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Engineer Software

Chula Vista, CA
$90,000 to $100,000
April 30, 2016

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**** **** ***, *** *****, CA 92154

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C/C++, Real-Time Embedded Systems/UNIX, VxWorks, SolarisRT/

Network Programming, UIMX GUI Builder, mySQL, Java

Active Secret Clearance


Software engineering with 14 years experience in real-time embedded systems and UNIX programming. In addition, experienced in system testing complex computer system. Track record shows skills in high level design, effective programming, systems integration testing, and team leadership. Strong oral and written communication abilities.

WILLCOR, Inc., College Park, MD March, 2011 to June, 2011

SENIOR ENGINEER, a team member of Manufacturing CPT

• Performed technical analyses and assessments on the JTRS-GMR Test Incident Report (TIR) documents and JTRS-SA Production Acceptance Test Procedures (ATP) including Built-In-Test (BIT) procedures.

DRS Technologies, San Diego, CA 1998 to 2011

SOFTWARE ENGINEER, Common Scenario Control Environment (CSCE) Project

A team member of Software Engineers in developing real-time embedded software for in-the-loop testing of the Ship Self Defense System (SSDS) programs which includes interfaces to radar systems, navigation systems, electronic warfare system, and weapon systems.

SYSTEMS TEST ENGINEER, Battle Force Tactical Training (BFTT) Project 1995 to 1997

Developed System Operation Verification Test procedures; conducted overall BFTT system testing and submitted test evaluations and trouble reports; testing involves search/fire control radars, navigation systems, and electronic warfare equipment.

U.S. Navy, San Diego, CA

DATA SYSTEMS TECHNICIAN CHIEF, U.S. NAVY Retired, (U.S.S Constellation /ATGPAC) 1974 to 1994

Performed interface connections of electronic hardware between the Mobile Combat Systems Trainer and ship’s search/fire control radars, navigation system, electronic warfare and weapon systems for ship’s personnel training; Aboard the aircraft carrier, supervised 25 junior computer technicians in troubleshooting, repairing, and maintaining computer systems and peripheral equipment.


• Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, National University, San Diego, CA

• Associate in Science, Engineering, Long Beach City College, Long Beach, CA

• U.S. Navy Certificate(s) – Data Systems Technician A & C, and Basic Electricity & Electronics


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• Designed, coded, tested and implemented many Human Machine Interface (HMI) display modules and VME real-time embedded software modules. Troubleshot many system problems then designed, coded, and implemented fixes for inclusion in software updates.

• Developed scenario programs for many modules which record events for future replays during CSCE and SSDS system testing.

• Designed, coded and tested real-time embedded software interface for the Doppler Sonar Velocity Log (DSVL) between the CSCE system and NAVSSI using TCP/IP connection in a client/server relationship.

• Developed database software cross referencing three taxonomies (Distributed Interactive Simulation, Link-16, and Link-11) using MySql SQL commands in support to CSCE MLST3 interface.

• In a PC-based parser of captured packets by Etherpeek, developed software tool translating packets to readable text which involves conversion of data types from big-endian to little-endian

• Proficient system software and hardware troubleshooter

• Troubleshot computer machine instruction by phase stepping through it and verifying register/s data; troubleshot software by stepping through each instruction using Data Display Debugger (DDD); knowledgeable of executing VxWorks commands at the command line.

• Troubleshot many complex system software problems including TCP/IP socket connection, database, race conditions, timing error, logic error, and basic setup sequence.

• Proficient use of system schematic diagrams of logic circuits and electronic test tools such as oscilloscope

• Knowledgeable of computer hardware and electronic devices

• Logic circuits: Logic gates, Flip flops, Timing chain, Oscillator, Registers, Adders

• Photo sensors, reluctance/inductance pick up sensor, stepper motors, tachometer

• Gray Code counter, Pneumatic pressure switches, electrical relays

• Voltage power supply operation

• Knowledgeable of CCNA technical information such as networking devices and its functions

• Routers, bridges, hubs, switches, and gateways, networking topologies

• OSI layers, IP class, Subnets, LAN/WAN, VLAN

• Knowledgeable of several protocols; e.g. TCP/IP, MAC

• Knowledgeable of several line coding signals, e.g. Manchester (BMC), Bipolar (AMI), NRZI

• Self-studied Java, XML, SOA, SOAP and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

• Documentation experiences are as follows:

• Written sections of the CSCE Software Specification Requirement (SRS) and System User Manual (SUM) documents under the guidelines of MIL-STD-2167A Data Item Description.

• Developed System Operation Verification Test procedures and Product Acceptance Test procedures for the BFTT System. Developed technical procedures and drawings for the Interactive Electronic Technical Manual (IETM)

• Documented and submitted trouble reports.

• Utilized Razor software as Software Configuration Management (SCM) tool.

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