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Mechanical Engineer

Lancaster, PA
June 28, 2016

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Personal Chronological Resume of

Robert J. Willems, P.E.

*** **** ******* ****

Lancaster, PA 17601



BSME, Milwaukee School of Engineering, 1971

Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Associate Degree, Fluid Power

Gateway Technical Institute

Kenosha, WI, 1968


Registered Professional Engineer


Wisconsin, Vermont, Virginia, Maine and Massachusetts


Possesses Active Transportation Workers Identification Credential

TWIC – Expires 26 August 2018

Formerly - Confidential Clearance with Secret Eligibility from DOHA (Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals)

Computer Experience:

Fathom Version 8.0 Flow Analysis Program; Bentley AutoPipe+ XM Edition Pipe Stress Analysis Program, Vers. 9.0; Intergraph Caesar II Pipe Stress Analysis Program, Ver. 6.0; Compress Pressure Vessel Design Software – 2011; Nozzle Pro Nozzle Analysis Program, Version 8.0; FE/Pipe Finite Element Software; Navisworks Jet Stream, Ver. 6; AutoCAD Version 2012; SmartPlant Review, Version 6.01, PDS, Vers. 8.0, Support Modeler, Vers. 7.03; WRC107 Local Stress Analysis, Vers. 3.01, MathCad (with Roark Library), Elite Software Commercial Heating & Cooling Load Calculations, Carrier E20-II HAP Analysis Program, Vers. 4.04, Trane TOPSS Selection Program, Greenheck Fan Selection Program, Cook Fan Selection Program, Adobe Professional, Microsoft Office 2010, Windows Version 7 and 10.

Engineering Experience:

Facilities Engineer (Contract Position)

McNeil Division of Johnson & Johnson

Lancaster, PA

Drawing File Remediation Project

4/2015 to 3/2016

Reviewer / Editor of Mechanical / HVAC, Civil, Utilities, Plumbing, and Fire Protection ACAD, PDF, and TIFF drawings in an FDA environment to determine engineering correctness and the suitability of updating, revising, or archiving, using Blue Cielo EDMS (Electronic Document Management System) software. One of two engineers reviewing 15,000 drawings.

Senior Mechanical Engineer (Direct Hire)

CSD Engineers, Inc.

Exton, PA

Sunoco Allegheny Access Project, Numerous Sites, OH and PA, Marcus Hook Refinery Project, Marcus Hook, PA, Cushing Little Farms Trucking, Buckeye Partners East Chicago Terminal.

8/2012 to 8/2014

Evaluation of gasoline, ULSD (Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel), jet fuel and propylene centrifugal pumps for Sunoco Logistics’ Allegheny Access Project. Calculation of NPSHA, BHP and frictional Delta-P for gasoline piping by spreadsheet and Fathom Version 8.0 software. Evaluated Control Valve performance under various pumping scenarios (i.e. stripping) by inputting control valve Cv vs. %Open Table into Fathom software. Determination of Overfill Protection Alarm Points for API-650 gasoline storage tanks per Sunoco Standard. Witnessed test of Sulzer Pump for Sunoco Logistics in Portland, OR and wrote Performance Report. Built Fathom model of piping system for mixtures of liquefied ethane, methane, propane, butane and natural gasoline for Sunoco Logistics at Marcus Hook Refinery, determined P and sized control valves. Determined existence of laminar flow through flow meter at Sunoco Logistics’ Cushing Little Farms Trucking site, using 40 degree API Crude Oil and HDPE piping using Fathom software. Performed pipe stress calculations for hot oil piping at MarkWest Mobley #4B site of using Caesar II software. Calculated Tank Booster Pump and Station Booster Pump line pressures and BHP for 3,000 bph flowrate, using Fathom Version 8.0 software for Buckeye Partners, L.P East Chicago Terminal. [Senior Mechanical Engineer – CSD Engineers, Exton, PA]

Pipe Stress Engineer (Contract Position)

Air Products

Allentown, PA

Gulf Coast Connection Project, Plaquemine, LA and Westlake, LA

Technip Steam Generator Convection Coil, H2 Plant, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

6/2011 to 8/2012.

Analysis of valve flanges and jacking bolts using AutoPipe software per 9th Edition of AISC Manual of Steel Construction. Utilized Compress – 2011 pressure vessel software to analyze 150 Psig hydrogen vent stacks to ASME Section VIII compliance. ASME STE-1-2011 and ASCE 7-05 were used to determine Scruton Number and susceptibility to vortex shedding oscillations, as well as seismic and wind loading. Determined required cone section reinforcement per ASME Section VIII (UG-32) & ASME B31.3. Calculated minimum tube wall thickness and required allowable stress for boiler tubes per ASME B&PV Code, Section I. Determination of allowable aftercooler nozzle loads per ASME Section VIII, Division 2, using Nozzle Pro software. Analysis of welding reducing Tees using FE/Pipe. (HyCO Hydrogen Gas Extraction Project, Port Arthur, TX). Extraction of AutoPipe model from PDS 3D Model. Prepared piping models using AutoPipe XM, Vers. 9.0 of skid mounted piping for Lifting, Transportation and Operating conditions. Determination of Surge Tank nozzle spring constants with Nozzle Pro. ( Norco Hydrogen Gas Extraction Project, Norco, Louisiana). Analysis of sloped Aftercooler Nozzle with Nozzle Pro. (ASU, Mogi Das Cruzes, Brazil)

Project Engineer & Mechanical Lead (Contract Position)

Wright Industries

Nashville, TN

MOX Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication, Savannah River Site, Aiken, SC

6/2010 to 6/2011

Wrote Commercial Grade Dedication Plans (CGDPs) for various QL-1 components for Nuclear Fuel Processing Equipment and also wrote Procedure entitled (MOX) Positive Material Identification for Shaw Areva MOX Services’ Mixed Oxide Fuel Fabrication Facility (MFFF) at the Savannah River Site in Aiken, SC. Also wrote CGDPs for Items Relied On For Safety (IROFS) and rated NQA-1 in compliance with NRC 10CFR50 – App. B. Wrote verification spreadsheets outlining Code Requirements on incoming QL-1 items to assist Quality Assurance.

Pipe Stress Engineer (Contract Position)

Worley Parsons

Reading, PA

Siemens Cogeneration Project, Tessenderlo, Belgium

4/2009 to 10/2009

Analysis of gland steam, fuel gas preheat, and spindle leak off steam piping to ASME B31.1, using AutoPipe+ XM, Vers. 9.0. Analyzed 66” diameter GRP (glass reinforced pipe) on circulating water system, determined support locations and support loads. Determined acceptable unsupported length of GRP Piping based on mid-span deflection. Analyzed 1” diameter spindle leak off steam piping (520 C), determined support locations and support loads, completed Calculation Report. Determined support locations for 8” & 10” diameter GRP circulating water piping, located logical supports in Support Modeler software and added attributes. Analyzed Hot Reheat small bore (2” Dia.) drains, located supports in Support Modeler. Analyzed acid-cleaning models of HP Main Steam, IP Cold Reheat Steam, IP Hot Reheat Steam and LP Main Steam systems and completed Calculation Reports. Utilized Smart Plant Review and PDS to locate clashes.

Pipe Stress Engineer (Contract Position)

Kiewit Power Engineers

Lenexa, KS

Thorold Cogeneration Project, Thorold, Ontario, Canada

2/2009 to 3/2009

Analysis of small bore steam and condensate blow-down lines (up to 700 F), using AutoPipe+ XM, Vers. 9.0 to ASME B31.1. Determined boiler connection thermal expansions, located support points, and specified expansion loops.

Pipe Stress Engineer (Contract Position)

Fluor Corporation

Sugar Land, TX 77479

TOTAL Deep Conversion Project, Port Arthur, TX

12/2007 to 12/2008

Analysis of high temperature (up to 750 F) carbon and stainless steel refinery piping, nozzle-to-nozzle and pipe rack mounted, containing liquid and gaseous products (including Flare lines) using AutoPipe+ XM, Vers. 8.09 to ASME B31.3 Designed expansion loops by hand calculation and computer program. Located pipe anchors and guides and modified pipe supports. Determined thermal expansions of vessel nozzles. Calculated pressure safety valve reaction force and flange allowable bending moment.

Mechanical Engineer (Contract Position)

C.J. Schneider Corporation

Omaha, Nebraska

4/2007 to 12/2007

Steam and methanol piping analysis and pipe support selection for Ethanol (Penford Ethanol, Cedar Rapids, IA) and Bio-Diesel (Beatrice Bio-Diesel, Beatrice, NE) processing plants to ASME B31.3 with Algor PipePak Version 9.54. Determined Vessel nozzle axial and torsional stiffness, utilizing API-650. Determined anhydrous alcohol storage tank vent rate and vent sizing to API-2000 and tank spacing to NFPA 30 (Industrias Mexstarch) Calculated cooling load for Ethanol Processing Plant Motor Control Center, selected Air-conditioning system, Air-handling unit, sized transfer grill and ductwork.

Mechanical Engineer (Direct Hire)

Perot Systems Government Services

Dover, NH

10/2004 to 3/2007

Assigned to the Maintenance Instruction Documentation Group providing support to the U.S. Navy SUBMEPP (Submarine Maintenance, Engineering, Planning and Procurement) activity. Revised and wrote original Test Procedures, Preliminary Acceptance Tests and Maintenance Standards for the U.S. Navy’s nuclear submarine fleet. Had Confidential Clearance with Secret Eligibility from DOHA (Defense Office of Hearings and Appeals).

Mechanical Engineer (Contract Position)

Integrated Design Group

Boston, MA

7/2004 to 8/2004

Calculated heating and cooling loads for data center office using Carrier HAP program. Sized expansion tank for chilled water system. Sized and selected fuel oil pumps and piping for twin 2 Megawatt diesel generators for emergency power system.

Senior Mechanical Engineer (Direct Hire)

Di Giorgio Associates, Inc.

Boston, MA

8/2002 to 10/2003

Designed HVAC Systems for operating rooms, cardiac catheterization rooms, isolation rooms, exam rooms, CT-Scan Rooms, and X-Ray rooms for hospitals (St. Luke’s Hospital, New Bedford, MA and Emerson Hospital, Concord, MA), doctor’s offices, magnetic imaging centers (North Shore Magnetic, Peabody, MA), assisted living facilities and various health care centers.

Senior Mechanical Engineer (Contract Position)

Metcalf & Eddy, Inc.

Wakefield, MA

6/2002 to 7/2002

Calculated heating and cooling loads, sized AHUs, exhaust fans, unit heaters, duct heaters for office area, chemical storage area, blower room and process areas for Exxon Mobil and Fowler Water Reclaim Wastewater treatment plants in New Jersey and Georgia.

Senior Mechanical Engineer (Direct Hire)

Edwards and Kelcey, Inc.

Boston, MA

8/1999 to 1/2002

Designed HVAC systems for high-rise apartment buildings, fish processing plants (Legal Seafood), wastewater treatment plants (Project Engineer for EMC2 state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant in Hopkinton, MA), train maintenance and repair facilities (Highbridge Train Facility in New York) and university classrooms (Tufts University). Project Engineer for cooling CT-Scan machine room at Melrose/Wakefield Hospital. Determined duct and piping pressure loss (chilled water and Freon). Determined duct and piping pressure loss (chilled water and Freon).

Mechanical Engineer (Contract Position)

Building Tech Services

Gorham, ME

6/1999 to 7/1999

Determined ventilation requirements for paint room based on V.O.C. concentrations and static pressure losses in ducting from paint filters and to dust collectors for very large paint / blast room at Bath Iron Works.

Mechanical Engineer (Contract Position)

Jacob’s Civil, Inc.

Boston, Massachusetts

12/1998 to 3/1999

Calculated duct static pressure loss of exhaust, supply, smoke exhaust, and track air handling unit fans for Universidad and Rio Pietras underground rail stations in San Juan, Puerto Rico. Sized air conditioning units for staff rooms, elevator equipment rooms and train control and communication rooms. Determined piping pressure losses for condenser water, primary and secondary chilled water pumps.

Mechanical Engineer (Contract Position to Direct Hire)

Dumont Metal Fabrication

Monmouth, ME

4/1998 to 11/1998

Designed pressure vessels according to Section VIII of the ASME B&PV Code for Dumont Metal Fabrication (Monmouth, ME). Engineering calculations performed on tank heads (torospherical, elliptical and dished), reinforcing pads, saddles and nozzles as well as cylindrical shells and included internal and external pressure conditions.

Mechanical Project Engineer (Direct Hire)

DWC Associates, Inc.

Portsmouth, NH

11/1996 to 4/1998

Project Engineer on two diverse projects: The first of these was the design of the HVAC system for a three-story office building. This included the selection of condensing units, fan coils and sizing of propane piping, roof drains and building sewer line. The second project was to design a human tissue macerator and heat exchanger used to facilitate the extraction of collagen.

Mechanical Project Engineer (Contract Position)

Bachmann, Inc.

Auburn, ME

4/1995 to 11/1996

Designed diverter/dampers for gas turbine co-generation applications as well as expansion joints and flap, toggle and guillotine dampers using AutoCAD Version 12 and 13.

Mechanical Engineer (Contract Position)

The Hill-Loma Company

Gorham, ME

10/1994 to 4/1995

Designed a propane gas burner manifold for an aluminum casting machine and a flow control for a copper-casting machine.

Mechanical Engineer (Direct Hire)

Thermo-Neslab, Inc.

Newington, NH 03801

10/1992 to 10/1994

Designed skid-mounted laser cooling system for x-ray lithography project. Specified pumps, filters, heat exchangers and valves. Calculated NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) and system pressure drop. Performed heat transfer calculations for a military jet fuel chiller / heater used for aircraft refueling operations in desert and arctic conditions.

Mechanical Engineer (Independent Contractor)

Pinkham & Greer

Falmouth, ME


Designed 80-psig steam piping system to comply with ASME B31.1 for Jackson Laboratories in Bar Harbor, Maine, using Algor Pipe Plus. Sized heat exchangers and condensate piping. Recommended piping supports.

Chief Engineer (Direct Hire)

Kady International

Scarborough, ME

3/1986 to 9/1992

Designed high and low speed dispersion equipment for paper, pharmaceutical, food and cosmetic industries, including required structural supports. Selected bearings, seals, gearboxes, belts and peripheral equipment. Calculated shaft stresses and recommended shaft material and geometry. Determined heat transfer rate from agitated tank into cooling jacket. Selected Chiller to prevent excessive batch temperature rise in dispersion mill.

Mechanical Engineer (Contract Position)

Thermal Systems

Scarborough, ME

11/1985 to 1/1986

Selected and specified the boiler feedwater pump and desuperheater supply pump for a 1.5 MW wood fired steam generating system for Bates College in Lewiston, ME. Sized bellows-type expansion joints and recommended pipe supports in compliance with ASME B31.1 for the same steam generating system.

Mechanical Engineer (Direct Hire)

Applied Engineering, aka Ruel Taylor Engineers

Wiscasset, ME

11/1984 to 10/1985 and part time from

1987 to 1997

Project Manager for Coating Kitchen Process Flows, Flat Box Vacuum System Improvements, Implementation of a White Water Filter and Vacuum Pump Seal Water Reuse System at Boise Cascade, Rumford, ME. Wrote technical manuals for Hydrapulper System and Stock Preparation System at Boise Cascade. Wrote Lockout & Tagout Procedures for Otis Paper Mill (Jay, ME) equipment. Performed Heat loss study and remedial recommendations of “Bag Mill” building at Simpson Paper Mill in Gilman, Vermont. Established steam line routing, designed piping expansion joint, selected unit heaters, pipe supports, steam traps and air curtain. Analyzed 950 psig superheated steam-piping system for Champion Paper in Bucksport, ME and 40 psig saturated steam-piping system for Simpson Paper in Gilman, Vermont (ASME B31.1 Piping Code) using Algor Pipe Plus). Recommended piping supports and expansion loop geometry. Using the 9th Edition of AISC Manual of Steel Construction, floor loadings and column moments were determined.

Senior Mechanical Engineer (Direct Hire)

Combustion Engineering (now Westinghouse Electric Company)

Newington, NH

8/1977 to 9/1984

Design and testing of Nuclear Reactor Coolant Pumps (RCP) and Boiler Water Circulating Pumps (BWCP). Determined integrity of gasketed (spiral wound) nozzle connections during SSE (Safe Shutdown Earthquake) conditions. Calculated the required linear deflection (stretch) of main closure studs (125 mm diameter) to provide required pre-load to satisfy Normal and SSE conditions. Performed a stress analysis of 2”-8 UN bolts fastening the motor to the upper motor support flange. Calculated the RCP impeller moment of inertia, High Pressure Cooler and Seal Cooler heat transfer rates. Performed a seismic stress analysis of terminal box brackets to insure integrity during SSE conditions in compliance with Section III of the ASME Code. Performed design calculations to determine pre-load torque and minimum required thread engagement for RCP threaded fasteners, including those requiring compliance with ASME B&PV Code, Section III, Class I, Subsections NA & NB as well as those fasteners utilized for gasketed, high-pressure (17 MPa) nozzle connections. Determined the stresses in a threaded “plug” used for the repair of the seal housing per NRC requirements. Ran numerous 50-hour performance tests and a 500-hour endurance test on RCP, wrote detailed reports and evaluated contract compliance.

Mechanical Engineer (Direct Hire)

Young Radiator Company

Racine, WI

1/1975 to 8/1977

Designed skid-mounted laser cooling system for x-ray lithography project. Specified pumps, filters, heat exchangers and valves. Calculated NPSH (Net Positive Suction Head) and system pressure drop. Performed heat transfer calculations for a military jet fuel chiller / heater used for aircraft refueling operations in desert and arctic conditions. Ran wind tunnel heat transfer tests of radiators, aftercoolers, tube bundles and fan-driven oil coolers. Calculated heat transfer rate for condensing acetone in a unit heater.

Mechanical Engineer (Direct Hire)

Commonwealth Edison Company

Waukegan, IL

12/1971 to 1/1975

Testing of coal mills, control-air dryers, boiler feed pumps, precipitators and turbines (gas and steam). Calculated head loss in 1300-foot demineralizer saran-lined back flush pipe to slag field. Calculated the Departure from Nucleate Boiling Ratio (DNBR) for fuel rods at Zion Nuclear Plant using the Westinghouse Correlation. Participated in performance testing at Quad Cities Nuclear Plant in Cordova, IL. Wrote pre-operational test procedure for Zion Nuclear Plant.

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