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Sql Server Developer

Kansas City, MO
June 30, 2016

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John A. (Jack) Moorhead

***** ***** **** **** #***

Leawood, Kansas 66209

* 913-***-**** (voice & text) ** *

Professional Summary

A Senior IT Professional with over 20 years of proven success in multiple technical roles managing cross-functional business projects from idea and concept through implementation and production. Skilled in working independently and within multicultural teams of various sizes, capable of providing complex business solutions that express corporate look and feel. Demonstrate unique intuitive abilities and foresight in understanding the client’s corporate policies and procedures to provide them with insights and advice to customers for quick and efficient implementation of solutions. Communicate clearly and concisely across corporate strata from Executive Level Management down through client and customer levels to provide project vision and understanding throughout the Systems Development Life Cycle, (SDLC). Whether for internal projects or cross-industry solutions, my increasingly broad and deep understanding tied in with a common sense approach leads to successful solution management and project success.

Experience and Length (years):

HTML5, CSS 3.0, DHTML, XML, JavaScript +10

IIS 6.0, 7.0, 8.0 4



Visual Studio 2010, 2012, 2013 8

Eclipse IDE 3

C / C++ / C# 7

Java J2EE, J2ME 8

Visual Basic, VB.NET, VBA +10

MS SQL Server 2008 R2, 2012 +10

Oracle 8i, 9i, 10g, 11g 8

MySQL, DB2, Progress 6



Business Objects 4

MS Office 2013, 2016 / 365 +10

MS Publisher, Visio, Project +10

iCloud, One Drive 5

MS InfoPath, SharePoint 5

UNIX, CICS, m204 5

Professional Technical Skills


oMicrosoft Office 2005/2008/2010/2103/2016/ Office 365 (Access, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Visio, Project, Publisher, FrontPage), Business Objects XI, Eclipse, Apache, MS Visual Studio 2005/2008, Lotus Notes, Crystal Reports, Dreamweaver, Corel, NetObjects Fusion, NotePad++


oVisual Basic/VBA, JAVA, C/C++/C#, HTML3/4/5, CSS2/3, DHTML, XML, JavaScript, ASP/ASP.NET, ADO.NET, JSP, PHP, Perl, T-SQL, PL/SQL, SQL, UNIX shell scripts, BASIC, G-Basic, Fortran, Watif-IV, Pascal, Bash, ksh, 6502 & 93000 assembly languages MS Visual Source Safe, Team Foundation Server(TFS), Tortoise SVN,

RDBMS RDMS & Applications

oMS SQL Server 2000/2005/2008R2, 2012, Oracle 9i/10g/11g, MySQL 3.23/4.0/4.1/5.0, DB2, MS Access 2007/2010/2013/2016, MS SSMS, MS SSIS, MS SSRS, Diamond SQL Scripts Management, Ingenix Data Management Center

Network / Protocols

oTCP/IP, DNS, Telnet, FTP, ATM, SMTP, POP3, Network installation, 802.11n, Google Analytics

Operating Systems,

oWindows 9x/NT/2000/XP/7/8/10, DOS, OS2, 6502 assembly, 93000 assembly


Senior Developer September 2015 – January 2106

MRI Global Incorporated

In lieu of Scrums or Agile Standups, the institute focuses all management of business Opportunities within a single ASP.NET ADO.NET web application. This solution gives management a fast visual status report of the current opportunities being pursued by the sales team. I was solely responsible for the updates, repairs, modification and maintenance to this solution as prescribed through requests, tickets and/or user feedback. All Opportunity management and tracking processes were imbedded within this solution.

Once the opportunities were won, they were moved into the Institute’s Project Management ASP.NET ADO.NET web application. This proprietary web application provided a tracking solution that displays progress within the project, offering step by step tracking that finance uses for billing clients for successes and achievements. Further, this application gives a quick visual representation of the projects status verses the agreed contractual timeline.

Provide varied support for internal, proprietary applications including, but not limited to Microsoft Access and Excel solutions that are unique and proprietary to the institute’s workflow processes across all departments.

Assist with all SQL Server 2012 efforts and requests for database support. Solely responsible for modification of all needed stored procedures and/or tables necessary for all internal web solutions.

Senior Programmer / Analyst February 2015 – August 2015

Integrated Healthcare Strategies

Sole developer responsible for assuming the responsibility of design, upgrading, supporting and migrating a custom proprietary web application for Healthcare Industries surveys. This unique solution utilizes Visual Basic and ASP.NET with a SQL Server 2008 R2 backend. Without source code, I was tasked with reverse engineering the solution and discovering structures and architecture.

Created complete user and technical documentation for entire associated database that served as backend to the web application, including but not limited to ERD of Production and Development versions.

Created complete user and technical documentation for the entire web application and passed it on to corporate IT department for future development.

Lead the IT team in other areas of development including HTML, CSS, PERL, C# ASP.NET web applications, IIS 7.0, SSMS, SSRS and SSIS.

Senior Systems Engineer January 2013 – January 2015

YRC Freight

Sole developer responsible for design, upgrading, supporting and migrating over 1,800 corporate VBA macros from a Windows XP to Windows 7 environment within a 6 month window. Macros developed as late as Office 2003 were rewritten to be forward compatible for Office 2013/Office 365. For our Remote Users, these macros had to be developed to run successfully within a Citrix environment, addressing speed as an issue. Prior to the migration, there were nearly 700 macros identified as “broken” or were non-functional which were repaired during this effort. In the following 20 months of business there were only 3 service tickets submitted for maintenance issues on the macros. VBA, Office 2013, Office 365, UNIX, COBOL, model 204, HTML, XML, CCS, JavaScript

Analyzed, designed, developed, implemented and supported an enterprise wide standardization of all macros used throughout the company. Although named “Macro Guru”, I solely provided all developers with direction, insights and support on any macro efforts while streamlining processes, decreasing development time and increase readability of their code. This single design fundamental led to improved development periods which were 20% of previous SDLC. Office 2010/2013/365 VBA UNIX COBOL HTML CSS JavaScript Citrix

Sole developer for the design, creation, development, implementation and maintenance of an application to track and manage all corporate semi tractors, trailers and jiffs/dollies and all rented trailers nationwide. With this improved management of these resources utilizing this application the transportation manager was able to save 30 hours a week in computer research and managing time which lead to more direct support time. He was promoted to director because of his improved service, management and effectiveness in resource utilization and decreased in cost of operations. SQL Server 2008 T-SQL, Office 2010/2013/365 VBA UNIX COBOL m204

Sole developer for the design, analysis, creation, development, implementation and maintenance on an application for Legal Department and Human Resources that tracked and managed the Business Code of Conduct compliance. Based within an Outlook/Exchange environment, the application notified every employee within the corporation, tracked all emails send and received and stored them within a searchable environment. Legal managers received echoed notifications when non-compliant employees responses were received. The entire process took 30 days to develop and only 2 weeks to implement to over 30,000 employees. VBA Office 2010/2013/365 Exchange Server, SQL, HTML, CSS, HTTP SMTP

Sole developer for the design, analysis, creation, development, implementation and maintenance on an application for the Corporate Sales Department. This application created Six Sigma Scorecards displaying the monthly sales successes for all sales personnel. These scorecards were distributed to Divisional Vice Presidents, Regional and Area Sales Managers and all Account Manager displaying the total sales, positional ranking and potential sales information on a monthly basis and YTD evaluations. The scorecard application not only data-mined details from the mainframe, but also provided an single point control that managed all contact information while providing email management system for distribution of the scorecards enterprise wide. This application reduced the administrative assistant time from 120 hours a month to approximately 2 hours a month. VBA Office 2010/2013/365 Exchange Server, SQL, HTML, CSS, HTTP SMTP

Sole developer for the design, analysis, creation, development, implementation and maintenance on an application for the Equipment Services department which manages all the maintenance, service and repairs to all tractors, yard tractor, vans, delivery trucks, trailers, dollies and jiffs. The application provides daily status updates to executive management of all enterprise resources and displays ratios of equipment ready for service verses equipment down for repairs. Once completed and in production the time savings was nearly 20 hours per week, thus giving the department FTE position back for additional support. SQL Server 2008 T-SQL, Office 2010/2013/365 VBA UNIX COBOL m204

Sole developer for the design, analysis, creation, development, implementation and maintenance on an application for the Exhibit Services department that tracked and managed all shipments associated with Exhibits, Shows and Conferences. This application tracks and notifies Exhibit Managers on a daily basis whenever a shipment appears late at any transit milestone. This active notification system required 4 hours less each day by the Exhibit Managers so they had 4 days more a week to speak face to face with their customers and improve their service. In addition to that, they showed a marked improvement on delivery percentages of 97.3% on time, thus reducing chargebacks by 26.9% over t he first year. This also contributed to the increase in requested service and customers.

Office 2010/2013/365 VBA UNIX COBOL m204

Established a Developers Forum and lead a team of developers, (+35 corporate wide), to create our HTML5 and CSS3 corporate standards. The primary goal was to streamline internal websites using a corporate template that maintained a common look and feel that was easily distributed. I also lead the forum to create an interactive avenue between developers to increase sharing of new information and decrease timeframes on website modifications and upgrades. Primary goal was to reduce the development and maintenance standards by 600%.


Sole developer for the design, analysis, creation, development, implementation and maintenance on network applications that created over 900 internal web solutions for six departments. These websites included the HTML5 files with embedded XML data sets, CSS3

and JavaScript functionality were tested and implemented for IE8/IE10/EI11 and Chrome browsers. Solely responsible for the internal, linked an inline CSS3 code, all JavaScript code and ETL of mainframe data into XML code that was associated to each HTML website solution. HTML5 CSS3 XML UNIX COBOL JavaScript, Xtend 2.11, ChangeMan, CICS

Responsible for assisting other internal development teams and providing senior level advice and solutions in all Object Oriented and Scripting languages including, but not limited to JAVA, JavaScript, PERL, HTML, CSS, XML,C++/C#, Visual Basic/VBA, VB Scripting & Windows Scripting

Senior Software Engineer December 2012 – January 2013


Responsible for the development and maintenance of Microsoft CRM applications for distributed remote customers. SSRS, SSMS, VSS, T-SQL, JavaScript, HTML, C#.Net

Responsible for CRM 2011 instances running on IE 10 on Windows 8 platforms.

Responsible for maintaining remote LAN sessions over VPN networks and Remote Connections with servers, applications and resources. Barracuda, MS RDC /MS RDP

Responsible for ETL scripts and development for migration of data into enterprise production databases. C#.Net / PL/SQL / T-SQL

Design, implement and maintain all functionality of corporate database systems, reporting modules, methods, organization, security, documentation and statistical methodology. Microsoft VSS, SSRS, SSIS, SSMS, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008

Tasked with training of customers on developed solutions on rollouts.

Senior Applications Developer / Senior DBA June 2012 – December 2012

Quest Diagnostics

Responsible for the development and maintenance of Oracle based applications and reports. PL/SQL & Oracle Reports

Modification and maintenance of Visual Basic proprietary application. VB6 / VB.Net.

Responsible for ETL scripts and development for migration of data into enterprise production databases. C#.Net / PL/SQL / T-SQL

Design, implement and maintain all functions of database systems, including access, methods and time, device allocations, validation checks, organization, security, documentation and statistical methodology. Microsoft VSS, SSRS, SSIS, SSMS, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008

Discovery and testing of current processes and applications on Windows 8 environment.

Modify and update current Oracle based billing application to correct missing accounts and customers. Oracle Reports / PL SQL / Java

Participated in the corporate sponsored C# training program for internal development teams. Ranked #2 in the class.

Senior IT DBA / Database Analyst Jan 2012 – June 2012

Optum Insight / United Health Care

Organizes sorts and filters data in order to distinguish patterns and recognize trends

Solves moderately complex problems and/or conducts moderately complex analyses.

Provides explanations and information to others on difficult issues.

Implements ETL data from other divisions into enterprise production databases.

Design, implement and maintain all functions of database systems, including access, methods and time, device allocations, validation checks, organization, security, documentation and statistical methodology. Microsoft VSS, SSRS, SSIS, SSMS, SQL Server 2000/2005/2008

Consult with users; determine requirements and recommends database establishment and utilization.

Assist in design, test, implementation, maintenance and control of physical and relational databases. DTS, T-SQL, XML

May consult with Systems Analysts and designers on procedures related to new or existing databases.

Assists in development of systems and procedures affecting database management, design and maintenance. SQL Server 2000/2005/2008, DMC, DSSM

Establish and maintain databases for user testing and production with direction.

Evaluate, test and produce recommendations for the selection, user and deployment of DBMS software, data management tools and utilities, data warehouse and replication tools.

Support problem resolution; consult and advise in application design and tuning; plan, organize and execute product benchmarks for threshold and functionality.

Provide data administration support of the development and maintenance of production and non-production database environments for distributed applications.

Participate in product evaluations, design review session, data requirement meetings and consulting with application development products.

Participate in 24x7 on call rotation when requested.

Project / Program Manager II and DBA, Sprint Nextel Jul 2011- Nov 2011

Responsible for the development and delivery of operational, ad-hoc, managerial and executive reports and information to support decision-making using. Oracle, SQL Server, SQL Server Enterprise Manager, Crystal Reports, Business Objects, MS Access, and MS Excel.

Also tasked with creating scheduled and ad-hoc reporting using Business Objects, DTS packages and Stored Procedures and other business intelligence tools and manage end-user report environments. These environments are FTP locations on the internet and intranet, within SQL Server, Oracle and Access databases, FTP website resources and file directories and in various text files including .csv resources.

Responsible for query development, data modeling, and development of deliverables that are distributed to business process owners, managers, and executives in SQL Server, Oracle, Access and Business Objects. These would also include the development of DTS packages and Stored Procedures.

Provided daily insights to customers using data analysis/business intelligence tools (e.g. Business Objects, SQL, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, Oracle, MS Access, or MS Excel) Excellent analytical, verbal, and written communication skills. Must be able to clearly gather and interpret data and communicate results in defined business terms (i.e. turn data into information.)

Provide 7 x 24 monitoring of all associated resources, required or scheduled reports and the delivery of said resources and reports. Specific to Sprint, remote access through SARA, ConnectToMyPC, Microsoft RDC as well as utilizing web borne emulators and Citrix.

Required to produce quality deliverables in defined client timeframes with high degree of accuracy. Experience creating applications and macros using Visual Basic and Visual Basic for Applications (VBA).

Senior Applications Developer, JP Morgan / Chase Bank Oct 2010- Jun 2011

Designed, developed, and implemented the Sales Scorecards applications for the RPS Finance division. Combination of Access and Excel VBA based solution that tracks CRM fed data to display monthly successes against annually set corporate goals and expectations. This comprehensive snap shot offers Senior Executive Officers a multi level view of details and comparisons to their piers, (from a Summary high level down to Detail ground level). Deliverables include from Executive Summary Reports, Divisional Summary Reports, to the Sales Reps monthly evaluation Scorecard. PL/SQL, T-SQL,VBA

Modified GRIDs Report that reconciles the New York Institutional Data against the Kansas City RPS data. Architect new collection methods, wrote necessary queries in multiple environments to facilitate data mining necessary for comparative analysis of monthly bottom lines of assets up to $1.220 billion. Created complete documentation for the entire work flow process. Trained and transitioned responsibilities to off shore associates. Great Plains, Oracle 11i, DB2, SQL, Business Objects, Access, Excel, SQL, T-SQL, PL/SQL, VBA, C#

Designed and developed the Conversion Capitalization Report for RPS Finance department. This DB2 sourced Access solution create a final Excel report for distribution to all corporate departments as a reconciliation source on a monthly basis. DB2, Access, Excel, Business Objects, T-SQL, VBA

Redesigned and developed the CPP Monthly Report automating the tedious monthly work flow processes into a single button solution. So successful that the O-Series Monthly Tax Report and the Top 50 Monthly Report were rolled up into the same solution and included as part of the new solution. Great Plains, DB2, Access, Excel, Business Objects, T-SQL, VBA

Modified existing executive level reporting application for the Monthly PAR Reports. This Project Accounting and Reporting, (PAR), application retrieves data from Great Plains, the Data Warehouse and multiple Proprietary Revenue Share Excel Spreadsheets to reconcile their information against the corporate General Ledger electronically. Not only improved the processes, but created a Corporate Executive Level Report, User Manual and Process Checklist. Oracle 11i, Great Plains, DB2, SQL Server, Access, Excel, Business Objects, PL/SQL, T-SQL, SQL, C#, VBA

Responsible for the complete documentation of all internally developed applications including User Manuals, Work Flow Process Check Lists and Technical Manuals for 11 department applications allowing the functional ability to move monthly responsibility to off shore associates or to newly hired employees without loss of timing. Doubled as a series of training manuals as well

Other work experiences are available upon request.


Masters in Information Systems Management (in process)

Keller Graduate School

Kansas City, Missouri

Oracle Certified Professional DBA program

Johnson County Community College

Overland Park, Kansas

Bachelor of Science in Education

Recreation Administration Management

University of Kansas

Lawrence, Kansas

Internship: U.S. Naval Air Facility, Atsugi, Japan


Independent Studying in ASP.NET MVC / ASP.NET ADO.NET / ASP.NET Web Forms / Mobile Android App Development / Complete C# Development Course / Java Developer / Web Development


YRC Employees’ Club

oBoard of Directors

oAnnual Chili Cook Off Chairman

YRC Freight; Overland Park, Kansas

Kansas City Corporate Challenge Cup

oBoard of Directors

oTennis / Racquetball / Golf / Disc Golf Chairs


Golf / Disc Golf / Swimming

5km Run / 1 Mile Run

Racquetball / Tennis




oCommercial Instrument Pilot Certificate




oASA Certificates (6 in all)

Basic Small Craft/ Small Sailboat / Keelboat

Coast Cruising / Bareboat Cruising / Advanced Cruising

Costal Navigation

oAmerican Red Cross

Sailing I & Sailing II Instructor Trainer

Swiftwater Rescue Instructor Trainer / Canoe Instructor Trainer



oMotorcycle Safety Foundation classes (JCCC)

oMotorcycle Maintenance instructor (JCCC)


A+ Certification


CRM 2.0 Customization (Certified Programming Professional)

Microsoft Corporation

Oracle Certified Associate

passed 1Z0-001 SQL & PL/SQL Fundamentals Exam 11/3/2005

Chairman for National AITP Collegiate Conference 2001

Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP)

College Faculty Advisor, (DeVry University; Kansas City, MO) 2000, 2001, 2002

HTML Developer Certification

World Wide Web Consortium as W3Schools (Jan 2014)

Cascading Style Sheets Certification (CSS)

World Wide Web Consortium as W3Schools (Jan 2014)

JavaScript Developer Certification

World Wide Web Consortium as W3Schools (March 2014)

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