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Sales, Marketing, Consulting, Startups

Atlanta, GA
April 26, 2016

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Consulting/Operations role in a hands-on capacity with high expectations, strong culture, professional development and career opportunities.

Career Summary

At SBI, I have helped sales and marketing executives attain their revenue goals by analyzing opportunities, leveraging best practices, identifying gaps and executing the right strategy to improve results. My strengths include direct sales, content marketing and qualitative & quantitative analysis. While still early in my career, I took a position in a startup, lending rich experience in helping early stage tech firms scale. While there, I built a network of progressive industry professionals to facilitate new business expansion and instill a culture of thought leadership in our brand. I have even held a bag – exceeding a challenging quota and out-performing peers with more experience and product knowledge.


Ingenuity: I am not content with what I have been given; I constantly seek ways to improve the status quo. At SBI, I created new firm Intellectual Property to enhance communication within project teams and built a sales compensation analysis for use on future projects. Working as a consultant across multiple departments on sales effectiveness, I improved core processes for my clients, including talent assessments, buyer engagement, and sales process. At MetroTech, I developed original content & curated that of others to boost company brand recognition and engage with industry experts.

Personableness (Brand ambassador): I am used to representing my firm’s brand. I’ve attended and represented at conferences ranging from intelligent transportation to satellite systems; I enjoy being the ‘public face’ of my firm. At Metrotech I was the 1st full-time employee hired, giving me the opportunity to support the CEO in building our brand through engagement with industry leaders. At SBI, I conducted regional audits and assessments at multiple client sites, representing SBI’s brand promise that our clients will make their number.

Buyer Behavior Specialist: I have experience at four (4) different clients working with buyers to understand their goals, values and behavioral traits that constitute their decision making process. During my time with SBI, I met with hundreds of our client’s customers, building effective summary representations that enhanced buyer engagement. During a recent project with a major telcom provider, I built buyer personas that spanned their entire customer portfolio, working with sales & marketing leaders to test, verify & implement these personas. Client feedback was overwhelmingly positive and these personas are now a permanent fixture in their sales and marketing strategy.

Trusted Advisor: As a consultant with SBI I was employed for my ability to diagnose existing problems, formulate strategies to address them and convince leadership of their merits and the need to act on them. Having occupied multiple leadership roles since college, I have experience in bringing people together with widely differing views and leading them towards common action. I currently serve on the board of a technology startup. The CEO requested me because of my consulting experience and to offer counsel. Former clients still reach out to me, long after my engagements are over, to request my input on their active projects. They believe my advice will increase their chances of success.

Sacrifice Tolerance Level: As a millennial, I think it important to emphasize and embrace strenuous work, not succumbing to the victimization of ‘overwork’. I’ve learned that long hours and herculean effort pay dividends in the long-term. In a recent engagement with a software giant, I spent 60+ hours onsite, conducting talent assessments of their entire sales force in 2 hr blocks and meeting with leadership daily to assess results. The client was considerably impressed with this work pace and indicated their views in the post-project audit. When faced with concepts and skills new to me, I dedicate long hours in the evenings and on weekends to “catch up” and, shortly thereafter, demonstrate expertise.

Quant Analysis: As a consultant I have become proficient in deep data analysis in order to deliver on multiple projects that required heavy quantitative skills. Despite a lack of formal training, I closed the skill gap and produced the results required. This proved to others and even myself that an initial lack of deep technical expertise is not a stumbling block to success.


University of Georgia, Athens, GA

Graduated Cum Laude in May 2012 with a BA in Economics (minor in Statistics)


Sales and Marketing Consultant, SBI 2014 – current

Deploying the SBI Revenue Growth Maturity model which enabled my B2B clients to make their revenue number

Worked directly with senior leadership to identify and overcome strategic misalignment

Completed six (6) consulting projects across clients in multiple industries – telco, business services, software, healthcare & finance

Leveraged the SBI benchmarking method to help my clients implement emerging best practices distilled from world-class sales and marketing organizations

Worked on multiple projects with F500 Companies at Sr Exec level,

Delivered >$1M in consulting services while maintaining a net promoter score of 9.3; well above firm average

Performed 70 talent assessments of client sales executives and developed performance recommendations

Analyzed Sales & Marketing capabilities and delivered readout & recommendations to senior leadership

Account Manager, MetroTech, Net (Atlanta, GA) 2013 – 2014

Created dozens of presentations for potential clients and investors

Conducted extensive research to inform traffic analysis

Attended news conferences on future transportation and held discussions on the intelligent transportation field

Created, nurtured and developed sales opportunities across the Southeast

Updated and managed company CRM software

Worked with CEO to pitch MetroTech product to Georgia State Congressional members,

Formed close relationships with industry leaders to build a coalition of forward thinking transportation innovators

Sales Professional, AT&T: KAWS MARKETING 2012

Conducted residential sales for AT&T, applied knowledge gleaned from seminars and company best practices, consistently exceeded weekly quotas

Promoted from entry level in the shortest possible time due to keen student mentality and high performance reviews

Trained others in the sales process, coached junior associates to boost their production.

Graduate, C-Legs Summer Internship Program Summers 2008 - 2011

Business Development & Internal Operations, MetroTech Net (Atlanta, GA) – Summer 2011

Research Assistant, Mergers and Acquisitions, CompuCredit (Atlanta, GA) - Summer 2010

Summer Intern, Capital City Technologies (Suwanee, GA) - Summer 2009

Marketing Assistant, Sales Benchmarking Index (Atlanta, GA) - Summer 2008

Dean of Formation, Dublin Oak Academy (Dublin, Ireland) Aug 2007 - Jul 2008

Served as a teaching Dean for >100 middle boarding school boys, teaching them to conduct themselves as upright Christian men of conviction

Taught adolescents to speak English and supervised daily activities. Mentored the boys in the areas of human formation and development

Worked closely with teachers, prefects and students to create an atmosphere conducive to education, formation and spiritual growth

Coordinated large-scale outings to local museums, parks, and soccer stadiums as well as making extended trips to Spain, France, England, Italy, Germany and Austria


UGA Rugby Football Club – all 4 years at UGA; selected for all-South team

Relay for Life Team member

UGA Economic Society member

Founded, led, grew, motivated, and inspired a team of college men for all 4 years at UGA that grew from 3 people in 2009 to 24 men when I left as Team Leader in 2012


Excellent interpersonal skills, hard-working, communicates well in writing and orally, highly energetic with strong creative drive.

Results-oriented, innovative thinker specializing in Sales & Marketing Effectiveness.

Proficient in Word, PowerPoint and Excel.

Extensive familiarity with public Sales Effectiveness tools and in creating my own. (Litmos; Rehearsal

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