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SQF, Cheesemaker, Project Management, Lean Manufacturing, TPM

Decorah, Iowa, 52101, United States
October 12, 2016

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Peter N. Marsing

Phone: 563-***-**** **** Ridge Road

E-Mail: Decorah, Iowa 52101


Profit Improvement

Organic Growth

Business Turnarounds

International Experience

Capital Investment

Lean, Six Sigma

New Product Innovation

Service Excellence

High Performance Teams

Seasoned Executive with years of experience in a wide variety of manufacturing, supply chain, and retail management disciplines. Results oriented strategic leader with multiple facility and international experience. Broad background in developing/executing manufacturing, purchasing, engineering, and logistics strategies and tactics. Extensive management experience with TPS principles, with a concentration in Lean Manufacturing and food safety management system development and implementation. Dedicated, team oriented senior executive with a deep appreciation of cross functional teams. Successful business startup experience. PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE

Second Wind Development, Inc. 2010 – Present

Start-up of home, hardware, and garden retail center under the True Value Company Co-op brand President

Originated and manage company that provides services and sales development for consumer, governmental, agricultural, contractor, institutional and industrial markets. Through effective marketing, sales, and operations management increased company from zero to $2 million in sales within the first five years of business. Oversee the management of real estate portfolio, store design, field construction, property management, vendor management, market planning, and store/asset acquisition integration. Lead the direction, strategy, planning and execution of goals and tactics for quality and financial management. Full P&L responsibility. Report directly to Board of Directors.

Operational & Sales Expansion – Experienced in both strategic planning and tactical management that led to an increase in both profitability and market penetration. Developed vendor managed strategies for non-consumer sales channels. Developed, trained, and incentivized sales staff for managing non-consumer based customers with a combination of inside and outside sales personnel.

Vendor Management - Lowered costs and increased margins from original stock fulfillment by developing vendor relationships with companies that supply products and services to the organization. Great interpersonal skills and the ability to negotiate and collaborate at multiple levels of each vendor ensures that vendors meet or exceed their obligations by delivering quality products and services on time which contributed to the efficiency, productivity and success of the company.

Project Management – Revitalized an abandoned big box store into a retail market place with modern merchandise fixtures, signage, lighting, and simplistic customer flow though the development of a vision and creating a strategic path to get there on time and under budget. Directed, motivated and managed vendors, contractors, and contract laborers in meeting the timeline, sometimes bringing order to the chaos, to meet store startup date.

Inventory Management – Managed the fine lines between replenishment lead time, carrying costs of inventory, asset management, inventory forecasting, inventory valuation, inventory visibility, future inventory price forecasting, available physical space for inventory, quality management, Just-In-Time replenishment, returns and defective goods and demand forecasting. Acquire and maintain a proper merchandise assortment, some dictated by seasonality, while ordering, shipping, handling, and related costs are kept in check. Tracked and management of material by monitoring of material moved into and out of stockroom and retail locations and the reconciling of the inventory balances through ABC analysis, lot tracking, and cycle counting support.

Employee Development – Built loyalty that develops into increased productivity by managing the day-to-day activities while concentrating on the longer-term personnel development strategies that have a less certain but substantial payback. Developed individual bonus driven achievement and growth strategies for each member of the staff with formal quarterly reviews and path correction supported by monthly informal breakroom goal and objective discussions.

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Sartori Food Corporation, Plymouth, WI 2005 – 2010

$160M Italian aged cheese manufacturer and converter with 7 locations and 230 employees. Vice President of Operations and Operational Services Lead the direction, strategy, planning and execution of goals and tactics for quality and financial management of the company’s manufacturing facilities, quality assurance department, activities of co-producers, custom converters, and milk supply through private patrons and dairy cooperatives. Provides leadership to 190 employees through five senior-level direct reports covering manufacturing, packaging, warehousing, quality, engineering, and transportation/distribution. Full P&L responsibility for all locations. Report directly to the President.

Operational & Sales Expansion – Lead the evolution of an $50M business into an $160M business with short term growth strategies to over $250M through acquisitions, asset expansion, attainment of strategies to optimize award winning products in the market, product differentiation to limit competitive penetration, minimizing costs, and elimination of non-value added processes and product/process waste. Roll out of SQF program.

Direct Cost Reduction - Lowered overhead expense by >19% and direct labor by >32% through increased unit and unit through put, reduction of unscheduled downtime and scheduled downtime, while installing a make-to- order process that increased inventory turns and eliminated outside warehousing for finished goods. Greatly improved milk quality through award and partnership program with patrons and co-ops.

International and National Product Awards – Received 52 product awards since 2005 including 10 US Championship Cheese Contest 6 in 2009 which included the Grand Champion cheese, 5 World Cheese Awards

(London & Dublin) 2 Best U.S. Cows Milk Cheese (2006 & 2008) and 1 Best New Cheese (2008), 4 World Dairy Expo awards, 10 American Cheese Society awards, and 19 Wisconsin State Fair awards.

New Facility Construction – Built new highly innovative and technological cheese converting plant under budget by >6% while transitioning old facility into a cheese aging warehouse. Operation began on schedule and was operating at budget productivity within 120 days of start up. Third party auditors have labeled the facility as

“an excellent design with the microbiological controls necessary to produce safe products” and the facility as a model of “how to build the right food plant” to be used as a teaching tool.

Employee Safety – Lowered TIR and DART rates by >70% through installation of the DuPont self auditing STOP for safety program. Drove safety awareness throughout the organization. Bestowed individual and facility awards for achieving safety milestones. Placed safety foremost in the mind of every employee. Mizkan Americas, Mount Prospect, IL 1989 – 2005

$800M food manufacturer with 10 locations and 400 U.S. employees. $3.5B Japanese Parent company. Vice President of Operations 2001 - 2005

Responsible for the financial results and operations of all 10 manufacturing facilities and activities within four public distribution centers. Provides leadership to 350 employees through seven senior-level direct reports covering production, warehousing, engineering, manufacturing excellence, and transportation/distribution. Full P&L responsibility for all 14 locations. Report directly to the President.

Financial & Operational Turnaround – Transitioned an $74.5M business with >$3.7M in losses to $115M business with $5.5M profit by devising and executing a strategy to optimize performance, minimizing costs, elimination of non-profitable segments, and installation of Toyota Production Systems.

Direct Cost Reduction - Lowered direct labor by >39%, variable costs by >23% and fixed cost to unprecedented company level through increased unit through put and reduction of unscheduled downtime and scheduled downtime by >12%.

Customer Satisfaction - Raised customer service rate from <93% to 97.7% - the highest in company history. Drove monthly volume reforecast process in concert with SBU’s. Set safety stock levels based on SKU sales volatility and market uncertainty.

Lean Manufacturing – Installed in-line quality control, 5S production strategies, visual controls, visual management, and total productive maintenance using value stream mapping and defined flow strategies. Overcame market unpredictability, customer dissatisfaction and financial losses. Opened >18% additional production capacity and lowered production defects by >75%. Peter N. Marsing Page 3

Standardization – Installed national committee directed to standardize all fermentation practices and procedures. First year savings were >63% of annual nutrient costs. Standardization resulted in predictable production volumes and costs while opening capacity nationally.

Technology Expansion – Installed real-time production recording, inventory tracking, and manifest automation system with <$50K investment in ERP system software. Set up actual material usage and labor use system to accurately track variations from standard.

Employee Morale - Developed and implemented discretionary bonus program for all non-exempt operations employees tied directly to operational KPI achievements. Resulted in common vision acceptance, synergy between teams, departments, and shifts, reduction in turnover by >50%. Executive Director of Customer Supply Management 1999 – 2001 Directed procurement, customer service, logistics, warehousing, product/ packaging development and independent transportation. Responsible for the procurement of all inventoried items (>2,900 SKU’s) for 10 manufacturing facilities and daily activities within four public distribution centers. Responsible for 35 employees through the management of four senior level direct reports. Full department P&L responsibility. Reported directly to the President.

Material & Ingredient Procurement - Lowered cost of materials by >5% of gross sales through supplier evaluation, material management program, and negotiation of strategic domestic and international alliances with suppliers. Held all suppliers to 99.7% perfect order completion rate.

Productivity Improvement - Developed and implemented supply chain management KPI’s in support of company wide objectives. Delivered aggressive productivity targets through formulation changes, labor reduction, and innovative packaging consolidation.

Transportation Management - Dissolved in-house independent transportation company and replaced with third party logistical supplier for a savings of 2.7% of gross sales.

Forecasting – Developed and installed a monthly trend forecast model which takes into account seasonal, cyclical and random variations in demand. Reviewed forecast results with all sales SBU’s and operations monthly.

Director of National Operation Systems 1995 – 1999 Directed the company operations team in support of policies, goals and objectives established by the Executive Vice President of Operations. Supervised five employees. Responsible for the company bill of materials maintenance, production line speed standard maintenance, item direct labor standard maintenance, and obsolete/aged inventory disposition.

Standard Operating Procedures - Developed and wrote manufacturing procedures and process parameters for all production facilities. Standardized 10 plant-operating processes from consolidated acquisitions.

Customer Segregation - Developed and rolled out segregation strategies that defined service level expectations for operations, sales, and customer service departments.

Strategic Sourcing – Conducted co-manufacturer operational/financial due diligence as a precursor to negotiate and certify strategic alliances.

Acquisition Due Diligence – As a member of corporate team of five, facilitated six acquisitions and three plant consolidations that enhanced the competitive market position for the company.

Technology Consolidation - Developed and wrote conversion programming for consolidating all company division BOM’s, production mapping, and SKU’s information to single AS400 based operating system. Conversion completed within timeline.

Company Idea Program – Co-developed and wrote corporate idea program resulting in idea ownership remaining with the submitter. Developed and filmed video for facility training tool. Plant Manager, Yakima Washington 1989 – 1995

Washington State Juice Yakima, WA 1987 – 1989

Production Manager

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$8M food manufacturer with 35 employees. Los Angles Parent company is $38M with 120 employees. Business was sold to American Foods Corporation, subsidy of Mizkan Americas Valley Evaporating Company Cowiche, WA 1983 – 1987 Production Shift Supervisor

$35M single plant food manufacturer with 160 employees. Business was sold to Tree Top, Inc. Marsing Orchards Selah, WA 1978 – 1983

Operations Manager

$500K family owned fruit orchard and fruit packaging/warehouse operation with 15 employees. EDUCATION

University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee, Organizational Administration, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Yakima Valley College, General Studies, Yakima, Washington San Jose State University, Administration of Justice, San Jose, California Certification

NSF International – SQF Implementation Certification, December 2009 Wisconsin Center for Dairy Research – Cheesemaker Technology Certification, October 2009 American Strategic Management Institute – Growth & Innovation Certification, February 2009 Fox Valley Technical College – AutoCAD 2007 Certification, November 2006 University of Wisconsin Madison – Project Management Certification, October 2006 Lakeshore Technical College – Lean Manufacturing Program Certification, May 2006 Lakeshore Technical College – Total Productive Maintenance Certification, April 2006 Lakeshore Technical College – 5S / Visual Workplace Certification, March 2006 Lakeshore Technical College – Kaizen Principles and Practices Certification March 2006 Lakeshore Technical College – Value Stream Mapping Certification, March 2006 Fox Valley Technical College – Principles of Lean Manufacturing Certification February 2006 Lakeshore Technical College – Lean Enterprise Culture Certification, February 2006 De Paul University, Supply Chain Management Certification, May 2000 National Association of Purchasing Management – Measuring Purchasing & Materials Mgmt Cert, May 2000

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