Assay

Graduate Molecular Techniques Experiment, UMass Lowell Jan. to May 2016 Inducing Differentiation of Human Promyelocytic Cells (HL-60) Along the Nuetrophilic Pathway by use of Dimethyl Sulfoxide and All-trans-Retinoic Acid.

• Maintaining, Passing, Counting cultures

• Cytocentrifugation

• Cell Cycle, Metabolic Analyses

• Cell Staining, Microscopy

Independent Graduate Experiment, UMass Lowell Jan. to May 2014 Production, Purification and Analysis of Taq Polymerase using Engineered E. coli

• Bacterial Colony Growth and IPTG Induction of Taq Expression

• Protein Purification by Cell Lysis, Salt wash/Heat precipitation, Buffer Dialysis and Batch Chromatography

• Quantitative Protein analysis by 660nm, BCA, Bradford, and Lowry Absorbance Assays

• Protein visualization/detection by SDS-PAGE and Western Blot

• Protein (Taq Pol) functionality determined by PCR reaction Graduate Biochemistry Techniques Experiment, UMass Lowell Jan. to May 2014 Genotyping of Genetically Engineered (KDM2B Gene Knock Out) Murine Models to Study the Progression of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma (PDAC).

• PCR to amplify extracted genomic samples

• Western Blot to determine protein expression of genes present in a mouse models

• Agarose Gel Electrophoresis to determine the presence of the gene knock-out construct in mouse model genomes

Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, Bardeesey Lab Feb. to June 2012 Production and Purification of CP1, GFP proteins by use of Batch Fermentation of Inoculated E. coli/Pichia pastoris cultures

• E. coli inoculation to produce GFP

• Pichia pastoris inoculation to produce CP1

• Fermentation of inoculated cultures

• CIP, SIP fermentor maintenance

• Salt Precipitation protein isolation

• HIC/SEC/Ion Exchange/Ab chromatography protein isolation

• Spectrophotometry quantitative analysis

• SEC/HIC/Ion Exchange FLPC analysis

• SDS-PAGE Analysis

• cGMP

• cGLP

Biomanufacturing/Industrial Biotechnology Lab, CCSF Aug. to Dec. 2009 Effects of Phosphorous-depleted Wheatgrass Inoculated with Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi.

• C-Tab DNA Extraction


• Bioinformatics, BLAST Analysis

• Media Preparation

• Data Collection and Interpretation

• Autoclaving

United States Department of Agriculture, ARS-WRRC Feb. to July 2009 Work Experience:

P-Pod Technologies, LLC, (Research Associate)

Amesbury, MA -Internship

Owner: Jon B. Higgins June to Oct. 2015

Bioremediation, aquatic ecosystems restoration; assisting in the development, maintenance, and implementation of novel water purification systems. Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center, (Research Assistant) Boston, MA

Bardeesey Lab -Externship Feb. to June 2012

Mentor: Alexandros Tzatsos, MD, PhD

Genotyping of genetically engineered murine models. Duties included preparing and running Western Blot and PCR assays.

United States Department of Agriculture- Agricultural Research Service (WRRC), (Lab Technician) Albany, CA

Food Safety and Mycotoxin Division -Internship Feb. to July 2009 Principal Investigator: Sylvia Hua, PhD

Duties included c-Tab DNA extraction, PCR assays, running BLAST bioinformatics software for genomic sequencing.


University of Massachusetts Lowell

Lowell, MA

Master of Science, Biological Sciences May 2016

Boston University

Boston, MA

Bachelor of Science, Biomedical Laboratory and Clinical Sciences May 2012 Certifications:

Biomanufacturing City College of San Francisco May 2010

-Bio-processing, -Media preparation, -Protein Purification, -FPLC, -Ion Exchange and Affinity Chromatography, -BCA, Bradford, Lowry, Western Blot Assays, -SDS-PAGE, -Pharmaceutical Development

Biotechnology Lab Assistant City College of San Francisco May 2009 Presentations:

De-Hypertrophication of Aquatic Ecosystems by Use of Organic Coagulants and Flocculants Graduate Externship, UMass Lowell April 2016

Small Molecule Inhibitors, A Pan-Dengue Virus Antiviral Drug Virology, Primary Research Paper Review, Graduate Research, UMass Lowell March 2015 The Use of Cyclodextrin Carbon Nanotubes in 21'st Century Water Purification Professional Communication in Science, Graduate Research, UMass Lowell Nov. 2014 Advances in Molecular Biology Due to the Discovery and Implementation of Taq Polymerase Biochemistry, Graduate Research, UMass Lowell Nov. 2014 Inducing Differentiation of Human Promyelocytic Cells (HL-60) Along the Nuetrophilic Pathway by use of Dimethyl Sulfoxide and All-trans-Retinoic Acid Mammalian Cell Culture, Independent Graduate Experiment, UMass Lowell May 2014 Generating Mouse Models of Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma Undergraduate Externship, MGH Cancer Center May 2012 Advances in Early Screening Techniques for Pancreatic Cancer Medical Terminology, Undergraduate Research, Boston University May 2012 Molecular Advances in Anti-HIV Therapy

Medical Microbiology, Undergraduate Research, Boston University Dec. 2011 Molecular Identification of Symbiotic Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Undergraduate Internship, USDA, ARS, WRRC May, 2009

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