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Software Engineer State University

Tempe, Arizona, United States
October 12, 2016

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Ravi Nihalani +1-602-***-****

**** * ****** **., #**, Tempe, AZ – 85281


Detail-oriented innovative programmer offering 3.5 years of experience in full SDLC, majorly as a Software Engineer at BNP Paribas. I specialize in Java, Algorithms, Databases(Oracle), Actimize (Finance) & Web development (HTML/Spring MVC) EDUCATION .

Master in Computer Science - Arizona State University CGPA 3.92 Dec ‘17 Data Structures & Algorithms(A+), Software Security(A), Distributed Database Systems Foundations of Algorithms, Data Mining, Database Mgmt Sys Implementation, etc. Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering – TSEC, Mumbai University CGPA 3.83 May ‘12 CORE SKILLS AND PROFICIENCIES .

Database - Oracle 11g, SQL Server 2008 R2/2012, MySQL Server 5.5, PostgreSQL, Apache Spark Scripting Languages / Frameworks - AngularJS, D3, JavaScript, VBScript, PowerShell, REST, SOAP Languages - Java, C++, C#, Python, MATLAB, SQL, PL/SQL, HTML, CSS IDE - Visual Studio 2010, Eclipse, NetBeans, IntelliJ IDEA, Android Studio BI tools & Softwares - Microsoft Office, Microsoft SharePoint, JReport, Git, JIRA, SVN PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE .

§ As a part of University Research and Evaluation team, I gather & selectively update student’s data into MS SQL Server database. I also work on MS Excel VBA application & provide survey consultation to academic and administrative units BNP Paribas (Banque Nationale de Paris) Software Engineer Mumbai, India & Paris, France Oct’12 – Dec’15 Arizona State University UOEEE Student Research Assistant Tempe, US Jul ‘16 - To date

§ Developed critical financial Market Abuse ACTIMIZE models like ‘Insider Trading’, ‘ITC’, ‘MIFID’, ’Swap wash’ etc. for US & European regulators. These models captured anomalous & non-compliant Fixed Income/Equity transactions

§ Models were implemented by utilizing expertise in Core Java, PL/SQL (Oracle & SQL Server), HTML and ‘AIS Developer’ for designing the model logic, and the configuration of the web-application was realized in ‘RCM Designer’

§ Deployed challenging Anti-Money Laundering models for 40 countries from Paris work location. It included all the major AML SAM Core models like HBP, EFC, EFT, TSD etc. Interviewed numerous professionals for our team.

§ Programmed Fixed Income & Equity On-Demand reports using Data analytics tool Jreport, Core Java and PL/SQL startup Web Developer Mumbai, India Jun ‘12 - Sep ‘12

§ Helmed technical engineering of and successfully brought an intuitive travel website live. The website was developed in Java Spring MVC, backed with MySQL Server 5.5 database & deployed on Microsoft Azure server

§ I was involved in Travel Images purchases and in writing of Travel destination material. Actively contributed in the product marketing and also conducted online statistical surveys, all working closely with geographically dispersed teams K K Finstock Professional Arbitrage Trader Mumbai, India Mar ‘06 - Jun ‘06

§ Developed a basic Java tool to scrutinize the daily trading activities of the firm, and researched on Algorithmic trading ACADEMIC PROJECTS .

Automated Cross-site Scripting (XSS) prevention & Morris worm implementation in Java & Python Apr ’16 – May ’16

§ Implemented Cross-site Scripting (XSS) prevention application in PHP to prevent code injection attack wherein an attacker can execute malicious scripts into a legitimate website or web application.

§ Implemented a Morris worm in Python/ Java having a Web Server backdoor with discovery functionality, by finding the list of all hostnames trusted by the deployed host. The Web Server is developed, without using any HTTP libraries. Database Inequality Join Algorithm and Query Optimizer in Java & Minibase Jan ‘16 – May ‘16

§ Researched & Implemented an efficient Database Inequality Join Algorithm in Java and extended it to support multiple tables from only 2 tables join. Also, optimized the query plan to drastically reduce the size of intermediate Join results.

§ Developed a Query optimizer algorithm in Minibase that automatically choses the optimal plan for a given query and also displays the comparison statistics. The algorithm achieved noteworthy technical performance parameters for joins. RESTful Web service – University Blackboard in Java Servlets Feb ‘16 – Mar ’16

§ Created RESTful web service to allow CRUD operations & hypermedia driven transactions, over JSON/XML messages

'Secret data Image embedding’ MATLAB System May ‘11 – Mar ‘12

§ Developed an encrypted MATLAB system that could secretly embed text/image/audio within an image, serving existing Cyber-security applications. Researched and implemented the exigent ‘Differential Algorithm’ to achieve remarkable technical parameters with highest embedding & lowest distortion ratios when compared with the existing systems ACHIEVEMENTS AND EXTRA CURRICULARS .

§ As a Student Council Chairperson, organized National Level Sports and technical festivals which drew a record number of country participants. Also, designed website of Trifles 2011- a renowned inter-collegiate engineering country festival

§ Oracle Certified Associate (SQL - 92% and PL/SQL – 98%)

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