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Mechanical Engineer Manager

United Arab Emirates
April 26, 2016

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Mohamed Gamal

Mobile: 009**-***-***-***.


Address: Al Qasmia, Sharjah, United Arab Emirates.

Date of Birth: 29th October, 1982.

Nationality: Egyptian.

Marital Status: Married.

Valid driving licenses from Qatar, UAE and Egypt.

Work Experience:

PROTEC Technical Services WLL. Doha, Qatar.

May, 2011-Sept, 2015.

Within this period I am work in three projects as following:

Senior Mechanical Engineer - Site Manager.

Project: Package Treatment Plants (PTP’S) at UMM BERKAH. (10,000 CMD)

April, 2014 –Sept, 2015.

Create a detailed work plan which identifies and sequences the activities needed to successfully execute the project according to the project plan.

Coordinate with procurement team regarding to material requirement.

Manage professional and non-professional staff individually or in teams.

Follow up sub-contractors scope of works.

Review the quality of the work completed with the project team on a regular basis to ensure that it meets the project standards.

Submit supported documents to consultant for closing site memorandums and non completion reports (NCR).

Periodical reports preparation as requested by projects manager.

Project Manager.

Project: Maintenance of overhead cranes and rigging equipments on call-off basis at DUKHAN field, Qatar Petroleum (QP).

April, 2013 - April, 2014.

Oversee Compliance with safety regulations.

Develop a schedule for maintenance completion that effectively allocates the resources to the activities and revise the schedule as required.

Set up files to ensure that all project information is appropriately documented and secured.

Leading a crew of engineers (mechanical, electrical), safety officers and technicians to start Execute the project according to the project plan.

Attend third party functional test, safe working load (SWL) test and proof load test (PLT).

Submit completion reports and supporting documentation for client to get approval for invoice and coordinate with financial department.

Mechanical Engineer.

Project: Package Treatment Plants (PTP’S) at KARAANA. (10,000 CMD)

May, 2011 - April, 2013.

Coordination with civil, electrical and instrumentation crews under supervision of site manager.

Workshop manager for fabrication pipe support, pipe shoes, valve bracket, carbon steel pipe welding, ductile iron modification and welding, walkways, handrails, stairs and staircase.

Review supplier drawing and compare with delivered items before start installation and support drafting team with freehand sketch for as built drawings.

Oversee installation to ensure that machines and equipment are installed and functioning according to specifications by applying knowledge of engineering principles.

Familiar with installing and commissioning the following items:


Steel bolted tanks with fittings and accessories.

Glass reinforced plastic sectional tank (GRP).

Galvanized pressed steel sectional Fire water tank.


Carbon steel (CS) airline with wrapping for underground pipes.

High Density Polyethylene Pipes (HDPE).

Ductile iron (DI) pipes.


Pumps, blowers, anoxic mixer and compact pretreatment unit.

Membrane air disc diffuser system and clarifier scraper mechanism.

Multimedia filters set, decanter, drum thickener, polymer dosing system, Tanker reception facility, slide gates, penstock, automatic fine and coarse screens, manual screen and odor control unit.

Mechanical Engineer.

Al Rana Fire Alarm and Fire Fighting Company. Sharjah, UAE.

Feb, 2010 - Jan, 2011.

Preparation of Detailed Engineering Drawing, BOQ, Schedules, and Coordinates the Technical and management aspects of the assigned projects.

Ensure that all the necessary materials required starting the work for the day has been acquired and made ready one day beforehand to maximize time on site.

Solve all issues that the site team might face during installation, testing and commissioning of the project phases.

Production Engineer.

International Crane Factory. Alexandria, Egypt.

Sep, 2007 - Feb, 2010.

Managing workers on the production line, ensuring they all work together as a team and follow protocols.

Prepare cutting orders and following up assembly, welding, automatic welding and final assembly of cranes.

Familiar with manufacture the following items:

Overhead cranes with single or double girders, jib cranes, gantry cranes, semi gantry cranes, steel structures, mechanical part installation, automatic and manual hoist unit installation and coating.

Commissioning all types of cranes including functional test, safe working load (SWL) and proof load test (PLT).


Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology, Production Department, Benha Faculty of Engineering, Benha University.

Graduation year: 2007.

Graduation grade: good.


Computer: Microsoft Office.

Excellent command with internet applications.

Language: Arabic is my mother tongue.

Very good writing and speaking in English.


Available upon request.

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