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Customer Service Office

South Carolina
April 27, 2016

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I am self-motivated, demonstrate success managing or delegating multiple priorities while meeting deadlines and achieving goals. Very innovative, dynamic and result-oriented with proven administrative, program and organizational expertise. Excellent communications skills within correspondence, reports, and interaction with individuals at all levels of varying backgrounds to complete objectives. Goal oriented with excellent attention to detail, able to interpret and apply appropriate, policies and procedures to any organizations goals. Enjoy working within a team or even independently.


07/2014 – PRESENT Account Manager IH Services, Inc. Greenville, SC 29606

Responsible for interviews, hiring, and maintaining a record for administration, reviews and termination

Process background checks, applications, benefit enrollments, scheduling, payroll I.D.'s and access badge

Set up the most logical points for supplies and equipment for on-site workers so that they may be the most effective and efficient and focus on safety and tasks

Perform day-to-day reviews of tasks completed by workers on the site and afterward

Maintain the most current OSHA requirements to date with testing, documentation, signage and labeling

Develop more sound practice when trying to set goals and communicate them to existing employees

Provide employees with relevant training and provide retraining to existing employees for each site

Maintain open and honest communication with site supervisor to support the controls put into place

Speak to the client on an almost daily basis to meet their needs and to forgo any negligible outcomes

Coordinate with client for on-site events so staff and client get things done after normal hours

Determine the most effective and efficient routes for employees through cross-training in different areas on site giving the employees the knowledge that would be helpful in the event of any changes

Analyze budget determining if probability exists for current repair, upgrade, pay-raise or additional labor

Improve upon overall quality with quarterly reviews and consistent attention to the changing needs of clients

09/2010 – 05/2014 Deputy Clerk Macomb County Mount Clemens, MI 48043

Perform administrative, operations and management concepts, principles, methods, practices and processes

Accept responsibility for tasks beyond development and training of job description

Provide advice, guidance, assistance and problem-solving regarding organization matters

Make well-informed and timely decisions, consistently perceiving impact and implications of decisions

Provide direction, support, training and coordination for administrative activities

Share knowledge of relevant regulations to ensure program compliance

Assist in resolving problems by researching office files and historical data, so as to properly advise on any needed implementation of policies and procedures and assess operations effectiveness and efficiency

Track, update and maintain records, communications, files, forms and documentation ensuring proper formatting, accuracy of content, spelling and grammar

Use proficient communication skills to work cooperatively with staff as well as making public presentations.

Maintain professionalism, tact and courtesy on any and all occasions

Develop and prepare written documents which include analysis, reports, letters, memos, to respond to inquiries for the organization and any required follow-up and ensure timely replies

Adapt to automated systems, database and computer applications to efficiently perform duties.

Compile, track and analyze information for a wide variety of programs

Proficient with Adobe, Microsoft Office; Word, Excel and PowerPoint to create reports and presentations

04/2002 – 04/2010 Yeoman E-4 U.S. NAVY RESERVE NOSC Detroit/Great Lakes

NOSC Detroit Funeral Honors (2008 – 2010)

Honor Guard Member and Lead Petty Officer- In-Charge (LPOC) for 2-man to 14-man elements

Plan, prepare and execute ceremonies to deliver folded flags to families

USS Harry S. Truman (2007)

Provide customer support for naval officers and enlisted personnel of augment carrier unit NOSC Selfridge

Manage awards program and perform administrative function to ensure accuracy for award recommendation

USS Theodore Roosevelt (2006)

Perform administrative tasks, delivered and reported leave usage of allotted liberty passes

Facilitate berthing arrangements for an augment carrier unit NOSC Selfridge

Work on special project for Supply Operations Department to increase and re-organize office space

USS Kennedy Captains Office (2005)

Provide customer support for naval officers and enlisted personnel for an augment carrier unit NOSC Selfridge

Manage awards program and performed administrative functions

Facilitate berthing arrangements

Direct lower-ranking petty officers

USS Enterprise - ESO Training Office (2004)

Assist enlisted members in locating and signing up for educational opportunities and training

Ensure travel and pay allotments were accurately reported for an augment carrier unit NOSC Selfridge

NOSC Detroit (2002 - 2004)

Assist and then became Office Manager

Plan, implement, perform and monitor administrative support to naval officers and enlisted personnel

Include fiscal management, travel, contract administration, property management, procurement, scheduling meetings, and managing time and attendance

Set priorities to ensure optimal performance and results

Work independently to accomplish administrative tasks

Consistently meet all deadlines

Research and implement a wide range of DOD/Navy regulations, policies and procedures to support mission

Gain knowledge and skill in regulations and requirements for procurement and requirement and contract needs

Formulate and recommend changes in administrative policies/procedures to obtain maximum effectiveness

Track, update and maintain records, communications, files and documentation, resolve administrative problems by researching office files and historical data

Maintain contract administration files

Demonstrate stellar communication and customer service skills in the day-to-day performance of duties

Establish and maintain open communications with a wide range of personnel

Work with all levels of staff to provide information and assistance

Participate in meetings and conference calls, presented reports, addressed administrative issues and exchange information about program activities

08/2005 – 08/2008 Broker /Insurance Agent NMFN, Ameriprise, LaSalle Chicago, IL 60606

Plan, implement and maintain ongoing program of business development and sales to facilitate company growth, increase revenue and expand client portfolios

Provide technical assistance, advice, guidance and support to clients

Analyze business, industry, and economic conditions to make informed investment decisions

Obtain Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) Series 3, Commodity Futures and Options certification

Work closely with clients to develop broker-assisted or self-directed commodity trading in a high risk-high reward brokerage environment, make hedge trading recommendation or referrals

Conduct daily prospecting for new clients

Obtain FINRA Series 63, Uniform Securities Agent State Law certification and LAH licensing

Perform services that includes help with personal needs analysis, investment services, estate analysis, long-term care, business needs analysis, disability income insurance, executive benefit services and advanced planning

Work closely with clients to develop customized solutions focused on long-term financial and business goals

Conduct daily prospecting for new clients

Obtain FINRA Series 7 General Securities Representative certification

Provide organizational and administrative support for two Directors (New Business and Transaction Services)

Manage calendars; coordinate and schedule meetings and conference calls

Monitor and handle e-mail correspondence, coordinate travel, process monthly expense reports

Coordinate implementation of new office policies and systems

Perform various analytical studies, with limited review by a higher level or more experienced agent

Prepare administrative directives or revisions needed to implement recommendations

Demonstrate highly developed communication and customer service skills

Interact with senior management and participate in meetings

Develop and maintain productive client relationships

Provide consistent customer service and support

Respond promptly to client inquiries and issues

Develop various documents, correspondence, meeting agendas, meeting minutes, complex analysis and reports

Use automated computer systems and applications to effectively and efficiently perform business functions

Use electronic mail to prepare, distribute and respond to critical correspondence

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