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Management Risk

Washington, United States
May 22, 2016

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Calgary, AB, Canada +1-587-***-**** ANDREW BENT


Enterprise Risk Management Leadership / Highly-skilled Risk Management Facilitator and Business Partner / Strategic Risk Practitioner / Risk Analysis, Measurement and Monitoring Expert Career summary:

I am a high-performing enterprise risk leader with over ten years’ experience of delivering exceptional management results. As an enterprise risk manager, I have delivered practical, timely and accessible risk advice to decision-makers from the frontline to the boardroom. This advice is backed up by strong strategic, enterprise and operational risk management experience gained in large organizations, including a large multi-national. I have designed, implemented and sustained standards-based risk management frameworks in multiple organizations, including within highly-regulated industries. I am recognized within my profession as a thought leader in the field of strategic risk management, particularly with respect to the role of root cause analysis as it supports strategic decision making. As a people leader I am able to bring together cross-functional teams with different skills, training, cultures, approaches and interests to analyze risk situations, develop plans and execute them efficiently and effectively. As a strong, experienced leader, I strive to develop professional teams that can operate effectively under tight deadlines and with competing demands. I have extensive experience in managing staff both directly and indirectly, including staff employed in remote locations, and through project-based work.

Using effective relationship building, collaboration and communication skills, I can bring an unprecedented level of diligence, insight, accountability and engagement to the management of complex risk issues. Working with key internal and external stakeholders, I am able to help organizations uncover their risks, exploit opportunities and develop effective management solutions that can help an organization to achieve their goals and objectives. Key Skills and Experience:

Extensive enterprise and strategic risk management experience, including in the design, implementation and continuous improvement of risk frameworks for large, complex organizations.

An experienced leader with the ability to initiate, manage and develop effective teams to complete multi-disciplinary, multi-stakeholder driven projects.

Strong strategic relationship building skills that are used to influence key decision makers at all levels of the organization.

Extensive practical and theoretical knowledge and experience with the ISO-31000 and COSO risk management standards.

Strong analytical thinking, decision making and problem solving skills at the strategic, operational and tactical levels.

Extensive planning, design, implementation, measurement and monitoring skills that are used to support effective decision making.

Excellent written and oral communication skills, allowing for effective communication with stakeholders across a range of roles and levels.

Well-developed conflict negotiation and resolution skills.

Well-developed project management skills, including negotiation of terms, identification of resources and delivery of project deliverables.

Experience working within management systems, including as an auditor of these systems.

Extensive experience working in high-pressure, high scrutiny regulatory positions. AndrewBent


Calgary, AB, Canada +1-587-***-**** PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE


Manager, Enterprise Risk Management

Accountable for leading the organization’s risk management program, including enterprise and technical risk management functions. Directly led four risk management teammembers, and multiple indirect teammembers through project-based work. Supported the Risk Management Committee of the Board of Directors. Worked closely with the Internal Audit function to align risk and audit work priorities, as well as to manage and respond to external audit findings. Prepared and delivered briefings and related materials to the Executive Leadership Team on current and emerging risks. Developed key risk indicators (KRI) and key performance indicators (KPI) for the organization’s risk management program, and worked with business areas to establish their own risk monitoring indicators. Provided detailed technical risk management advice to operational leaders across the organization. Developed and delivered training for ERM teammembers that significantly enhanced their skills and knowledge of risk management best-practice.

Selected Achievements

Established and led a multi-functional risk management group that fundamentally overhauled and re-designed the Regulator’s approach to risk management across its full range of activities.

In first 100 days in the role, I was able to:

- Deliver the first-ever principal (material) risk reporting to the Risk Management Committee of the Board.

- Create the core governance documents required to drive consistent risk management practice across the organization, including a new risk management policy and standard.

- Identify and work with stakeholders to correct key deficiencies in the management of the organization’s insurance program, and in doing so identify opportunities for cost savings.

Reshaped the way risk support was provided to enterprise project management processes, moving these to an evidence-based, risk-informed process that provided executive leaders with meaningful insights into key risks.

Supported the establishment of the organization’s first comprehensive operational excellence management system, and led the development of the risk management elements of that system. SUNCOR ENERGY INC. (2013 – 2015)

Senior Risk Advisor, Environment, Health and Safety Provider of Operational and Enterprise Risk Management Expertise, Advice and Guidance to Senior Leadership. Designed, implemented and sustained a formal risk management governance program for the Environment, Health and Safety (EH&S) function across the company’s global operations. Provided detailed technical and practical risk management advice to EH&S and operational leaders across the world on an ongoing and project-based basis. Co-led the development of Suncor’s risk management governance program and associated competency development material. Key contributor to the organization’s enterprise risk management program.

Selected Achievements

Provided expert advice on, and co-led the development and implementation of a new risk management policy, standard, and risk matrix for an organization of 12,000 FTE in six countries.

Established and led the first formal risk assessment program for the global EH&S function.

Conducted dozens of time-sensitive risk reviews of incidents (including five fatalities) to determine the appropriate level of response and investigation, with these reviews also used to identify areas of focus during subsequent root cause analysis studies.

Provided direct support to business units and functions to transition them from non-aligned processes and systems to methods and tools supported by the organization’s management system.

Led the process to totally realign the organization’s hazard risk identification, assessment and control processes.

Acted as an on-site management system auditor, including being deployed to global locations to conduct scheduled and ad-hoc audit activities.



Calgary, AB, Canada +1-587-***-**** ABD RISK MANAGEMENT SERVICES (2011 - Current)

Sole Proprietor / Risk Management Consultant

Provider of High-Quality Strategic and Enterprise Risk Management Advice to public and private sector clients. Established a risk management consulting company to address an identified market gap for Law Enforcement / Public Security sector enterprise and strategic risk management advisory services. Provided contracted risk assessment and reporting services to clients across Canada, including both governmental and non-governmental agencies. Developed and delivered enterprise and strategic risk management training for international clients.

Selected Achievements

Developed a risk assessment and management plan that allowed a Law Enforcement client to complete a previously- stalled $3 million capital project in Northern Canada.

Provided a detailed communication plan for a client that allowed them to effectively raise contentious issues with a key stakeholder while simultaneously increasing the effectiveness of their relationship.

Provided expert advice on community-based risk assessment and resilience to a non-governmental research client.

Conducted detailed loss analysis for a co-operative insurance program, which was then delivered to the members in four workshop sessions with specific, actionable advice on how to reduce their risk exposure and costs.

Developed a strategic risk management training course for an international risk management society. EDUCATION

Master of Strategic Studies (Merit): Strategic Studies (2009) – Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand)

Bachelor of Technology (Hons.): Chemical Technology (2002) – Massey University (New Zealand)

Diploma: Intelligence Analysis (2007)

Certificate: Business (First Line Management) (2009)

Certificate: Border Management (2007)

Certificate: Intelligence Analysis (2006)


Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) – The Association of Certified Fraud Examiners

Certification in Control Self-Assessment (CCSA) – The Institute of Internal Auditors

Certification in Risk Management Assurance (CRMA) – The Institute of Internal Auditors

Associate in Risk Management (ARM) – American Institute For Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters (AICPCU - The Institutes)

Associate in Risk Management for Public Entities (ARM-P) – AICPCU - The Institutes

Associate in Risk Management – Enterprise-Wide Risk Management (ARM-E) – AICPCU - The Institutes PROFESSIONAL AWARDS

Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS) Rising Risk Professional Award (2015) PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS

Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS)

o Northern Alberta Chapter, RIMS (2010 – 2013)

o Southern Alberta Chapter, RIMS (2013-Current)

o Strategic Risk Management Development Council (2011-Current)

Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE)





Manager, Integrated Risk Management Branch (2010 – 2013) Promoted to redevelop, realign and lead the delivery of the enterprise risk management practice, strategy and activities for the fifth largest municipal Police Service in Canada. Working with business leaders from across the operational, corporate and strategic groups, was accountable for leading the development and delivery of the organization’s first standards-based corporate risk profile. As a part of the organization’s strategic management team, led the integration of risk information into program review and budgeting processes. This allowed the organization to quantitatively demonstrate the value of its programming to City Council during budget presentations. Provided expert risk management advice to decision makers at all levels of the organization in both planned and crisis-management situations. Designed and implemented risk management monitoring and communication regimes that better supported effective organizational performance. Collaborated closely with the organization’s Internal Auditor, Security Management and Health and Safety areas to develop effective and efficient risk and compliance regimes and policies. Provided expert risk management advice to the Edmonton Police Commission (the police governance board) on its governance structures, activities and the processes. Provided expert advice to the City of Edmonton on the processes, structures and roles required to successfully establish an ERM program across all City departments. Selected Achievements

Developed and implemented an enterprise risk assessment, management and reporting process for the organization’s executive management committee.

Developed an enterprise risk management framework for the organization based on international (ISO 31000) standards and national best practice (Treasure Board of Canada Secretariat - TBCS - guidance).

Developed and implemented an annual corporate risk profile process based on TBCS standards for public entities that supported and informed the development of strategic initiatives, and allowed significant organizational risks to be addressed and managed. This was the first time that this level of risk reporting has been produced by any Canadian police agency.

Developed and delivered risk management training based on the ISO 31000 standard for all senior leaders within the organization. Introduced organization-wide risk training for all frontline members.

Was invited to join the RIMS Strategic Risk Management Development Council to provide technical guidance on how existing risk controls can be integrated into a Strategic Risk Management (SRM) framework. Strategic Analyst, Strategic Business Planning Section (2009-2010) Integrated Risk Management Analysis into Strategic Evaluation and Planning Processes. Recruited to conduct strategic program evaluations, and provide in-depth research and strategy-development support to executive decision makers. Responsible for developing, implementing and managing a portfolio of research projects across a broad range of organizational issues. Introduced risk analysis and assessment practices into the evaluative process, linking these risks to the operational and strategic issues manifested in the areas under examination. Provided support to the Executive Director of the Office of Strategy Management in the development and delivery of risk management products to the Edmonton Police Commission and the senior executive of the organization. Routinely called upon to manage high-risk / high-profile issues on behalf of the EPS, including providing briefings to the Chief of Police and members of the Police Commission. Selected Achievements

Introduced new project management techniques to improve the level of governance and control over evaluation and research projects, including the negotiation of formal terms of reference agreements for all projects.

Managed the delivery of 100% of all risk-based evaluations completed for organizational areas and complex issues.

Developed a reputation for being able to provide high-quality, well researched support and advice to senior leaders in very short time frames to assist them to manage high-risk situations. AndrewBent


Calgary, AB, Canada +1-587-***-**** NEW ZEALAND CUSTOMS SERVICE (2004 – 2009)

Chief Customs Officer (2004 – 2009)

Strategic and Operational Risk Leader. Led, managed and developed three high-performing teams within the Intelligence and Investigations areas of the NZ Customs Service. Led operational teams of between 5-16 staff split over multiple locations. Coordinated the delivery of quality risk assessments to the organization modelled on the AS/NZS-4360 risk management standard. Contributed to the development of national enforcement and trade strategies, including providing strategic and operational risk-assessment support to international trade negotiations. Managed complex, high-profile multi-national, multi- agency investigations.

Selected Achievements

Implemented new risk-based processes to support trade assurance practices, bringing the organization’s approach into line with national governance standards.

Developed a risk-based assessment tool for internal client groups designed to improve pre-deployment officer safety and task planning.

Coordinated and led the staff planning and on-site response to major multi-agency exercises and events, including providing briefings to the Chief Executives of national enforcement and security agencies

Redesigned and delivered internal risk assessment and strategic thinking training for senior analysts, including introducing business tools into the assessment process as a means of strengthening the link between operational and organizational risk management practices.

Intelligence Analyst (2004)

Individual Contributor to National Intelligence and Risk Assessments. Developed and delivered technical risk-based intelligence assessments to internal and external client groups. Managed and led two national projects, requiring extensive collaboration, coordination and oversight between agencies and groups. Managed the initial response to national-security incidents at the border as an on-call duty officer, requiring rapid risk assessment, management and judgment skills. Selected Achievements

Conducted over 100 risk assessments based on the AS/NZS-4360 risk management standard in a single year.

Managed two major national enforcement projects, requiring multi-agency and internal coordination of resources.

Employed a risk-based system to manage the information developed during the projects, ensuring that future risks could be identified and effectively mitigated.

ENVIRONMENTAL RISK MANAGEMENT AUTHORITY (2003 – 2004) Hazardous Substances Advisor (2003 – 2004)

Had responsibility for managing elements of the risk classification process for hazardous substances during the implementation of the Hazardous Substances and New Organisms Act. Involved regular consultation with stakeholders to ensure that the risk assessment was accurate for each substance, and that appropriate risk controls were implemented to manage their risk. Selected Achievements

Exercised significant responsibility for the classification of hazardous substances within a risk framework that balanced environmental protection and user requirements.

Developed new strategies for information management that utilized existing IT solutions, resulting in streamlined work processing and accounting.



Calgary, AB, Canada +1-587-***-**** NEW ZEALAND DEFENCE FORCE (1998 – 2009)

New Zealand Army Officer Cadet / Non-Commissioned Officer People leader, trainer and analyst. Led, developed and managed a number of small to medium-sized (8-30 people) teams across a range of technical, training and specialist roles. Developed significant leadership and management experience leading a diverse range of staff both in New Zealand and in deployed operational environments. Selected Achievements

Received regular praise for standard and quality of risk and intelligence briefings provided to senior NZ and NATO leaders while deployed on operations.

Developed new information management systems to better support decision making by leaders in multiple theatres of operations.

Managed the risks associated with training new recruits in the use of specialist equipment and weapon systems. VOLUNTEER EXPERIENCE

Volunteer Board Member Experience:

Chair, Strategic Risk Management Development Council. Led the members of the council, served as subject matter expert lead, managed ongoing work reporting for oversight board.

Board President – Southern Alberta RIMS Chapter. Led the realignment of the chapter’s board of directors, introduced efficient governance practices, and increased organizational fundraising returns.

Board Secretary – Northern Alberta RIMS Chapter. Managed meeting records, supported delivery of educational programming, event logistics (approximately 10 hours / month).

Board Webmaster – Southern Alberta RIMS Chapter. Updated and managed the chapter’s website, posted events, jobs and other materials (approximately 5 hours / month) SELECTED PROFESSIONAL TRAINING

Operations Integrity Auditing (2014)

Accelerating Enterprise Risk Management Theory into Practice (2012)

Enterprise-Wide Risk Management: Developing and Implementing (2011)

Integrating Enterprise Risk Management and Strategic Planning (2011)

Criminal Investigative Analysis (2010)

ISO 31000 Risk Management Standard Training (2010)

Value Management Training (2010)

Interviewing, Statement Analysis & Interrogation Techniques Training (2009)

Council Report Writing (2009)

Workplace Assessors course for National Certificate/Diploma students (2007)

Joint Service Basic Security Course (2007)


Available upon request.




Fox, C., Bent, A. et al; RIMS Strategic Risk Management Implementation Guide (2012) RIMS: New York. 68 pages

Bent, A. Using Root Cause Techniques and Tools as a Predictive Tool. RIMS Enterprise Risk Management Conference, San Antonio, TX (30 October 2012).

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Bent, A. The Role of Root Cause Analysis in Public Safety ERM Programs in Fraser, J.R.S., Simkins, B.J., Narvaez, K. (eds) Implementing Enterprise Risk Management Case Studies and Best Practices (2014) Wiley:New York. pp 397-425

Bent, A., Fox, C., Merrifield, M. Managing Reputational Risk to Drive Strategic Performance (2014) RIMS: New York

(Executive Report)

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