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Oracle DBA

Leesburg, VA
April 29, 2016

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Dimple Patel

*** ******* ** **, ********, VA ****6

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PH : 703-***-****

Status: US Citizen

Security Clearance: Top Secret

Summary: Fourteen years of experience as IT Professional as Database Administrator experience in Production, Testing and Development environments. Database Administration tasks have included the allocation allocation of system storage, monitoring and tuning database performance, backup and recovery using RMAN, creating and debugging of PL/SQL scripts and UNIX system administration on High availability systems with streams, Data guard, RAC, net mirror using Times ten. Along with technical expertise in a variety of hardware and software environments also possess keen analytical and problem-solving skills. Recently migrated Oracle 11.2.04/ & implemented a backup and recovery strategy using RMAN integrated with Netapps/Veritas. Excellent written, verbal communication skills, strong organizational skills, strong technical background, self -starter who has demonstrated ability to acquire and apply knowledge rapidly & to work with minimal supervision.


Products/Languages: Designer/2000 Developer/2000 SQL*Loader SQL*Net SQL Relational Database HTML Visual Basic FoxPro Oracle DBA 7.x/8i/9i/10g/11g JavaScript Import/Export Erwin RMAN Web Logic E-Commerce SQL*Forms UNIX OEM PL/SQL Veritas Netapps Streams, Times ten, OEM


Washington Headquarter Services Alexandria, VA Oracle DBA 09/2015 to present Manage, maintain and support the DAIS application for the WHS. Working on re-engineering and re-analysis of the system. Understanding the current architecture of the system to support it during the phase of re-engineering process. Migrate the DAIS system from Windows 2008 to different Windows 2008 server for non-production environments and migrate the DAIS system from Windows 2008 to Linux system from 11gR2 to 12c on production. Re-configure the STIG requirements for the Oracle database.

Department of State Washington DC System Support Lead 05/2015 to 09/2015 Management and coordination of IPMS System Support related activities for a team of 18 to 20 team members. Interface with Branch Chief. Recommend resource level requirements based on workload. Maintain uptime and visibility of all continuous builds and environments. Lead planning and coordination for software and Infrastructure releases. Triage requests and reported issues. Maintain uptime and visibility of all continuous builds and environments. Lead planning and coordination for releases. Plan and manage O&M projects. Fill in as Technical resource as needed. Answer technical questions from team members and developers. Review impacts of new applications on current environment. Review and provide input/feedback on policies. Coordinate and communicate policy changes with team members. Review internal OAB documentation for completeness. Applications related to BAAN ERP, PeopleSoft with Oracle databases on Windows and Linux platform.

The Navy Yards Washington DC Oracle DBA 02/2015 to 05/2015 Migrate access 2007/2010 databases to Oracle 11gR2 databases. Perform the install, upgrade, security patches, security ensure STIG(Security Technical Implementation Guide) run STIG on Oracle environment to comply with the DoD requirements. Patch management, download and research patch requirement, update execute and obey audit. Oracle Fusion midware installation and configuration using oracle forms, reports. Learning the configuration and implementation of single sign-on using the Oracle Identity Access Manager.

FedCentric Inc, Fairfax,VA HDC Data Management Analyst/Oracle DBA 01/2014 to 01/2015 Engineering, implementation and support for high availability solutions using Oracle Data Guard, Real Application Clusters (RAC) and specific network storage and clustering solutions. Expertise working with in-memory databases as Oracle Times tens, Memsql, No SQL database – sqqrl on Accumulo in a high density computing server and storage environment. Lead engineering effort architecting, planning, designing, developing, deploying including installing clusterware, ASM (and shared disks), builds of new clusters to use Oracle 11g RAC on SuSE Linux and creating new databases. Troubleshooting Oracle Clusterware using cluvfy and handling common issues that arise during integration of the whole – bugs, network issues, configuration files issues, OCR issue, deinstallation & cleanup of the clusterware. Translated business requirements into logical and physical architecture designs, responsible for end-to-end architecture management. Managed the design, development & implementation of data warehousing solutions for a high volume transactions environment in support of information extracted from multiple application sources.

Verizon Business Ashburn, VA Oracle DBA 01/2012 to 06/2013 Administered Oracle configured complex Online Guardian system with the combination integration of UUNET, MCI and Verizon integrated system. Accomplished growth of data from 70000 records to 1.2 million records a day as well as migration from to Replicated reports database using Oracle streams from Verizon primary database as well as UUNet database to Verizon primary database and Apogee database to Verizon primary database. Monitored about 150 databases using the Oracle OEM monitoring. Administered the existing software deployments and managed performance analysis of all production environment using the AWR Reports, Tkprof, Explain plan. Performance tuning of SQL and PL/SQL. Worked with database development team to resolve the bugs reported by customer as well as IT team using the bugzilla system. Backup using the Netapps snaps for oracle complex databases, administered archivelogs using the RMAN utility. Replication of oracle databases using Data Guard, streams, Netapps mirror as well as Netapps clone. Upgraded all oracle 10x databases to as well as applying the Critical CPU quarterly patch installation. Provided Oracle administration on several federal databases including TSA & GSA databases which used Arcsight databases for their primary databases. Installed the OEM grid control 12c for the monitoring of 170 plus databases. Environment: Oracle 10g,/11g, RMAN, Remedy, Apogee, Oracle Grid, OEM, Oracle Streams, Netapps, Arcsight, Perl, SQL, PL/SQL Operating System: Linux 64-bit

Department of State Rosslyn, VA Oracle DBA 03/2011 to 08/2011 Building and configuring the server to create the database with ASM as well as Grid configuration. Accomplishment of migrating test system from Windows server to Linux systems. Assisted database administration for a world-wide distributed system of more than 200 oracle applications databases design and implementation of data recovery centers, capacity planning, standby databases and database failover, monitoring and tuning using OEM Grid Control. Supported installation and tuning of Oracle RDBMS 10g, providing system health check, RMAN backup configuration, Standby database, replication of database using transportable tablespace using space management of oracle ASM Environment: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g,/11g, RMAN, Remedy, Oracle Grid, OEM Operating System: Windows 2000/2003

CSC (Department Of Defense) Chantilly,VA Oracle DBA 08/07 to 02/2011 Installation of Oracle on UNIX/Linux and Windows. Accomplishment of adding a new ADIMSS site to the DoD as well as Upgrade of Databases from 9.2.0.x to 10.4.0.x. Upgrade of Databases from to Designing the security and database access strategies. Database Performance Tuning using SqlTrace, TKPROF, Explain plan, Statspack, AWR, ADDM. Experienced in using 10g features Data pump, Flash-Back Recovery, Grid monitoring, Recycle bin. Expertise in loading data from flat files using external tables, SQL*LOADER. Partitioning strategies for very large tables. Involved in the process of tuning and refining queries of various applications. Diagnose and troubleshoot database problems/failures. Implementing range, list partitions, hash sub partitions. Creating and refreshing materialized views. Test and implement critical patch management on the core systems, backup system as well as disaster system. Follow and implement the STIG security and compliance requirements. Environment: Oracle 9i, Oracle 10g,/11g Clear Case, Java, TOAD, Designer 9i, RMAN Operating System: Unix Solaris, Windows 7/NT

USPS & US ARMY(SERCO) Merrifield,VA Oracle DBA 01/05 to 07/07 Accomplishment of moving MERLIN system to Merrifield engineering location. Manage projects, define business requirements, develop and deploy business applications and solved business application problems, acting as bridge between end-users, application developers and technical staff as well as outside vendors. Logical & Physical design and modeling for the database schema are as well as implementing. Managed disk space reviewing extents, growth of tablespace and fragmentation. Reviewed alert logs daily provide good performance test, development & production databases. Responsibilities and Duties include the following: Responsible for migrate databases as well as the application at the same time also was responsible for the implementation of them. Support to maintain production application databases, monitor and optimize the performance of the database. Performance of queries using Explain Plan & TKProf. Veritas clustering & EMC San configuration and troubleshoot. Backing up (Hot and Cold backups & logical backups) and recovering database. Develop Veritas backup policy development, test & production application databases and system backup. Gathered statistics and wrote UNIX scripts to compress, backup and maintain the remote databases. Responsibilities included performance & tuning, database design, data modeling, database installation, technical support and investigation of new technologies, maintain archived data on tape. Worked with ACAP for army on the standby databases. Implemented Standby Database using Oracle DATA GUARD. Experienced in maintaining high availability of databases for global operation using Oracle Data Guard/Standby databases Tuning heavy data loads. Environment: Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Net, Netbackup, Veritas Clustering, EMC San, ODBC, JDBC, PL /SQL, Oracle DBA 9i/8i, Import/Export, Unix, RMAN, Oracle Enterprise Manager. Operating System: Windows 2000, Unix Solaris, Unix AUX, UNIX HP

The College Board Reston,VA Oracle DBA 09/04 to 01/05 Configure and administrate of Oracle databases and database software, including installation of software, Schema designing, database modeling, database monitoring, capacity planning and troubleshooting. Automation of Startup Shutdown on all Production and Development Database. Health Check of Databases, Cold Backups. Recovery of Database (Recovering from Media Failure, Recover tables dropped accidentally, Recovering data files, Recovering from Block Corruption). Environment: Oracle 9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, SQL*Net, ClearCase, ODBC, JDBC PL /SQL, Oracle DBA 9i/8i, Import/Export, Linux, RMAN. Operating System: Windows 2000, Linux,Unix Solaris, Unix AUX, Unix HP

Venturi Consulting Syrmna,GA Database Administrator 05/00 to 11/03 Accomplishment of designed\developed and growth of VLDB 3 terabyte to 20 terabyte at Concert (a telecommunication provider company joint vendor of AT&T and BT). Provided architectural services in support of business pursuit activities, data warehouse project planning, design through implementation & support. Responsible for initial software installations, installing software upgrades, resolving database errors and failures, manage system access, monitor system activities and resource utilization and generating database object. Backup and recover database. Monitor database using OEM and scripts. Environment: Oracle 8i/9i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Clarify, SQL*Loader, ODBC, Designer 2000, Test Director,

Win/load runner, Web logic, RMAN, Erwin, Data warehouse, PL/SQL, JDBC.

Operating System: Windows NT, Windows 95/98, UNIX Sun Solaris, HP UNIX, Digital Unix. Farifax,VA Database Administrator/Architect 05/99 to 04/00 Database Architect/Database Administration (DBA) for the design and development in Internet based company the website. Accomplishment of launching the website. Helped team of 5 software developers in the development of distributed database application, comprising HTML screens created using Cold Fusion Environment: Oracle8i, PL/SQL, SQL*Plus, Cold Fusion, SQL*Loader, Designer 2000, Discover 2000, Erwin, PL/SQL, ODBC, JDBC. Operating System: Windows NT, Windows 95/98, UNIX Sun Solaris.


Sardar Patel University Bachelors in Physics

Learning Tree Oracle 8i Backup & Recovery

Silicon Valley Oracle 9i Database Administration

Veritas Configure Backup and Recovery

CompTIA Security+

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