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Electronics Engineer, with major in automation and control.

Maracaibo, Zulia, Venezuela
October 14, 2016

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Automation of the flow station EF-LL-** in Maracaibo’s lake.

Main Objective:

- Develop the automation of the flow station EF-LL-94

Specific Objectives:

1) Describe the current process in flow stations located in the Lago de Maracaibo.

2) Identify the appropiate instruments and equipments that suit the process conditions used in the flow station automation.

3) Specify the control system according to the automation.

4) Design the flow station automation.

5) Verify through a programmable logic controller the corrrect operation of the principal processes made in flow stations.


We develop the whole automation for each system envolving the flow station. With help of experienced engineers we managed to design the instrumentation drawings and place all the instruments such as Pressure/Flow/Level/Temperture Switches/Transmisors, valves, etc. With the acquired knowledge at University, we developed a prototype proving that the ladder logic program made for the programmable logic controller was working properly. We programmed a rockwell allen bradley PLC with 4 modules and got 20pts out of 20 in our project evaluation.

About me

I consider myself capable of focusing my knowledge in any area that engineering and electronics are needed, and more than feeling capable: I like all the different areas where I can evolve as an Electronical Engineer.

I’m hoping to grow in a pleasant work environment, to cooperate with others as a team and feed myself with professional experiences. I yearn to occupy the job position that helps me grow professionally, so I can provide the benefits the company needs.

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