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Engineer Project Manager

New Port Richey, Florida, United States
October 14, 2016

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Joseph Fernandez

Nuclear Engineer/ Material Science Engineer /Chemical Engineer

**** ****** **. *** #*** Trinity, FL 34655 Phone: 727-***-****



Previously employed as a Research and Teaching Assistant at the Corrosion Laboratory at the University of South Florida. My duties include monitoring the various parameters of multiple experiments, alternate testing on specimens that show a change in parameters, as well as designing and implementing test plans for Florida Department of Transportation research. Ran the help session as well as taught in the material engineering class for junior level students.

Previously employed as a Project Manager at a Door/Frame/Hardware company Cal-Door. Duties included bid submission, walking the job site, running the installers in the field, as well as change order requests.

Previously employed as a PRA engineer in the PRA division of GENE. Duties included the building of fault trees in the DOS version of CAFTA, as well as system notebook creation and PRA update of an ABWR plant in Taiwan. I also did work on the bid proposal for the plant in Finland. I worked on the Seismic PRA, Fire PRA, and did verifications on work produced by other workers in our group for the Lungmen project.

Previously employed as an engineer in the Risk and Reliability division of SCIENTECH. Duties included development of logic models to analyze the risk of various events at nuclear power plants. Used several risk analysis software packages, including WinNUPRA, Safety Monitor, and CAFTA, to develop system logic models for various nuclear plant systems.


Beatriz Corporation May 2016-Present Salary: $40,000/yr

My duties at Beatriz Corporation include:

Creating proposals that were awarded contracts for installation and maintenance work to be performed on water softeners, water conditioners, deionization systems, and reverse osmosis systems.

Supervising servicing and installation of water treatment equipment as well as salt delivery for water softeners to completion.

Working with vendors/suppliers to ensure correct and timely delivery of needed equipment, supplies, and parts for successful installations and service of systems.

Reviewing specifications and design drawings to create bids, that were awarded to us, for water conditioning systems.

University of South Florida August 2010-May 2016 Salary: $20,000/yr plus Tuition

My duties at University of South Florida included:

Created and performed various experiments including strand stressing and destressing that led to final reports to the Florida Department of Transportation as well as changes to specifications

Atmospheric salt concentration measurements

Hydrogen concentration measurements

Cathodic charging of specimens

Stressing and Charging of specimens to failure

Numerical Modeling Analysis

Finite Elemental Modeling

Mixed various solutions of both acidic hydrogen charging and high pH synthetic concrete pore water solutions

Used Metallography on cracked specimens to determine mode of failure

Used Kelvin Probe scanning of specimens to determine effective hydrogen diffusivities

Performed ASTM tensile testing to ensure strand exposed to different conditions still performed to specifications

Performed Electrochemical measurements such as: impedance and polarization analysis of specimens to determine

Performed Scanning Electron Microscopy as well as X-Ray De-fraction techniques to determine morphology.

Teaching various courses involving materials and engineering concepts

Cal-Door, March 2008-April 2009 Salary: $40,000/yr

My duties at Cal-Dorr included:

Analyzed entry way diagrams and hardware specifications for commercial and industrial door/frame/hardware construction projects and submitted successful bids for the company

Walked job sites, evaluated specification requirements for the doors, frames, and hardware needed for various construction projects to ensure accuracy of bids proposed.

Prepared and received approval for change orders do to client requests as well architect revisions to specifications and entry way layouts. Ordered needed hardware and supplies for awarded jobs as well as managed installers to ensure timely installation. Advised clients on alternatives to the suggested hardware to use on a job, when changes were requested, to ensure customer satisfaction.

General Electric Nuclear Energy, March 2002-March 2008 Salary:$80,000+/yr

Through Panlyon placement agency.

My duties at GENE include:

Created fault trees for various systems at the Lungman Nuclear Plant including the Electrical Distribution System and the Low Pressure Core Flooder that made up the Lungmen PRA for licensing.

Revised and verified Lungman PSAR fault trees and provided needed information due to design changes.

Wrote verified and approved system notebooks and supplemented the main report with additional information.

Worked to verified approval completion on the Seismic PRA, Fire PRA, as well as various Event Trees.

Worked on the ESBWR project including external events analysis and importance analysis.

SCIENTECH, Inc., January 2001-November 2001 Salary: $43,150/yr

My Duties at SCIENTECH, Inc. Included:

Developed system fault tree model for Clinton nuclear plant fuel pool cooling system. This model is to be used to support the plant's configuration risk model.

Assisted in the collection and analysis of system and component unavailability and reliability data for Point Beach and Kewaunee nuclear plants.

Developed Safety Related calculations to support the software verification and validation process of Safety Monitor version 3.0. In developing the calculation, determined the output expected from the Safety Monitor software, then produced calculations to ensure the Safety Monitor results were accurate.

Used WinNupra to develop the batch quantification process for the Cook PRA and developed fault tree files to support the Cook PRA and Safety Monitor Model. Worked on Turbine Trip PRA for San Onofre.

Used with Safety Monitor program to convert models from Version 2.5 to Version 3.0.


B.S., Nuclear Engineering, Purdue University, December 2000

The course of study included: Radioactive Waste Management, Thermo-Hydraulics, Neutronics, Health Physics, and Nuclear Materials.

M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, University of South Florida, December 2011

The course of study included: Electrochemical Diagnostic Techniques, Advanced Materials, Materials Characterization Techniques, and Structural Life Prediction.

My research was in Stress Corrosion Cracking of High Strength Stainless Steels in a Marine Environment.

Performed coursework and research for a PhD in Chemical Engineering at University of South Florida. GPA : 3.52. My research was in the area of Hydrogen Embrittlement in High Strength Steels in a Marine Environment.


“Desiccant Anchor Cap for Pre-grouting Tendon Corrosion Control” Serial Number 62/014,816

Honor Society Membership

Lifetime member of the Delta Epsilon Iota Academic Honor Society.

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