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Customer Service Electrical Engineering

Los Angeles, California, United States
October 11, 2016

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Electrical Engineering Graduate with a focus in Control Systems and Robotics. I have extensive knowledge in Embedded and Real-Time Systems Design and Programming, Power Electronics/Systems, Computer Vision, and Digital Control. Focused on utilizing my research, university studies, and knowledge to practical and applied use in an Engineering or Computer Science setting.

Work Experience

LA’s Best (After School Enrichment): Volunteer 2010 - 2011

– Euclid Elementary School, Los Angeles CA

! Supervised Students in after school activities.

! Tutored students who were in need of assistance with homework/class work

! Setup and planned events after school activities for students The Melt(Restaurant): Crew Member June, 2015 - current

– Los Angeles, CA

! Effectively communicate with customers and coworkers

! Provide excellent customer service at all times.

! Handle and prepare food in accordance with all health code guidelines. Education & Certifications

F. Bravo Medical Magnet High School,

Los Angeles, CA

! High School Diploma - 2010

! President’s Education Award Program – Outstanding Academic Achievement University of California Riverside,

Riverside CA

! Bachelors of Science: Electrical Engineering – 2016 CompTIA A+

! Training in progress






ATMega1284 Microcontroller Projects:

•! Electric Bowling: Similar to regular bowling, a user must “knocked down” simulated pins by rolling a marble over a series of photoresistors. These photoresistors detect light; when a marble rolls over one of them and there is an absence of light it signifies a pin knocked down. A point system is used to track a users’ performance. Video link:

•! Maze Runner: A game played on a LED Matrix where a user must avoid obstacles moving towards them. Levels, and the amount of time are all kept track of and displayed to the user. The speed of the moving obstacles increases over time creating difficulty.

Video link:

Credit Card Reader:

A computer vision project, run on MATLAB, that uses a PC camera to capture the image of a credit card. The image is then segmented at certain locations so that it is easier extract the information on the credit card. An optical character recognition (OCR) algorithm then obtains the characters of the image. Video link:

Senior Design Project: Autonomous Ground Vehicle – A.R.M.A.N. (Autonomous Robotic Multi- Applicable Navigator)

•! This vehicle follows a user via Computer Vision, and will simultaneously avoid objects in its path utilizing IR distance sensors. It has a robotic arm attached to the vehicle making it diversely applicable. The movement of the vehicle can be set to be controlled manually or automatically. Video link:

Skills & Experience

! Electronic Circuit Analysis

! Embedded Systems Programming & Design

! OrCAD EE PSpice / LTSpice

! Programming Languages:

o! C/C++


o! Assembly

o! Python

o! Java

! Logic Design: design of digital systems

! Excellent Customer Service Skills

! Microsoft Office Proficiency

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