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Mumbai, MH, India
July 01, 2016

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K. Gowri Shankar Address: Door no: */***D, kosalai

Mobile: +91-986******* Nagar, Gobi chettipalayam, Erode, E-mail: Tamilnadu. India .

Carrier Summary

Self-confident and organized natural leader with ability to effectively communicate and influence decision making. Have wide range of skills and experience in GIS to meet the challenge of today’s changing business environment. Educational Qualification


Course duration University

Masters in Geoinformatics Pursuing Annamali University, Tamilnadu. Bachelor of computer science

2010 to 2012 Annamali University, Tamilnadu.

Diploma in electronics and

Communication engineering

2002 to 2005

Sri Ragavendra Polytechnic college,

Board of Tamilnadu.

Skills summary

9+ years of experience in GIS and mapping filed

Hands-on working experience in Arcmap V10.2

Strong quality control experience in Orthophoto Image processing

Strong knowledge in Photoshop

Expert in Terra solid & Microstation V8i

Expert in INPHO software suite (Application master,Ortho master,Ortho vista and Dt master)

Working experience in

o Arc GIS Data management and Analysis

o Airborne LIDAR data processing and Mobile LIDAR data processing o Bathymetric Data processing (Hydrographic)

o Photogrammetry software’s

o AutoCAD

o Global mapper

Professional trainings

ArcMap V10.2.2, ESRI certified, 2012 - Event ID: 50128732

Terra Solid Package training, 2010

Hypack Bathymetric software training, 2010

Bathymetric Data calibration pospac Software training, 2010 Page 2

Fledermous training, 2010

Eradas Imagine training, 2007

Work Experience

Working as Geospatial Professional in CH2MHILL, India. from January 2016 to Till date

Worked as GIS Analyst for NOC department in Monitoring and control center, Abu Dhabi Govt. Man power outsourced From AlanDick Middle East, UAE. From December-2014 to October- 2015.

Worked as Geospatial Technologist in Halcrow Consulting India pvt ltd, A CH2MHILL Company, Hyderabad. From August 2010 to November 2014. Deputed to Abu Dhabi from March 2014 to December 2014.

Worked as Geospatial Technologist in SGS INFOTECH LTD, Delhi from July 2009 to August 2010.

Worked as Senior Engineer \Team leader in Lidar & Orthophoto in DSM SOFT PVT LTD, Trichy from July 2008 to July 2009.

Worked as QC Leader & QC finalization in Gis, Lidar, Orthophoto, and Photoshop & Contour editing division in SECON INDIA PVT LTD, Bangalore from April 2007 to July 2008.

Worked as Gis, Ortho photo & Photogrammetry Technician in GENESYS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION PVT LTD, Bangalore from August 2006 to April 2007. Summary of GIS, Lidar and Image processing Projects Project: - Monitoring and control System Mapping, Abu Dhabi. Client: - Monitoring and Control Center, Abu Dhabi. Company: - AlanDick Middle East, UAE.

Project duration: December-2014 to Otober-2015

Project description and responsibility: Data validating and converted CAD to GIS format, Validating No objection certificate (NOC) applications and GIS conflict analysis. Preparing spatial mapping of ADMCC Assets and maintaining the GIS datasets.

Position: GIS Analyst

Software: Arcmap V10.2.1.

Project: - Plan Maritime 2030, Abu Dhabi.

Client : - Urban planning council, Abu Dhabi.

Company: - Halcrow A CH2M HILL Company

Project duration: March-2014 to November-2014

Project description: Preparation of spatial framework plan for the coastal and maritime domain to develop a sustainable development strategy where human uses can coexist and complement the maritime ecosystem and Page 3

environment. The vision for the project is to create a safe and secure maritime domain that supports economic development and diversification initiatives of the Abu Dhabi Government. Position : GIS Technologist

Responsibility: As a GIS technologist, my responsibility includes preparation of thematic maps to existing conditions documents and assist in the GIS analysis for determining the opportunities and constrains for future plan. Software : Arcmap V10.2 and V10.2.1.

Project: - Asset Management

Client: - HA (Highways Agency), UK.

Company: - Halcrow Consulting India Private limited Project duration: Year of 2013 to 2014

Project description: This project consist of capturing high way features and assets identification using mobile LiDAR and photograph, final deliverable formats are shape file with different measurements and classifications assigned as attributes.

Position : GIS Technologist

Responsibility: Responsible for this project is interpreting the Highway assets and attributing the information to vector data. Initially I was shown initiating and evaluate the best software TOPODOT (Asset collection) for attaching information and maintaining 3D elevation for Highway Asset Inventory using mobile LiDAR data. Software : Microstation V8i, Topodot.

Project: - Nagpur Metro Development project

Client : - Nagpur Improvement Trust, India.

Company: - Halcrow A CH2MHIL Company

Project duration: November - 2012 to October -2013 Project description: The Nagpur Improvement Trust invited proposals for the appointment of a global consultant for the ‘Preparation of the Vision Document, Development Plan and Town Planning Schemes for the Nagpur Metropolitan Area, Preparation of the Concept Plan that sets the vision for the next 50 years. It will build on a framework for a holistic development within the NMA addressing sustainability, planning and urban design, transportation, utilities infrastructure, financing, and implementation and governance strategies. This document will serve as a guideline for the 20 year Development Plan and will also identify catalyst projects, Town Planning Schemes or Improvement schemes. District Nagpur, Maharashtra. The Nagpur Metro Area spreads across a total area of about 3577.16 sq. km and includes 5 full Tehsils and 4 part Tehsils of the Nagpur. Position : GIS Technologist

Responsibility: Preparing thematic maps for the project, Parcel mapping for existing and proposed land use and attribute corrections, Topological error corrections, Data conversion from DWG to Gis format and, and stream capture.

Software : Arcmap V10.

Project: - Thames River flood mapping, UK

Client: - Environmental Agency, UK.

Company: - Halcrow Consulting India Private limited Project duration: 2011 to 2012

Page 4

Project description: The Environment Agency Thames NE Area has requested us to produce flood maps for responding to MP requests for data. A set of 3 maps need to be produced for each MP constituency in the Thames NE region for each 1Mile. The three set of maps are:

• Environment Agency Flood Map.

• Environment Agency Flood Map for Surface Water 1 in 30yr.

• Environment Agency Flood Map for Surface Water 1 in 200yr. Position : GIS Technologist

Responsibility: Finalizing the maps and Quality control, Cartographic mapping and define the area for flood defenses, Buffer analysis, area calculation, area analysis, define the area benefitting defenses, define the flood storage areas, define the main river course and flood zones. Software : Arcmap V10.1

Project: - AMS mapping, River modelling and Flood Risk Mapping, UK. Client: - Environmental Agency, UK.

Company: - Halcrow Consulting India Private limited Project duration: 2012

Project description: There are lot of existing flood modelling and mapping data. The Client needs to make best use of this to ensure that those involved in managing incidents have the best information available to help them make tactical and strategic decisions. The Environment Agency plays a critical role in the multi-agency response to a major flooding incident including providing information to partners at all levels of the response structure. Position : GIS Technologist

Responsibility: Generating maps for flood and buffer analysis as per client requirement. Software : Arcmap V10.

Project: - Al-Ain Image Management System (IMS) – UAE Client :- Al-Ain municipal, UAE

Company: - Halcrow Consulting India Private limited Project duration: 2012

Project description: To prepare imagery database of archival images in Terra share, which can be used for many purposes, like change detection, environmental studies, geographic analysis etc. This project involves in geo- referencing the various types of imagery like digital aerial, satellite, hardcopy aerial and Hardcopy Maps obtained from archives of Al-Ain municipality ranging from year 1964 to 2009, these archived Maps/Images are of different Scale. These images/Maps are of RGB and Grey scale. The total number of images geo referenced is more than 40,000 Images.

Position : GIS Technologist

Responsibility: Geo rectification of scanned images and quality checks and preparing for delivery. Software : Bently Map V8i

Project: - Thames River flood mapping

Client : - Environmental agency, UK.

Company: - Halcrow Consulting India Private limited Project duration: 2011 to 2012

Project description: Data preparation, Cartographic mapping and define the area for flood defenses, Flood storage areas, Buffer analysis, Main River and flood zones & Area analysis. Position : GIS Technologist

Responsibility: Generating maps with different title with existing data set and Quality control for the final product Page 5

Software : Arcmap V10.

Project: - River Cam UK (Phase 1 & 2)

Client : - Environmental Agency, UK

Company: - Halcrow Consulting India Private limited Project duration: 2011 to 2012

Project description: The Environment Agency Anglian Region, Central Area, Flood Risk Mapping & Data Management (FRM&DM) team have asked Halcrow to provide a proposal to undertake a swathe bathymetric survey of a number of river channels/reaches and to provide a complete and comprehensive data set from which future River channel modelling can take place. Halcrow are also worked on Phase 1 and Phase 2 River Cam Improvements.

Position : Gis Technologist

Responsibility: Data calibration & Classify the river bed and remove the noise points from the river bed and tiling into smaller blocks for easy handling. Data conversion form Hs2 format to XYZ and cad formats and sands format. Software : Hypack, POsPac, Fledermaus

Project: - Greece

Client : - Greece Highway department

Company: - Halcrow Consulting India Private limited Project duration: 2011

Project description: Image rectification using arcgis along the road corridor Position : GIS Technologist

Responsibility: Image Rectification and tile cutting and Photoshop Quality check for the generated delivery Ortho Images.

Software : Arcmap V10, Photoshop and Ortho vista.

Project: - Paris Troy's

Client : - INGEO, France

Company: - Halcrow Consulting India Private limited Project duration: 2011

Project description: Paris-Troyes Project is covering about 30 strips and 700 images and 10 GSD flying. For Flying used small camera name P65. The mission is to prepare an orthophoto of a railway line, linear about 140 km

(and DTM for this ) on a corridor of about 400m larger (200m each part or the rail line) until the first house visible in the images,and except on a railway station.

Position : Production and Quality control

Responsibility: To generate orthos photo, seam editing, Ortho mosaicing, tile cutting, quality check and delivery. Software : Application master, Ortho Vista, Photoshop. Project: - North west costal monitoring

Client : - Environmental Agency, UK

Company: - Halcrow Consulting India Private limited Project duration: 2010 to 2011

Project description: This project is to monitor the Costal bed and identify the beach depth within a corridor of 2 kms. This project is to describe the Post Processed Virtual Reference Station (PPVRS) technique for multibeam Marine Hydrography. This technique uses GPS network stations to determine atmospheric biases at the rover positions and tightly integrates GPS with inertial data to provide a continuous, high-precision navigation solution with baselines of up to 80 km. Using POSPac smart software solution achieved both maximum accuracy and maximum efficiency for Direct Georeferencing.

Page 6

Position : Gis Technologist

Responsibility: Data calibration & classify the data and remove some unwanted points and match with the prior surveyed path. Data conversion form Hs2 format to XYZ and cad formats and sands format. Software : Hypack, POSPac, Fledermaus

Project: - German Mobile Lidar

Company: - SGS Infotech

Project duration: year of 2009 to 2010

Project description: This projected involved in calibration of point cloud data captured using mobile vehicle. The data needs to be calibrated, classified and feature extraction and attributing (like curbs, right of way, manholes, road markings, poles etc.) This data was used for 3D city modelling. Position : Team leader

Responsibility: Work flow preparation, Work allocation and Final Quality control. Software : Terra scan, Tera model and Microstation V8. Project: - Torrey pines

Company: - SGS Info Tech

Project duration: 2009 to 2010

Project description: This project involves in creating the ortho photos for a Golf course 'Torry Pines' in California, generate the DEM, orthos, mosaicing and tile cutting. This project was executed to meet the requirements of a gaming company, which was creating a virtual Golf course. Position : Team Lead

Responsibility: Generating Digital elevation Model, Ortho Photo, Ortho Mosaicing, Tile cutting and quality check. Software : Application master, Ortho Vista, Photoshop. Project: - Nicaragua

Client : - Terra

Company: - DSM Soft

Project duration: 2008 to 2009

Project description: The Arial photo needs to be rectification and mosaicking which has taken with Tolerance of 80 to 90 degree angle which is called TRUE Ortho rectification. This project needs to be generate the ortho photo without seam line correction in orthophoto and the image should not seams global tilting. And the image needs to be match with Vector with the quality of 10 Cm.

Position : Team Leader

Responsibility: Team management and work allocation, seam editing Quality check and Tile cutting for each 1Sqkm, and Final product Quality control.

Software : Orthomaster, Ortho vista, Seam editor, Photoshop cs3, Arc view Project: - Ikonos Satellite Image rectification

Client : - Terra


Project duration: year of 2008 to 2009

Project description: Rubber sheet Image rectification of Ikonos satellite image which was a corridor surveyed through the pipe line structure. The rectification was done referencing the existing vector maps and then mosaic and cut into map units. Arcview was used for image rectification and mosaic and tile cutting was done in Orthovista. Page 7

Position : Senior Engineer \Team leader

Responsibility: Project management and Quality control, Software : Arcview, Eradas Imaging, Orthovista and Photoshop. Project: - Sydney (Australia)

Company: - Secon India PVT Limited

Project duration: 2007 to 2008

Project description: The airborne surveyed data need to be classifying building, power lines, power pols, and Ground & water class.

Position : Data processing

Responsibility: Production and Part time Quality control. Software : MicrostationV8, Terra Scan & Terramodeler. Project: - New York City-US project

Company: - GENESYS INTERNATIONAL CORPORATION PVT LTD Project duration: 2008 to 2009

Project description: This project involves orthophoto image processing and DEM creation for New York City and surroundings.

Position : Technician

Responsibility: Image processing, ortho photo editing In Photo shop. Software : Pci 7& Photoshop Cs.


Team work

Self leading



Hard work

Personal Details

Father’s Name : Mr. P. Krishnan

D.O.B : 15.01.1987

Gender : Male

Nationality : Indian

Languages known : Tamil (Mother tongue)

English (Read, write & speak)

Hindi (Speak)

Marital status : Married

I here by declare that all of the above information is true to the best of my knowledge Yours Faithfully


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