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Chemical Engineering Assistant

San Mateo, California, United States
October 11, 2016

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Hands on experience working as a Lab Assistant

BS Degree in Chemical Engineering

Proven problem solving ability

Collin John Dubois

OBJECTIVE: Obtain an entry-level job in chemical engineering for the opportunity to utilize knowledge and skills that were gained through work and college education

EDUCATION: San Jose State University

Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering Graduated: May 2016

Engineering Statistics Analysis

Intro to Biochemical Engineering

Process Engineering Thermodynamics

Calculus I, II, & III


Intro to Transport Phenomena

Unit Operations 1 & 2

Unit Operations labs 1 & 2

Ordinary Differential Equations

Plant Design

Industrial Chemical Calculations

Introduction to Materials

Organic Chemistry Part 1 & 2

Biochemical Engineering Lab

Kinetics and Reactor Design

Chemical Process Dynamics and Control


Lab Assistant for Professor Robert Tricca June 2013 – Aug. 2013

Used UV-Vis spectroscopy to determine sample concentrations.

Created standard curves, and determined the extinction coefficient of compounds at different pH levels.

Developed an excellent understanding of laboratory safety compliances.

Prepare buffer solutions at an appropriate pH.

Transfer accurate liquid volumes using micropipettes.


Purified protein from crude cell extracts using HIC chromatography and ion exchange chromatography

Designed a primer for PCR which resulted in the addition of a desired restriction enzyme to MCS.

Performed restriction digest, gel purification, and ligation for insertion in a high expression plasmid.

Collected absorbance vs time data to measure hydrolytic activity of Trypsin.

Measured the glucose concentration of a fermentation sample using an HPLC.

Measured the optical density of a fermentation sample using a UV/Vis spectrophotometer.

Performed membrane gas permeation using hollow-fiber prism unit.

Performed mass transfer operations using diffusion through semi-permeable membranes.


International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineers Senator August 2013 - Present

American Institute of Chemical Engineers Member August 2013 - Present

Theta Chi Fraternity Risk Manager August 2013 – Present


Technical competence in MS Word, Excel, Access, and Power Point

Technical Skills

Hands on experience with column chromatography, gel electrophoresis, CGE, mass spectrometry, GC, NMR and IR spectroscopy, TMS, rotary evaporator, Hollow-fiber membrane, heat exchanger, and UV/vis spectrophotometer


Excellent analytical skills

Able to work efficiently individually as well as in team settings

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