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Management Manager

July 01, 2016

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Herbert Chadehumbe: ACMA; CGMA

** ****** *****; Chitepo Ext; Marondera; Zimbabwe


Career Profile

As a Qualified Chartered Management Accountant, I have undertaken several responsibilities and duties within leading organisations such as Delta Beverages and ZIMRA. These engagements have enabled me to develop not only industry specific experience, but also a valuable and transferable skill set which amounted to 8 years in the accounting field; which are a necessity in a world which has become VUCA{ Volatile; Uncertain; Complex and Ambiguous}

Career Objective

“To secure a promising position that offers both a challenge and a good opportunity for growth where I can bring immediate and strategic value; and where I can apply & enhance my knowledge, skill to serve the firm to the best of my efforts.”

Skills Matrix

Project management management accounting scenario planning change management product costing business acumen skills taxation laws cash and working capital management financial management Internal Controls budgeting and variance analysis planning strategic planning and control stakeholder management stakeholder engagement asset management fleet management compliance relationship management performance management communication leadership

Career Detail

FirstMate (Pvt) Ltd – Accountant MAY 2015- APRIL 2016

As an Accountant for FirstMate (Pvt) Ltd, which is a solutions provider in the printing industry, IT and consumables, I was providing management expertise and advice and my daily responsibilities included Stakeholder Management; designing internal controls; designing accounting procedures and processes. Other relevant tasks included the following:

Stakeholder Management and Contracts Negotiation

Reconciliations: Bank Reconciliations; Debtors and Creditors Reconciliations

Submitting tax returns including employment tax and income tax returns

Preparing Financial Accounts and Financial information analysis and giving recommendations

Monitoring of Internal Controls and Procedures for all departments

Budgeting and Planning of activities and Standard Costing; Variance Analysis

Cash Management and Cost Controls and Monitoring

Preparation of monthly; quarterly and annual Reports in accordance with relevant statutes.

Liaising with operational sales department for day-to-day operation

Authorising payments for purchases.

Hand in Hand- Accountant/ Finance Manager FEB 2013- MAR 2015

As an Accountant/ Finance Manager for an NGO called Hand in Hand my daily responsibilities included budgetary preparation; strategic financial planning; designing internal controls and mitigating risks; designing accounting procedures and processes; Variance Analysis and Management Reporting. Other relevant tasks included the following:

Preparing Budgets for cost and recoveries and Tracking ROI

Contract Management and Negotiation; Tax payments and Liaising with Tax Authority

Processing Importations and Exportations

Standard Costing; Variance Analysis and Management Reports including P&L Statements

Preparation of monthly; quarterly and annual Financial; Management and Taxation Accounting in accordance with relevant statutes.

Monitoring and Assessing Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) and Projects

Designing and Implement Internal Controls; identification of Risk areas and advising.

Undertake Initiatives to improve cost effectiveness and realize efficiencies in cost and processes

Scenario Planning; Forecasting and Change Management

Designing and implementing systems for monitoring both Financial and Non -Financial Operations of the business.

Analysing financial information and recommending efficient use of resources and procedures

Performance Management and Measurement of Junior Accounting Officers.

ZIMRA- Risk Officer JULY 2009- JAN 2013

As a Risk Officer or Revenue Officer for ZIMRA which is the sole collector of taxes my daily responsibilities included Duty and taxes calculation and collection; mitigating risks associated with revenue losses; debtors’ management and enforcement of controls. Other relevant tasks included the following:

Clearance of imports and Exports; Calculation Duty payable; import quotas and import tariff

Risk Management and Controls; Risk Evaluation and Assessment.

Identification of possible and actual operational risks

Managing Strategic Risks associated with Revenue Losses

Calculation of VAT payable or refundable and Computation of Income Tax Due/ Refundable

Debtors Management and Calculation of Interest and penalties on accounts due.

Enforcement of controls and Compliance Systems and Administering the Various Acts

Computation of Corporate and Individual taxation( P.A.Y.E) due to the State

Withholding Taxes and Presumptive Taxes

DELTA Beverages- Accountant Trainee; NOV 2006- FEB 2008

As an Accountant Trainee at Delta Beverages one of the largest beverage producers in Zimbabwe my daily responsibilities included Inventory and Warehouse Control; Fleet management; Channel Profitability Analysis and product costing. Other relevant tasks included the following:

Inventory controls and Management of Stock; Bill of Materials (BOM) as well as WIP.

Warehouse Controls; Fixed Asset control measures

Internal controls design and evaluation.

Fleet Management; Logistics Budgeting and Evaluation and Assessment of Fleet

Budgetary Controls; Budget Designs and Implementations

Standard costing; variance analysis and Management Reports.

Route Performance Analysis and Channel Profitability Analysis.

Distribution and Marketing;

Reconciliation of account balances and preparing accounting schedules reports

Branch Financial Accounting Reporting; Ratio Analysis and Recommending the best use of resources through branch Depot Controller.

Consolidation of Accounts from the small Deport Branches.

Branch Manufacturing Accounts; Manufacturing Costing and Product Costing

Personal Attributes

Enthusiastic and enjoy being part of, as well as leading, a successful and productive team.

Am flexible in adjusting with the complex global environment requirements and quick to grasp new ideas and concepts.

Able to work well on my own initiative and can demonstrate the high levels of motivation required to meet the tightest deadlines, even under significant pressure, I possess a strong ability to perform effectively; accurately and timely.

Education and Professional Qualifications –


2013 TO DATE

CIMA Member

Midlands State University; Gweru; Zimbabwe

2005- 2008

Bachelor of Commerce Honours Degree in Accounting

Hobbies and Interests - Cycling; Gym;


J. Gomba (Formerly at Delta) Archford Mutsungumwa

Sales and Distribution Manager Managing Director

GMB Headquarters FirstMate Pvt Ltd

Harare 25 Gorege Silundika; Harare

Tel: +263********* +263*********

E-mail: Email:

V. Gasselah Felix Tete

Revenue Supervisor VAT C.E.O Hand in Hand

Zimra Mnhlahlandlela 73 Heyman Surbubs; Bulawayo

Bulawayo Tel: +263*******

Tel: ++263********* email:


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