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Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq
October 12, 2016

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Firas J. Kadhim- Arabic Linguist/ Media Advisor/ Copywriter/ Cultural Advisor

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2772 Wagon Wheel Cir., Orlando FL 32822



Baghdad, Iraq


Clearance Information



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Clearance Level

Open SSBI for DOD Top Secret Clearance.

Active Department of Homeland Security clearance valid to 2018.



Language Information

Linguistic Ability

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Translation Credentials

Arabic <> English

Bachelor Degree in Translation and Media, 1996, Translation and Media Department.


Professional Experience

Deployment Experience

2007-2010- Camp Victory- Baghdad/ Iraq.

12/2014-09/2015 - Baghdad Diplomatic Support Center BDSC and TQ Base of Habbaniyah, Baghdad/ Iraq.

Management, Leadership and Training Experience

Local governance coordinator at Baghdad Central (CPA).

Media advisor and cultural advisor.

Simultaneous translator for senior U.S. DOS and DOD and Government of Iraq at the Combined Press Information Center CPIC.

Media monitor and analyst.


CPIC Team leader.

Collecting information, grids and tips for the current U.S. Special Forces operations aiming to defeat ISIS.


Analyzing and monitoring prints, TV and broadcast political news.

Writing rough ideas, stories and storyboards for TV and Radio commercials.

Writing articles.

Collecting and analyzing tips and grids.

Type 50+ words per minute.


December 2014- September 2015: Cat II Linguist, DOD contractor with Arrow Security and Training LLC.

Collecting tips and grids for the current U.S. Special Forces operation through meeting with the Iraqi local sources aiming to defeat radical terror group of ISIS and retake cities of Anbar.

Doing translation during meetings between senior Iraqi Security Forces commanders and U.S. Special Forces.

Task Operations Center duties.

December 6, 2007- October 7, 2010- Translator, Media Analyst, Copywriter

Worked for Leonie Industries LLC under U.S. Department of Defense Contract. The key duties were:

Translate documents from/into English/ Arabic.

Prepare storyboards and concepts for TV/Radio commercials, billboards and prints.

Communicate with U.S. Army Psychological Operations Task Force (POTF).

Coordinate with Iraqi media outlets.

Cultural advisor.

September 2005- July 2007- Interpreter, Media Analyst

Worked for MNF-I Combined Press Information Center/ Convention Center- International Zone (formerly Green Zone). My key duties were:

Translate materials from/into English/ Arabic.

Do simultaneous translation for Top U.S. Forces commanders in Iraq, spokesman for MNF-I Brig. Gen. Donald Alston, Maj. Gen. William Caldwell and Brig. Gen. Steven Bergner.

Do simultaneous translation for senior Government of Iraq officials during joint press conferences.

Facilitate the press conferences for officials of U.S. forces, State Department and Government of Iraq.

Facilitate embedding of Iraqi, Arab and foreign media persons with the U.S. forces.

Media outreach.

Monitor key local and Arab media TVs such as al-Jazeera, al-Arabiyah, al-Hurra, al-Iraqiya, al-Sharqiya, al-Baghdadiya.

Broadcasts and prints monitor.

Press releases, fact sheets, media queries and media advisories.

Train Iraqi ministries public affairs’ employees.

Cultural advisor.

October 2004- March 2005- National Democratic Institute for International Affairs- Political Program Assistance. My key duties were:

Liaison coordinator between the NDI, and the Legislative and Executive of Iraq.

Do documentation and simultaneous translation.

Cultural advisor.

September 2003- July 2004- Translator, Media Analyst

Worked for both Baghdad Central (the core of the Coalition Provisional Authority) and Political Section at U.S. Embassy of Iraq. My key duties were:

Do documentation, simultaneous translation.

Help create the local governance of Baghdad in awake of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Work closely to all civic leaders of Baghdad Regional, Districts, Neighborhoods councils. Work closely to former Baghdad governor and mayor.

Liaison coordinator between the CPA’s Baghdad Central, U.S. Embassy Political Section and Baghdad City Council, Baghdad Mayoralty, and various advisory councils.

Monitor Iraqi prints.

Cultural advisor.

February 1998- February 2003- Journalist and Arab Media Analyst

September 1997-September 2002- English/ Arabic Teacher

Worked as English teacher in many high schools.


Various DOD training certificates.


U.S. Citizen with valid U.S. Passport

Open SSBI for Top Secret clearance (CI screening passed in January 2014)

Active Homeland Security Department/ ICE Clearance

Member of National Language Service Corps (NLSC)

Immediate availability.

Distance willing to travel for interpreting: Should assignment required.

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