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Data Analysis

Dallas, TX
June 30, 2016

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Kirt Martin



I am a professional with experience in molecular biology and bioinformatics with an emphasis in genomics. Proficient in comparative ‘omics analysis, biocuration, and data analysis. I am efficient, organized, and work well under pressure. Very successful at streamlining existing protocols stemming from 10 years of experience.


Genetic Data Curator Rancho Biosciences March 2015 – September 2015

Curate scientific information by analyzing and processing of data, and standardize clinical data to common ontologies including HGVS, and MeSH.

Test new processes, developing new products and processes or guidelines, and trouble-shooting related to variant curation protocols. Identify and enhance tools that are used in interpretation of RNAseq, and genomic data.

Extensive use of public data sources, such as dbSNP, OMIM, and ClinVar to process and document relevant scientific information data about gene variants.

Write reports of genetic traits, associated risk, pharmacologic response, and clinical relevance.

Consultant Black Rock Consulting August 2011 – present

Analysis of next-gen sequencing data against relevant online resources such as RefSeq, Ensembl, COSMIC, and TCGA. Experience with disease, and phenotype ontologies.

Using tools/databases to analyze read alignment, variant calling, and variant annotation, biological ontologies in a Linux environment. Scripting using Python.

Experience working with genomic data, next-generation sequence analysis, SNP and CNV analysis, comparative genomics, automated annotation, gene prediction.

Contract writing of clear SOPs, and aid in variant curation, and development of protocols.

Preparation and presentation of lab reports to management, conferences and international meetings. Designing and coordinating the execution of effective experiments and data analysis.

Professor San Jacinto College August 2008-August 2011

Planned, organized and presented instruction in General Biology, Microbiology, and Anatomy and Physiology. Developed a rigorous biotechnology course for the college.

Supervised lab technicians in the setup, and adapting of equipment to be used in classroom experiments.

Reviewed and evaluated the work of students and technicians.

Ruth L Kirschstein Fellow Baylor College of Medicine 2006 - 2008

Development and optimization of protein biomarker screening assay using a reverse phase microarray including a method following laser capture micro-dissection to extract, purify and analyze protein expression from excised plaques using western, GC-MS, and ELISA

Evaluation and testing of software for use in gene prediction, annotation, in data integration, database construction, application development, visualization, and publishing in a UNIX environment.

Postdoctoral Fellow University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center 2004-2006

Developed novel nucleic acid based assays including planning, protocol development, optimization, and validation for measurement of promoter region methylation using bisulfate modification, next-gen sequencing, PCR, and qPCR

Extensive use of standard bioinformatic processes to call oncology variants and utilization of public open databases such as NCBI, UCSC, Ensembl, and etc. in experimental design, and analysis of next generation sequencing data

Performing statistical analysis of genomic data across a variety of open source and commercial software platforms including R.


PhD - Cellular and Molecular Biology

Dissertation Title: Cyanobacterial Signature Genes

University of Houston

B.S. - Chemistry

Texas Southern University


Keck Computational Biology Fellow

NIH, Individual National Research Service Award

University Graduate Fellowship, University of Houston

Texaco Graduate Fellowship Award, University of Houston

Authored nine publications in peer reviewed journals

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