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Manager Plant

Sioux Falls, South Dakota, United States
October 14, 2016

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Marion L. Estes, Jr.

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Sioux Falls, SD-57106 (605)743-411o Cell


Operations Manager Position. In recent positions, I have managed union and none union operations with full P&L responsibilities. I have managed “Auto, Commercial Vehicles, and Electrical Stampings, and Assembly facilities”. I was promoted and tasked with converting two facilities from satellite plants, reporting too corporate, to stand alone operations. I implemented Program Management / Launch Teams with training on APQP process, and directed my team to obtain QS14001 and TS16949, while leading the sales team to achieve $5 million in new sales for 2007 and 2008. In another positions I was tasked with "Plant Turn Around" through restructured plant operations and cip activities. Won back customer satisfaction and cut cost with proven transferable skills that work. Have experience with triple, double and single action presses up to 2000 tons. Transfer press from 100 tons to 2500 tons, Automatics from 100 tons to 1250 tons. Have made almost every stamping on an auto from the frame to the roof. Have stamped all the cab parts on Mack, Wester Star, and launched Fords HN80 cab out of Steel and Aluminum.

Employment History:

Adams Thermal System

September 2009 too present – Operation /Plant Manager for Fabrication Plant

Canton, South Dakota

Managed 109 employees over 3 shifts. Managed all pressroom and welding activity’s and delivered of sub components to main plant for steel, and aluminum radiator and cooler assembly. Responsible for quality, schedule, productivity, safety, and delivery of plant. Have had only 2 recordable in last 4 years. Moved the fabrication operations from main plant to new fabrication plant with no quality or delivery issues.

Reduced scrap 15% by making production operators responsible for their part quality.

Reduced set-up 20% time by implementing set-up training for quick die-set.

Implemented 5S activities to clean plant appearance, organization, and improve operator efficiency.

Challenge MFG

April 2007 to 2009 - Pressroom Superintendent

Holland, Michigan

Produced stampings and sub-assemblies for General Motors and Honda Tier 1 supplier. Hired to over see entire pressroom activities, over 3 shifts, with 300 employees under my supervision.

Reduced scrap 15% by making production operators responsible for their part quality.

Reduced set-up 20% time by implementing set-up training for quick die-set.

Implemented 5S activities to clean plant appearance, organization, and improve operator efficiency.

DynAmerica MFG

May 2005 to December 2006 –General Manager/ COO

Muncie, Indiana

Produced seatbelt, and industrial electrical components in our two plants. I was promoted in May 2005 from General Manager. Plants had to be changed from satellite plants, reporting to corporate to stand alone plants. Had to set up local Finance, Sales, IT System, and Payroll. Managed overall P&L and all plants activities. I Developed Business Plan 1 thru 5 years. Supervised 124 employees, scheduled work hours, Implemented Program Management / Launch Teams with training on APQP process. Directed team to obtain QS14001 and TS16949. Supervised the management team, conducted staff meetings to set-up strategic planning for the plants. Reported plant financial and business report to Board of Directors, Investors, and Bankers on a monthly base.

Start-up launched a third facility in Monterrey Mexico.

Led sales team to $5m in new sales for 2007 and 2008.

Established an in house die build shop with sales in excess of $2m in 2006, at a 10% profit level.

Led plant through safety team to 3 years without a lost time accident.

Successfully launched new health care benefits saving company $600k plus a year.

MTI Dynamerica

June 2002 to May 2005 - General Manager

Muncie, Indiana

M. Estes Resume – Cont’d

Was asked to take over plant operations and turn plant around, and was promoted to General Manager Position. The plants had high PPM, and customer dissatisfaction. Plant was on level 1 containment and two major customers were going to desource the plant. Managed overall P&L, and all plant activates while supervising 134 employees.

The successful plant turnaround was accomplished by the following: Put in containment and continuous improvement processes. Launched a new relationship with our customers by earning their respect through meeting their expectations of "quality, on time delivery". Launched a MRP System for plant scheduling, trained and managed a staff of 9 in team concepts, employee motivation and achieved significant improvements in their productivity. Had to replace two managers that were not performing to the level of what was required for their jobs. Reported monthly BOS/QOS reports with financials to company Management Team and all employees. Launched 5S, and Lean Mfg techniques. Sent team to training in APQP and launched a real APQP process.

Containment and continuous improvement processes which reduced PPM from 104,000 PPM to less than 10 PPM a month, and the removal of level 1 containment.

Trained employees in Kaizen activities and reduced setup time and increased plant efficiency.

Spearheaded a 50% inventory reduction which netted a $1.2m yearly savings for the efforts.

Helped sell MTI DynAmerica to TMB Industries in May of 2005. I left this position because I was promoted from General Manager to General Manager/COO.

MTI Flint

December 1999 to June 2002 - Plant Manager

Flint, Michigan

MTI Flint was a producer of seatbelt parts for the automotive industry. Was recruited to bring plant back up to full production in December of 1999. The plant was purchased by MTI and was slated to close in June of 1999. The plant had been losing money with poor delivery, and poor quality. Half of the work had been moved to other MTI plants and the second shift had been let go. After going this far it was decided to keep the Flint operation and bring it back up. I was in charge of all P&L and plant functions. Rebuilt the management team, and brought plant back to full production by March of 2000. Implemented continuous improvement and BOS/QOS with full team participation. Fully trained a second shift, revamped the quality system, and launched preventive tool maintenance to be proactive to the customer needs.

Implemented 5S activities to clean plant appearance, organization, and improve operator efficiency

Reduced scrap by 25% by making production operators responsible for their part quality.

Reduced set-up time by implementing SMED concepts for quick die-set.

Reduced high PPM to single digit through team involvement in quality

Reduced inventory by 25% and maintained 100% on time delivery.

Won back Customer Satisfaction by great Quality and on time Delivery.

Was promoted from Plant Manager to General Manager and asked to turn MTI Dynamerica around like I had done at MTI Flint.

Webasto Sunroof's Stamping Plant

December 1996 to November 1999 – General Manager

Livonia, Michigan

We took OEM Car roofs and punched a hole in it and welded reinforcements in it to accept a sunroof module. Then sent roofs to the OEM assy. plant for Car and SUV build. I was recruited to turn plant around. Plant had poor quality, poor delivery, $100k monthly premium freight and low morale. The plant was losing its Q1 rating. The successful plant turnaround was achieved by using 8D problems solving techniques, treating people with respect, leading by example, and having full charge of the P&L. Developed a Management Team and conducted staff meetings. Reported out financials and business report to Vice President and staff on a monthly basis. Was on leadership team that launched QS-9000. We regained Q1 status, and repelled successfully two union drives. Enhanced continuous improvement process by using team involvement and Kaizen workshops. Implemented revamping of materials control system, to achieve on time delivery. Implemented preventive maintenance for all plant equipment. Set up a BOS/QOS with full accountability from all team members. Set up a Program Management Team / Launch Teams

Reduced premium freight per month by $40,000 to $60,000.

Drove plant to achieve QS-9000

Regained Q1 Status

Moved entire Stamping Plant from Rochester Michigan to Livonia Michigan with out quality or delivery issue.

Gained Customer Satisfaction back with on time Delivery, and Great Quality.

M. Estes Resume – Cont’d

Mayflower Vehicle Systems

December 1996 to November 1999 – General Manager

Shadyside, Ohio

The plant produced metal stampings for heavy truck and automotive. Was recruited as the Manufacturing Manager and was promoted to Plant Manager. The plant ran with three classifications, under Team Concepts with about 300 colleagues over three shifts. When I arrived, the plant was basically in a start up mode. The operators were untrained, running huge scrap cost. Managed overall P&L and all plant activities. Trained of all colleagues on die setting and how to achieve repeatable setups with zero scrap. This included double action presses, as well as all others. Implemented "Visual Factory" system. Helped set up production control system to meet customer schedules.

Reduced set up times from in excess of 8 hours to less that 1 hour.

Steered the team from running in the red to a $4m profit.

Installed $2m triple action press and two laser robotic cells.

Cut Scrap by 95%.

Achieved QS-9000

Launch Ford HN80 Steel and Aluminum Cab, and The outer sheet metal for Prowler

I left because I was recruited to a General Manager position.


Kalamazoo Valley Community College

Kalamazoo, Michigan

Associates Degree in Machine Tool Technology

Continuing Courses and Certifications

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee/ Forming Coated Sheet Metal

Kalamazoo Valley Community College/ Supervision

Northwestern Michigan/ Single Minute Exchange of Die

Zinger Miller/ Team Concepts

Northwestern Michigan/ Principles of Setup Reduction

Dale Carnegie Course

Skills and Abilities:

I have many transferable skills that can be used in any plant management environment. Skills like cip, kaizen, lean manufacturing activities which deliver cost reductions. The ability to see the waste and non value added activities in operations and streamline those operations. I have great team building skills. I have the ability to adapt to new industries and lead in areas where I have had little expertise. In fact, it is an advantage to have a fresh eyes look. Have been successful in plant turn around.

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