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Customer Service Sales

South San Francisco, California, United States
October 11, 2016

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Edgardo J. Cuevas Huertas 787-***-**** 57 Accacia St. Daly City, CA 94014

Entrepreneurial, innovative professional with extensive business development experience within highly competitive markets. Customer-service oriented and skilled in successfully navigating corporations large and small through periods of accelerated growth. Collaborative communicator continually focused on building relationships and promoting synergy across business lines in order to drive positive change, cohesion, comprehensive business approaches, and enhanced profitability through technical and financial goal implementation. Areas of Expertise include:

Customer Service, Retention, and Satisfaction

Customer Liaison

Management & Leadership

Information Technology

Technologically Advanced

New Business Development

Relationship Building

Project Management

Sales Planning & Marketing

Strong Work Ethic

Medical Business knowledge


Inventory Count, Control, and Purchasing

Vendor Relationships

Staff Training

Reliability, Efficiency, and Productivity

Budget Control/Revenue

Pre-Inventory and Inventory Update Processes

Store opening and closing

Bank Management & Procedures Experience

Insurance Contracts/Documents

Counting Money/Drawer Count

Running a Sales Register

Bilingual Spanish and English

Experience & Notable Contributions

ORCHARD SUPPLY & HARDWARE San Francisco, CA 2015-Present

Lead Sales Manager-Gardening Department

Working diligently as a Lead Sales Manager in the Gardening Department, consistently providing superior customer service and retention.

Key Duties & Contributions:

Systematically learned about greenery, plants, and the nursery, becoming increasingly knowledgeable about the products sold at this location, and their functionality.

In a Managerial role, currently train staff, facilitate customer relations and retention, and organize operational procedures.

Currently in charge of a five-member-team, consistently encouraging them to push their abilities in order to achieve success within the department and in the store.

Aside from working in the gardening department, also have expertise working on different levels of the store, such as inventory processes, store opening and closing procedures, customer service, deliveries, and vendor relations.

AFLAC San Juan, PR 2013-2015

Independent Authorized Insurance Agent

As a licensed insurance agent, provided superior customer service, retention, negotiation, and sales expertise to this position.

Key Duties & Contributions:

Aggressively close business contracts, offer continuous services and add-ons, keep a close follow-up process on current customers, and on all claim submissions.

Currently in charge of follow-up phone calls, scheduling appointments, faxing, emailing contacts, and performing follow-up visits, among many other administrative and office duties.

Performed face-to-face interviews, conference calls, small group presentations, and/or multi-platform interview calls.

Key Accomplishments/Achievements:

Successfully adapted market strategies for both individual and group policies in regard to an ever changing and adapting market.

Achieved the opening of several different accounts during the semester including in medical business, electrical suppliers, and others, consistently providing excellent savings and solutions to the customer’s current benefit plan.

BESCO, An EVERTEC Technical Service Subcontractor San Juan, PR 2007-2014

Bank POS Field Client Services and Technical Support Representative

Directed administrative, organization, and customer service duties simultaneously in this position.

Key Duties & Contributions:

Coordinated daily clients’ visit scheduling, job assignments, equipment handling, inventory, and distribution.

Administered daily customer business visits, consistently processing diverse requests related to the POS system as well as the bank’s requirements, standards, and procedures.

Consistently worked as a team player, but also worked independently with ease.

Key Accomplishments/Achievements:

Significantly and consistently fulfilled the company’s goal to meet customer’s needs and complied with the daily schedule with no deviation, including conversions from merging banks and acquiring new business clients.

Provided continuous quality customer service delivery and was consistently recommended and rewarded for this accomplishment.

Assisted in technical problem solving endeavors in an efficient and accurate manner, acting as the lead troubleshooter.

Using impeccable communication and people skills, became a liaison between the bank’s services, call center, and their customers; this resulted in a valuable and appropriate representation of the company as well as delivery of service and compliance with the bank’s requirements.

Renewable Energy Design International (REDI) Puerto Rico 2012-2013

Company Independent Representative

Introduced renewable energy projects and LED Lights Retro Fit projects for hotels, retail stores, and government buildings within Puerto Rico; the products served as an alternative for both government and private clients to replace their energy equipment with new and greener technology, reducing their energy costs.

Key Duties & Contributions:

Methodically researched and explored market needs in this area and identified local competitors

In a Sales Role, contacted new prospects, and analyzed their specific energy needs in order to provide the most suitable alternatives related to retro fit projects.

oAfter the sale was complete or initiated, established the required infrastructure team in order to pursue the completion of the order.

Assessed the required steps to do business in Puerto Rico, such as the recruitment of the electrician engineer and worked together with the CEO of Mass and the other local’s partners within PR.

Key Accomplishments/Achievements:

Aggressively closed government contracts in a market that was difficult to sell in.

Successfully made a sell in this area of over $100,000 which saved the government entity millions of dollars in energy costs.

Also established legal paperwork and operations as well as consulting services


Promotion Supervisor

Directed the promotion of specialized food at point of sale in the food industry, introducing and describing benefits and characteristics of the promotion and products in order to motivate buyers.

Key Duties & Contributions:

Coordinated sales team’s schedules and trained them on sales strategies.

Performed Supervisory duties including: preparing schedules, follow-up plans, supporting the promotion team, group assignments, handling employee issues, doubts, and problems as they arose, implemented marketing strategies.

Key Accomplishments/Achievements:

Significantly increased sales of products by a 2% margin by the end of the semester.

Increased productivity and savings by 5% in less than 6 months.

EJC STUDIO PR 2001-2015

Free Lance Photographer

Performed a plethora of photography projects such as music concerts, private client activities and requests, corporate projects, private parties, and surfing.

Key projects:

Photographed several housing projects for nonprofit organizations.

Earned a contract in the spring of 2015 to document several different non-profits’ facilities projects development, including location visits and progress of constructions.

oBecame the Liaison to over 26 different projects from several entities.

Key Accomplishments/Achievements:

Generated $3,500 in revenue during the spring of 2015 and awarded new funds to entities for the upcoming year.

Successfully met deadlines with ease.

Current project will be presented at the Board of Directors for the clients and FIDEVI website that is currently under construction.

Education & Training

Bachelors Degree in Business Science, Concentration in Marketing


Marketing Seminars and Coursera Certifications

Annual Medicare Compliance Certification

California ServSafe Certification

Boy Scouts of America, 1987-1999

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