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Customer Service Technician

Chino Hills, CA
April 27, 2016

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Joanne S. Kim

**** ********* **.

Chino Hills, CA 91709


April 27, 2016

Scientist I

To whom it may concern,

My name is Joanne Kim and I am a soon to be graduate with a biology degree from Chapman University, Schmid College of Science and Technology. I saw an advertisement online for your conjugation scientist position. I would like for you to consider me for this opportunity.

I have experience working in the QC department at a successful microbiology laboratory called Food Microbiological Laboratories Inc. This helped me gain knowledge of general laboratory operations, ability to implement SOPs, and capability to maintain consistent quality. In addition to my previous experience, I am well versed in biochemistry, and molecular genetics. My dedication towards research and excellent problem-solving skills make me a great candidate for this position. With my education and work experience combined, I have a good understanding of conjugation, transformation, and transduction processes.

In addition to this letter, I have attached my resume and academic C.V. for your consideration. I welcome the opportunity to discuss my qualifications with you in person. I can be reached by phone or email with the information provided above. Thank you for your time and consideration.


Joanne Kim

Joanne S. Kim

Cell: 909-***-****

2317 Madrugada Dr.

Chino Hills, CA

Objective Dedicated scientist with motivation to perform accurate laboratory procedures, to implement SOPs, and contribute to your company’s success.


Excellent verbal and written communication


Capable of performing accurate laboratory


Fluent in Korean, English and Mandarin Highly experienced with aseptic techniques Familiar with ISO regulation Creative problem solver Neat and detail-oriented MS Windows, Python, R, LIMS proficient Work Experience

Food Microbiological



Microbiology Laboratory

Position held: Laboratory Technician

Experience in quality control and R&D departments, duties included: periodic microorganism inventory, managing media quality, daily control organism set-up, harvesting various organisms for research studies, autoclave maintenance and weekly microorganism facility swab-testing. Performed troubleshooting, maintenance and calibration of

instrumentation and equipment. Gained familiarity with document control process, management reviews and internal and external audits, implementation of SOP changes and maintenance of document tracking.

Chapman University


Stage Operations

Position held: Stage Technician

Maintained lighting and sound equipment. Managed back- stage safety and performance set-ups.

QTD International


Tutoring Institution

Position held: Instructor

Provided mathematical education for children grades 6-8. Taught ASVAB (military entrance exam) preparation course. Created lesson plans and syllabi for various classes. Experienced with teaching students in group setting. Pearl Dental


Dental Office

Position held: Receptionist

Provided customer service in terms of answering multi-line phone, operating easy-dental program, setting appointments, filing documents, and building strong cliental relationships. Oh Kim’s Dental Office


Dental Office

Position held: Assistant Technician

Provided customer service in terms of autoclaving dental equipment and tools, conducting X-ray and CT scan machines, and setting and cleaning up of surgery room.

Hayaci Sushi



Position held: Server

Provided customer service in terms of cleaning, serving food, answering phone, accepting orders, greeting customers, and using the register.

Education Chapman University, Orange, CA. 2016

References Valarie Chavez

QC supervisor at Food Microbiological Labs

Julie Larson

Research Technician at Chapman University

Jennifer Funk

Professor of Biology at Chapman University

Atanas Radenski

Professor of Computer Science at Chapman U.

Joanne S. Kim

Permanent Address: 2317 Madrugada Dr. Chino Hills,CA 91709 Tel. 909-***-**** Email: / Education: Chapman University 2012-2016 Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minor in Sociology GPA: 3.4

Relevant Courses

Microbiology Molecular Genetics Organic Chemistry I & II Human Physiology Data Analysis & Presentation General Chemistry Genetics Bioinformatics Physics

Biochemistry Evolutionary Biology Python

Ecology Plant Biology Calculus I & II

Research Experience and Skills

Biochemistry Skills • Knowledge of protein determination via Bradford and Lowry Assays, Amino Acid titration, Buffer synthesis, Ion-Exchange chromatography, stack-gel synthesis, and protein purification. Basic understanding of ELISA, Western blot, enzymatic activity detection, adsorption and affinity chromatography, and isoelectric focusing. Bioinformatics and Molecular Genetics

Analysis of the effects of

various Kras-gene

mutations of Noonan

Syndrome on 3D

protein structures

• Developed a program using Python that inserted mutations of the Noonan Syndrome to Kras isoform B protein sequence at different loci and characterized the effects of mutations on protein structures in comparison with the clinical symptoms.

• Skills and Techniques:

Python, Swiss-Model and Predict Protein online tools for 3D structure. Glyceraldehyde-3-



(GAPDH) gene

sequencing of

Jacaranda mimosifolia

• Extracted gDNA from J. mimosifolia and sequenced its GAPDH gene. Performed a comparative analysis of the gene to GAPDH of Arabidopsis.

• Skills and Techniques:

Nucleic acid extraction procedure, PCR, Gel electrophoresis using agarose, UV light for DNA visualization, Ligation procedure, Heat shock transformation and Gene annotation with BLASTN and BLASTX.

Altering phenotype of

C. elegans using RNAi

feeding mechanism

• Induced “dumpy” trait using RNAi feeding mechanism, extracted DNA with proteinase K digestion, and performed PCR amplification. Observed gel under UV light.

• Skills and Technique:

DNA extraction and RNAi procedures, E. coli OP50 mechanism, C. elegans life cycle, Ready-To-Go PCR beads, DNA denaturation protocol, and CarolinaBLU stain. Genetics Skills • Knowledge of epistasis, sex-linked mutations, non-disjunction, genetic modification using allopolyploidy, chromosomal inversion, mutagenesis, chromosomal remodeling, conjugation, transformation, transduction and various DNA repair mechanisms. Microbiology

Laboratory Skills

• Knowledge of Culture tube flaming and inoculation, Petri-dish inoculations, Streak- plate method, Quadrant streaking, Pour-plate method, Subculturing techniques, Gram- stain techniques, Serial dilution methods, Standard plate count techniques, and Microbe identification techniques using differential media.

• Laboratory Equipments:

Nutrient agar slants, inoculating loops and needles, Bunsen burners, Brightfield Microscopy, Graduated pipettes, Blood agar, MacConkey agar, EMB modified agar and EnteroPluri test.


Root Precipitation

Pulse Research


• Conducted an independent research examining how rapid root trait response varied between three major life forms after post-drought precipitation pulse. Studied 18 native and invasive plant species occurring in California coastal sage scrub systems.

• Skills and Techniques:

Seed germination, use of fertilizers, watering techniques, WinRhizo program, CHN analyzer, data analysis using R, and post hoc, troubleshooting protocols, scientific journal writing/search skills and leadership skills.

Chemistry Skills • Basic knowledge of NMR spectrometer, Electron microscopy, Mass spectrometer, UV/Vis light spectrometer and Various organic chemistry reactions.

• Skills:

Semimicroscale Crystallization methods, Thin layer chromatography, Simple and Fractional distillations, Water condenser, Reflux, and Melting point determination methods.

Usage of Beakers, Graduated cylinders, Pipettes, Fume hood, Erlenmeyer flasks, Hirsch funnel and vacuum.

Computing Skills • Basic knowledge of MUSCLE, BLAST, Needleman-Wunch and Waterman algorithms. Understanding of biological sequence databases, such as NCBI and Ensembl.

• Knowledge of Python, R, LIMS, Windows 7 and Microsoft programs. Language Skills • Fluent in English in both written and verbal communications.

• Proficient in Korean and Chinese.

Miscellaneous Skills • Detail-oriented, Capable of Critical Thinking, Hard-working, Tech-Savvy, and Punctual.

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