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Engineer Manager

Georgetown, TX
April 21, 2016

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Jerry Roane

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Summary of Qualifications

Natural inventor/engineer with 30+ years’ experience designing building factories for high volume fully automated assembly, test and burn-in of high-end integrated circuit packaging modules. Broad range of experience with unique perspective integrating Electrical and Mechanical Engineering. Strong speaking skills developed through giving speeches in

energy, sustainable transportation and water. High mechanical aptitude and proficient with

computer aided design tools – ProEngineer, Creo II, BobCam, CNC, FEA, UNIX, Cimcad, Cadds 4X, Mechanica, Unigraphics, SolidWorks, Cura 3D Printing


Patents that apply to thermal escape from microelectronic packages, tested die and hybrid modules:

Patent #5,367,766 - Ultra High Density Integrated Circuit Packages Method

Patent #5,369,056 - Warp-Resistant Ultra-Thin Integrated Circuit Fabrication Method

Patent #5,369,058 - Warp-Resistant Ultra-Thin Integrated Circuit Fabrication Method

Patent #5,446,620 - Ultra High Density Integrated Circuit Packages

Patent #5,592,364 - High density integrated circuit module with complex electrical interconnect rails

Patents that apply to increasing speed performance of microelectronic packages:

Patent #5,475,920 - Method Of Assembling Ultra High Density Integrated Circuit Packages

Patent #5,498,906 - Capacitive Coupling Configuration For An Integrated Circuit Package

Patent #5,550,711 - Ultra high density integrated circuit packages

Patents that apply to manufacturing techniques of microelectronic packages:

Patent #5,236,117 - Impact Solder Method.

Patent #5,475,920 - Method Of Assembling Ultra High Density Integrated Circuit Packages

Patent #5,581,121 - Ultra high density integrated circuit packages molding technique

Patent #5,588,205 - Method of manufacturing a high density integrated circuit module having complex electrical interconnect rails

Patents that apply to other than microelectronic packaging and thermal transfer:

Patent #5,873,844 - Method and Apparatus for Numbing Tissue Before Inserting a Needle

Patent #6,194,247 – Warp-Resistant Ultra-thin Integrated Circuit Package Fabrication Method

Patent #6,923,124 - TriTrack Modal Monorail Mass Transit System

Patent #7,127,999 - TriTrack System of Mass Transit

Patent Pending abandoned - Method and Apparatus for Recording Multiple Perspective Images

Patent Pending – Two more transportation inventions from an initial provisional patent for #6,924,123 and #7,1217,999

Patent #6,970,075 - Apparatus for Electronically Programmable Speed Limiting

Patent #7,334,124 - Production Vehicle for TriTrack

Patent #7,497,812 - Interactive Computer Simulation Enhanced Exercise Machine

Patent #ZL200710167087.1System of Mass Transit Cert. Number 942362 China

Others pending including ZoomHydro water delivery invention -- 20 to date

Professional Experience

CEO and Product Development Manager : Roane Inventions Inc. and TriTrack Motors Inc. April 1996-present - overlap noted Georgetown, TX

Development of a revolutionary dual mode electric car.

Managed a team of consultants, international suppliers and contractors to develop state of the art embedded systems utilizing the latest in AMD and Intel embedded and mobile

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chip sets with Bluetooth connectivity. Production through automated test for the electronics of the TriTrack and ZoomHydro car and WaterBeads. Developed molds processes and tools for pilot production of 50 cars and fabrication of composite Monocoque body.

Established both companies for investment from angel and venture as well as the Texas Emerging Technology Fund. Produced business plans and countless proposals for PPP for transportation and water delivery in the Texas drought. Inventor of the technology and unique manufacturing processes. (see

Senior Engineer: Energy Xtreme April 2011 - September 2012 Austin

Development of mobile battery power management applications

Among systems developed were idle reduction units for police cars to power the police computers, light bar and cameras with the engine off for extended periods of time.

Designed circuitry to prolong battery life of the vehicle by taking the load to more advanced batteries as often as practical.

Senior Engineer: Illumitex December 2009 - June 2010 Austin

Development of LED lighting technology.

Designed and built back end set up and clean room operations to build super bright LEDs for the general lighting industry.

Responsible for processes and tooling design for this semiconductor production process. Super fast implementation was the focus

Liaison to the Austin area network of toolmaker shops and supply chain

Design Engineer: 3M July 2008 - October 2008 Austin

Development of optical fiber duct installation system for Verizon demonstration project.

Design of the polymer duct extrusion and the powered application tools-CMD division of 3M sells to the optic fiber installation industry. Tools were fabricated in local shops and in-house machine shops.

New Product Designer: Airborn Interconnect June 2007 - July 2008 Austin

Developed high reliability circular connector series for military applications.

CEO Product Development Roane Inventions April 1996-June 2007 Georgetown

Roane Inventions has integrated its CAD design tools with its complete CNC machine shop to speed time to market. Consulting to a wide array of semiconductor and computer manufacturers around Texas.

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Developed embedded devices for the medical and consumer markets.

Managed a team of consultants and contractors to develop state of the art embedded systems utilizing the latest in AMD and Intel embedded and mobile chip sets with BlueTooth connectivity. Production through automated test.

Nearing completion on a real-time control system utilizing Intel style embedded processor. Consulted at Dell managing the product launch of the Bumble Bee small foot print desktop

Set up clean room procedures and equipment for seismic sensors contained in extreme vacuum ceramic hybrid packages. Processes included automatic die and on various multi-chip module and high vacuum sensors micro-machined from bulk silicon. Die bonder, wire bonder, exotic soldering processes and thermal processing profiles. All production equipment was custom designed for these unique die and automated back-end equipment was retooled to handle these die. Bare die test heads were custom designed along with a full complement of analytical diagnostic software.

Design of hard tooling to support clean room processes with extreme tolerances.

Product Development Manager Staktek Corporation August 1990 - April 1996


Designed and developed products for three dimensional memory packaging resulting in a cost-effective solution to very dense computer memory packaging. The products called Stakpaks are 3D stacked memory multi-chip modules that share several common signals. The technology addresses large-scale manufacture and deals with the thermal design problem inherent in multiple stacked memory chips.

Twelve patents cover this technology of stacking molded packages or ceramic packages for extended temperature in military-space (TRW satellite operating in vacuum) applications. Some of these patents cover stacking die inside low cost molded packages with cascading wire bonding with the key design component being how to effectively relocate the heat inside and outside the module.

As the first employee of Staktek Corporation, I was responsible for development of the product components and precision automated production tooling and product movement devices. During my tenure at Staktek we went from investment seed-money to a company of 1,000 US workers producing $15 million worth of memory modules per year. This development included automated test using tray-to-tray test handlers with full custom thermal and contact apparatus on Teradyne equipment.

Machine set up and initial production start up was part of my task because of the developmental nature of the stacked configuration and the delicate structures that the automatic test equipment had to thermally cycle and contact while under memory array testing. Designs include precision lead forming before proprietary impact solder process of my invention. The semiconductor handing and processing equipment and tooling was designed and fabricated under my direction. Precision tooling issues were resolved both on custom designed automated equipment and modifications to other equipment manufacturers machine to adapt to the delicate stacked modules.

Resume for Jerry Roane page 4

CAD Area Manager Span Instruments September 1987 - August 1990

Plano Texas

Semiconductor instrumentation design and development

Microcard Technologies Manufacturing Engineering Manager

November 1985 - July 1987

Responsible for the building of a two million dollar manufacturing facility and the capital equipment that produced 20,000 computerized credit cards per day. Microcard was the largest producer of 8 bit microprocessors in the world at that time

Responsible for the equipment development of special flexible die bond and flexible wire bonding. Automated custom robotic test heads programmed each credit card with cardholder’s data with full bank security.

Engineering group manager for the test equipment and handlers. Test heads were designed with cosmetic damage in mind of the fragile flash gold contacts.

Senior Engineer Unidynamics Phoenix March 1984 - November 1985 Phoenix Az

Developed a 68000 system and packaging for demonstration computer to be used as an aircraft ejection seat controller.

Project Engineer Intermedics May 1982 - November 1984 Phoenix Az

Responsible for the mechanical design for manufacture of heart pacemakers and the associated programming computers. Designed the 8mm Quantum pacemaker which at the time was the world's smallest programmable pacemaker.

Product Engineer Mostek May 1980 – May 1982 Dallas Texas

Responsible for the development of microprocessor board level products to the industrial market.

Performed characterization testing of the products for electronic performance under harsh environments.


University of Texas at Arlington BS in Electrical Engineering

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