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Microsoft Office Equipment

Central Luzon, Philippines
July 01, 2016

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Address: ** ****** ****, *********** ************

Contact no.: +614**-*****

email add: /


Personal Information:

Citizenship : Filipino

Languages :

Native : Tagalog

Other : English

Native Residence Address : Imus Cavite, Philippines

Sex : Male

Age : 37 yrs old

Date of Birth : April 2, 1979

Place of Birth : Makati City, Philippines

Height : 5’ 6” inches

Weight : 135 lbs.

Religion : Roman Catholic

Civil Status : Married

Name of Spouse : Charito Pabro Galang

Occupation : Accounting Officer

Education & Experience:

Work Authorization & Relocation:


Graduate in Secondary Level

Certificate in Structural Welding

Authorized to work in:

Anywhere (International) as approved

Present Location:

Imus Cavite, Philippines






Trades (Skilled) Industrial Painting/Blasting Experienced 8 years & counting

1. Summary (Cover Letter)

Thank you for the opportunity to submit my resume for your review and consideration for a position with your organization.

My goal is to secure a challenging position which will utilize my experiences and abilities. With my knowledge and technical skills coupled with my sincere desire to succeed, I feel I would make an ideal candidate for a position within your organization. The enclosed resume will provide you with relevant information regarding my experiences and qualifications in the fields of Painting operations.

You will find me a dedicated individual, and genuinely able to establish good working relationships with customers and staffs. I will maintain effective and efficient performance in a hard-working manner, and am highly motivated and optimistic about filling a need with your organization. I am confident that my qualifications will become an asset to you.

2. Work Experience

From : APRIL 2013- JUNE 28, 2016 (3 years & 2 mos)

Company Name : Advanced Fuel Tanks Pty (Victoria, Australia)


Job functions :

-Make sure to wear the proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) before assuming every tasks

-Refer to PIR (paint inspection report) for proper specifications

-Make sure to protect the necessary bolts, flanges and surfaces that did not required to be painted by the use of blast tape or plastic covers

-Transport safely the items from the other factory to blast shop using 30tonners forklift depending the kind of lifting capacity capable prior to the item depending how much weights are specified

-Blasting the surface using high-pressured sandblast equipments using garnet or steel shot depends on PIR specs

-To remove the grease using degreaser or with thinners to avoid contaminant of the surface and check if there are any holidays

-After blasting as per specs required, to blow down the dust using air to clean the item and remove the blast tape (must be clean prior for painting)

-Transport the item to paint shop

-Mask all the areas that doesn’t need to be painted

-Refer to PIR on what applications or kind of paints to be applied

-Check the MSDS (Material Data Safety Sheet) on how much thinner is allowed, its volume percentage on its thickness

-Check the weather using Dew logger instrument, if it is applicable to start painting the item

-Stripe coating using brush or roller lnto hard areas where the gun could not reach

-Paint using rather conventional or airless pump

-Check thickness using WFT (wet film thickness) gauge while applying the primer

-Once the surface was dry, to check thickness using DFT (dry film thickness) gauge instrument

-Stripe coat the second coat using brush or roller

-Apply second or final coat (depends on PIR)

-Check the final thickness, any damages or touch ups prior to finish

-Fit out, then wrap for delivery

-Operates, cleans and maintains all painting equipments including brush, roller, conventional and airless sprays, pumps etc.


From : September 2012– March 2013 (6 months)

Company Name : Reno Blast Western Australia


Job functions :

Spray paint and sandblast heavy equipment such as concrete mixer trucks, payloader etc. using spray gun and sandblasting equipment.

Cleans grease, dirt, dried concrete, old paint and rust from equipment using solvent, water, rugs, brushes, pneumatic wire brush and chipping hammer.

Cleans and prepare surface for painting using air-powered sandblasting equipment

Applies paper and masking tape to protect the surface or area does not need to be painted

Selects paint according to company color scheme and specifications

Stirs paints, pours paints into spray container and applies primer or finish coat of paint using spray gun

Paints areas inaccessible to spray gun using paint brush

Disassemble paint and sandblasting equipment and cleans equipment using solvent, wire brushes and cloth

Prepares, primes, sands, seals, patches and paints, surfaces, and fixtures utilizing all types of painting materials such as varnish, lacquer, enamel, latex epoxy, water proofing and heat resistance finished

Operates, cleans and maintains all painting equipment including brush, roll, sprayers and airless sprays etc.

From : November 2008 – August 30, 2012 (3 mos.)

Company Name : Grand Bahamas Shipyard, Bahamas


Job function:

-Wear the proper PPE before executing the assigned job


-Toolbox meeting every morning as the supervisor giving the necessary designated job


-Washing with fresh water using high-pressure washer to remove the salt water or contaminants from the surface to be painted


-Prepare the surface using power hand tools


-Blasting using UHP Hydro Blast with cheery picker (mostly needed) to prepare the surface to be painted


-Washing with soap water (sometimes degreaser) using high-pressure washer prior for painting


-Protect the area does not need to be painted using duck tapes and plastic covers to avoid also the overspray


-Apply first coat using airless pump, we do this as a team for it can only be executed in a team (each team has a 2 or three persons).


-Apply second or final (depends on the specs) coat using airless high-pressure pump


-Line cutting, markings using brush and roller


-Clean the dock to avoid the contamination to the sea


3. Education & Training

Graduate in Secondary Level

TESDA Certificate in Structural Welding (SMAW) and Certificate of Competency (COC)

4. Computer Skills

Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office Word and Excel Applications, Internet, Surfing and Chatting

5. Other Skills

>>Ticket in confined space

>>Ticket in elevated work flat form

>>Ticket in forklift

>>Knowledge in sandblasting equipment

>>Knowledge in airless and conventional pump equipment

**If opportunity permits, I will be more than willing to expand my knowledge and be more skillful on whatever tasks assigned to me, and be forever grateful to be part of your very prestigious company.

Thank you very much and More Power.


Domingo V. Galang Jr.

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