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Sheet Metal Maintenance

BT37 0LD, United Kingdom
April 19, 2016

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Curriculum Vitae

Name: Colin Arbuthnot

Address: * ******** *****

Old Carrick Road


Co Antrim

N. Ireland

BT37 0XE

Tel No: 028**-******

Mobile No: 077**-******


Sep 1978 – June 1983: Monkstown Community School

Qualifications: Subject: Grade:

C.S.E. Mathematics 1

Geography 1

Craft, Design & Technology 1

English Language 3

English Literature 3

Computer Studies 3

R. Education 3

‘0’ Level Craft, Design & Technology A

Tech Design & Graphic Communication B

Physics D

Mathematics E

Geography E

Further Education:

Sep 1983 – June 1987 Newtownabbey College of Further Education May / June 1985 Awarded Craft Certificate in Plumbing Written Pass

Assignments Credit

Coursework Credit

Dec 1986 Awarded the advanced Craft Cert in Plumbing Part 1 Site Procedures & Hot & Cold Water, Gas and Oil Supplies Pass Sanitary Plumbing Pass

Course Work Assessment Pass

May / June 1987 Awarded the Advanced Craft Cert in Plumbing Part 2 Site Procedures & Hot & Cold Water, Gas and Oil Supplies Pass Installation & Maintenance of domestic Heating Systems& App Pass Course Work Assessment Pass

Awarded the certificate in construction Crafts Supplementary Studies. Building Measurement and Cost Pass

Assignments Credit

August 1990 Engineering Training Council

Certificate of Engineering Craftsmanship

Eaton Leonard

Technologies Inc: Premier H.P. Operator Certificate, for CNC pipe bending, with laser vision linkup. Lloyd’s Register: Welder Qualification Certificate Courses Taken: Total Production Manufacture Awareness (5s’s Programme) QS 2000 (Quality Programme)

Health & Safety

Information Technology

Process Review Programme

Fitting of Blind / Solid Fasteners

Human Factors course for Aviation Maintenance & Engineering

(Certificate No: 06/01176) MPI Aviation Ltd

General Introduction to Human Factors

Safety Culture / Organisational Factors and Human Factors Environment

Procedures, Information, Tools and Practices



Professionalism and Integrity

EASA Part – 145.A 30(e) Complaint

Courses for Customer Services Shorts and Bombardier Belfast Understanding Repair Station Requirements for CAAC

(Civil Aviation Authority of China)

Bombardier Aerospace Aviation Regulation presentation stage 2

(Presented by Shorts Customer Support Training School) Federal Aviation Authority Sups Program (Suspected Unapproved Parts Course) CRJ Engine Nacelle Training including Thrust Reverser Human factors course Shorts and Bombardier.

Hobbies & Interests Football, Weight Training, Cycling, Golf, Rugby and reading. Further Info: I achieved approved operator status for Shorts Fabrication unit and Canadairs RJ Nacelle.

(Stamping E.P.R.s in order to certify build quality) I pride myself on reliability and punctuality and the ability to work alone or part of a team. I am in good health and hold a valid passport and full driving licence.

Passport Number: 027231949

Employment History:

Sept 1983 – June 1991 Harland & Wolff Limited

Queens Island


4 year Apprentice Coppersmith Pipe Fitter

Work History: 1 year Apprentice training – Coppersmith, Metalwork, Fitting, Welding, Electrical.

Modular Training – Engines, Pipe work Systems, Instrumentation, Welding, and General fitting skills.

2nd year Apprenticeship – Shop Floor, Drawing office. 3rd year Apprenticeship – Engine Works.

4th year Apprenticeship – Dry dock & deep water, Set Taking & Manufacturing of Engine Pipes and Engine Fitting.

Engine Works Queens Island Belfast, Building and Manufacturing of Engines. While employed at Harland & Wolff I was involved with the design & manufacture of high and low pressure pipe systems. These systems include engine pipes such as high pressure steam, oil supplies, steam drains, safety valves, high pressure compressed air systems are generally located in the engine room. I have been involved in designing, manufacturing and fitting of the hydraulic systems on the deck of container ships and bulk carriers, these hydraulic systems were used for the opening and closing of large hatches. I was also involved in the design and manufacture of systems on the B.P. S.W.O.P.S ship. This vessel was the first of its kind which had a drilling platform on board, the ship drilled off shore for oil and gas; these products in turn were refined on ship. This vessel was able to run on the fuel which had been refined. I was also involved in designing and manufacturing of another state of the art product for this B.P. vessel, the pipes systems for six thruster’s stabilisers, two located fwd, two middle and two aft which are used to keep the vessel in a steady position whilst drilling. I have achieved the Lloyd Register Welder Qualification certificate for Tig Welding, for steel and copper nickel iron in the 6G position, ASME IX standard which was required for the high pressure gas and oil systems on this B.P. Vessel.

June 1991 Shorts Brother Plc

Airport Road

Queens Island



Sep 1991 – Aug 1993 Fokker 100

Manufacture and production of main landing gear door and Various Sub-Assemblies, Port & Starboard. Fitting of spars and stringers using various fasteners, torque loaded wrenches and pneumatic & boosted riveters on top and bottom wing panels.

Stage 1 – Dry build of Fokker 100 wing box of main landing gear bracket root end and every station thereafter to wing tip, including drilling and reaming, jig located. Stage 2 – Wet build Fokker 100 wing box using bostic, various types of bolts high locks and fasteners, torque loaded wrenches and pneumatic boosted riveters to assemble, jig located. Lay off – Any work not carried out in jig, snags after work inspection department. June 1993 – Dec 1995 Coppershop (Nacelles System Division) (Ref 1A) Manufacturing and production of all pipe assemblies for all contracts within Shorts and Bombardier, including engine build units of Nacelles.

Contracts covered – Shorts 360, Tucano, Super Sherpa, Rolls Royce RB211, E4 Engine Nacelles, Regional Jet, Engine Nacelles system, CRJX Nacelles systems, McDonald Douglas 90 Nacelles system, Appache Helicopter pipe systems, Fokker wing pipe systems, Learjet Nacelle and Fuselage pipe systems of the above where carried out and bent on the Eaton Leonard Computer, numerical control fully automatic 1” and 2” bending machine which are linked to a laser vision bend programme and correction facility.

October 1994 The Eaton Leonard Technologies Inc Course was taken and a certificate of achievement obtained for the premier H.P. Operations of this facility. All pipes where deburred and using end finishing machines, different end finishes where applied i.e. Bell end, Permaswage and Sarma fittings. Dec 1996 – Feb 1997 Boeing

Production and manufacture of carbon composite flaps and ailerons, stage 1 and 2 jigs and final equipment.

Feb 1997 – Mar 1999 Nacelles Division – V2500 Nacelles RB211 / E4 Manufacture of Fwd & Aft. Titanium bulkheads, fitting of carbon fibre outer skins and intake assemblies. Installations of Hi-loks and Cherry-max blind fasteners. Assembly and fitting of anti icing rings and final equipment.

Canadair RJ Nacelle

Manufacture of translating cowl doors, torque box and thrust reversers (stage 2 an 3 jigs). Responsible for final equipment and despatch of thrust reversers and translating cowl doors May 1999 – May 2002 Coppersmith Pipe Bending Fabrications Unit. As per REF 1A

May 2002 – July 2002 F-L-S Manchester

DC10 ‘C & D’ checks (repairing floorboards, seal changes, corrosion removal, fuel tank ceiling, frame repairs)

July 2002 – Oct 2002 Maursk Air Copenhagen

Boeing 737 ‘C’ Checks

Oct 2002 – Dec 2002 British Aerospace Chester

Hauker 125`

Jan 2003 – Mar 2004 G.K.N. Westlands


Manufacture of assemblies and sub-assemblies of the avionics cabinet, inter seat consul and mission consul.

Manufacture of assemblies and sub-assemblies of Linxs Helicopter, tale cones and bathtub. Various types of fasteners were used, riveting guns, avdale and cherry max bottles to complete the build. April 2004 – Dec 2004 Shorts and Bombardier

Canadair RJ Nacelle

Manufacture of Regional Jet translating cowl doors, torque box thrust reversers and bifurcation unit. These items were built to achieve interchange ability of parts. Responsible for final equipment and despatch of the above items.

Jan 2005 – Dec 2005 F.L.S. Dublin

(Working for Allied Recruitment)

Boeing 737 400 & 900 Series

Cabin Work:-

Stripping out cabin area.

Removal of cabin lockers and galleys, removal of side wall panels, ceiling panels and insulation. Removal of seats from seat track rails.

Repairing and damage to structure with any corrosion, repair and maintain any damage to seats outside aircraft in seat shop. (Functional test on electrical components etc) Airbus A330 Maintenance Heavy ‘C’ Check:-

Removal of fuselage to wing fairings. Removal of spar and structural repair of aileron flapper pad seal, old alloy pad removed and replaced with a composite pad due to cracks and wear of the original alloy pad seal.

Removal of aft wing spar bolts adjacent to undercarriage to provide N.D.T of the original holes. These holes were cold worked reamed and new bolts installed and torqued to requirements. Fitting and rebolting original wing to body fairings and under body fairings and skins. Heavy ‘D’ Checks for Ryan Air

Boeing 737 200 series aircraft skin changes adjacent to cargo bay doors. Removal of old skins, new skins fitted according to service bulletin. Lap Joint Repairs Boeing 737 200 series Aircraft

Cracks and scores were found in lap joints areas on a lot of Boeing Aircraft. Repairs carried out using doublers and triplers overlap joint according to Boeing specification. Boeing 737 900 Series.

Winglet modifications also removal of fatigue fasteners under wing. Boeing 737 400 Series

Skin changes all areas around cockpit and crown of aircraft. Aircraft damaged in take-off, hit heavy hail storm.

Airbus 330

Pylon modification, access door modification, general ‘D’ checks some structural repairs. Jan 2006 – May 2006 BE / Aerospace Kilkeel

Manufacture of assemblies and sub-assemblies of seats for Lufthansa (World Cup Programme) and stamping E.P.R.s in order to certify build quality. Production line assembly of base frames and seat backs, back alignment, food tray assemble and cocktail tray assembly and adjustment. Setting of hydro locks and assembly of kick panels.

Deadline achieved for World Cup Programme.

May 2006 – Nov 2006 Norway (Haugensund)

Job Title: Coppersmith / Pipefitter

Ship conversion to oil replenishment vessel.

Fitting various pipe systems throughout the vessel ie. Steam & exhaust gas pipes, hydraulic pipes, small bore copper instrumentation pipes, fuel and oil pipes. Setting up for welders for butt welds and clamping of pipes also fixing pipes to super structure using various pipe supports, also fabrication of all pipes.

Nov 2006 – Feb 2007 Aerospace Kilkeel – British Airways contract Manufacture and assembly of seat pods for British Airways Fleet. Production assembly line. March 2007 to April 2007 Stork (Fokker) Holland

Aircraft maintenance of Fokker 100 aircraft “C” Checks. April 2007 to June 2007 Contract for Short and Bombardier:- Newtownabbey and Hallmark Bypass system installed in boiler house so that heating can be shut off in summer. Arrange of pipes where manufactured and fabricated by myself and then installed, large bore steel pipe ranging from 2in to 6in with flanges and joints, also installed gate valves, strainers and control valves. June 2007 to Sept 2007 Contract for Marks and Spencer’s Belfast and Forestside New gas boilers installed, a new heating system linked into old header pipe was installed by myself. Job included design of pipes run from boiler and header to heating outlet, manufacture and fabrication of 2in and 4in steel pipe for this system including welding, installation of valves, strainers and pumps for this system, all pipes and pumping system secured with various supports. Contract for Marks and Spencer’s Belfast and Forestside Design, manufacture and fabrication of pipe system for air condition unit 4in steel pipe with flanges, joints, welding and installation of pumping station (pump, valves, and strainers) all secured with supports.

Sept 2007 to Feb 2008 Shorts and Bombardier Belfast Dash 8 Q400 programme

Manufacture and assembly of mid-section upper panel for the Q400 Dash 8 Turbo Prop. Duties include drilling, reaming and riveting of panel, installation of electrical support brackets, and final assembly of mid-section of barrel.

Feb 2008 to May 2008 Augusta Westlands, Brindisi Italy Manufacture and assembly of A109 Nexus Helicopter. Installation of baggage bay partition and structures. Aft avionics provision structures, support assembly and support breaker installation structures, electrical loom provision structures. Aft avionics bay rack assembly structures, modification structures of struts and posts and inserts. Installation of carbon fibre covers, sidewall and ceiling panels. I.F.F. panel structural provision, aft avionics bay fans provisions and modifications. May 2008 to Aug 2009 Customer Services Shorts and Bombardier Belfast Maintenance of engine nacelles for various customers, Rolls Royce – Trent, E4 conversion to E4X CRJ100 Nacelle.

Job requirements – complete strip down of engine nacelle removal of outer skins, intake barrels, forward and rear bulk heads, spray ring and link arms. New skins fitted too existing engine nacelle also intake skins replaced were badly damaged, new height angles fitted when cracks and damage occurs on original parts, removal of damaged lip skins and replaced by new lip skin segments, complete rebuild of nacelle back to original state for customer requirements. Sept 2009 to Dec 2010 BAE Systems Woodford Manchester Production of the Nimrod MR4 for the R.A.F.

Job duties include strip and survey of the old Nimrod fuselage corrosion detecting and refurbishing

.Replacing skins, floor beams, keel beams and other structures that are no longer airworthy. Final Assembly of Nimrod components.

Installation of air con riser duct and air conditioning system for MR4 structures. Installation of ceiling supports structures.

Installation of light rail structures.

Installation of under floor ducting and structural supports. Installation of intercostal and budgie ladders structural supports. Installation of all pipe systems assembly’s and ducting / aircon etc for the Nimrod MR4 contract including pipe supports & clamps & permaswage fittings. Stamping process records to certify build content and quality. Jan 2011 to Aug 2011 Ryanair – Stansted Aerospace A.O.G (aircraft on ground) Team Full maintenance of Boeing 737-800 Series Aircraft Sheet Metal Structures. Replacing damaged aircraft skins to comply with aircraft regulation working to standard repair maintenance manuals and drawings.

Lightning Strike Repairs.

Changing fasteners and elevating any damage caused by lightning to include sheet metal patches fabricated and fitted to aircraft. All damage recorded for future reference. Horizontal Stabilizer Repair due to damage caused by ground crew. New sheet metal stations fitted at various points of damage. Ribs and Chord strengthened at damaged area, all parts riveted, bolted and sealed to standard repair procedures. Ryanair Prestwick – Horizontal Stabilizer – Leading edge. Strip and take old sheet metal leading edge off. New leading edge fitted, drilled off and trimmed to suit aircraft. A series of these were completed on different aircraft. Damage to Cabin entrance door.

Strip door mechanism of to achieve access to damage, clear out damage using rotary tools. Hole is then N.D.T for cracks and if passed a repair sheet metal patch was fitted over damaged area, riveted and sealed to S.R.M.

While working for Ryanair A.O.G. Team our duties included all structural repairs metallic & composite of the Boeing 737-800 series aircraft. Whenever the aircraft had been grounded our team would travel to the aircraft and repair any damage to get the aircraft worthy of fight as to F.A.A. regulations. We commend ourselves on reliability, flexibility, speed and the ability to carry out any structural repair to high standards of workmanship. Sep 2011 – Nov 2011 Airbus Broughton Chester

Working on the Airbus A320 - Sharklet modification prototype. Fitting of ribs and interibs to beef up structure to carry the new Sharklet winglet. Duties include fitting, drilling and reaming off all structural parts to new modification standard. Nov 2011 – May 2012 GKN Airbus Filton Bristol

Working on the A330 – A340 wing box assembly

Job duties include setting of the front and rear spar in jigs, setting of the ribs between the spars, locating the top and bottom skins, drilling of skins using sucker drills and spacematics, spot facing strip down clean and debur countersinking top and bottom panels. Rebuilding wingbox with temporary fasteners and sealant then bolting wing box together using hi-lock tension bolts which also involves torquing bolts and second torque, inspection and snags. May 2012 – June 2012 Dubai – Airbus A380

Problems occurred on the rib booms on the Airbus A380 wing were cracks have been found on the metallic booms. A team of structures fitters have been sent out to do temporary repairs on the booms and ribs until a permanent fix has been engineered to solve the problem. I have been involved in a supervisory role to lead the team to rectify the temporary fix until a more permanent fix is available. Two aircraft were worked and every boom top and bottom skin have been replaced to engineering and quality standards giving the A380 more flying hours until the permanent fix is adhered. My duties included handing out work packages, tool control, quality standards and stamping for work complete on the repairs also transport to and from work and sorting out time sheets for all the employees and any other problems.

July 2012 – Dec 2013 Hamburg – Airbus

After coming back from Dubai working for Airbus on a vital wing modification project I have continued to work for Airbus on the A380 wing modification project which is being done in Hamburg Germany. This modification has been of utmost importance to Airbus to resolve as the cracks that have evolved on the booms within the wing tank have been critical to rectify so that the Airbus integrity can be restored to the market throughout the world and that they continue on a most successful profitable path in an ever increasing competitive market. I have worked on the Hamburg project as a Team Co-Ordinator and my chief general duties are as follows.

1. Liaising with the management team to access job requirements at start and end of shift. 2. High lighting which jobs that are a priority to be worked by using a job tracker programme which identifies what position the job is at giving start and finish dates to meet deadlines. 3. Issuing the jobs to the structural fitters at the start of shift giving them any necessary information to enable them to carry out the task to Airbus procedure and specification and within the allocated time frame to achieve targets. 4. I am responsible for the enablement of the aircraft before work can commence on it .In this case fuel is taken out of the aircraft wings in which our team removes the wing tank panels and records the removal in the breakdown log book. Venting of the wing tank then takes place and fuel levels are monitored until it is safe to enter and commence work on the Rib Boom modification. Staging is then erected around the working areas and lighting,power supply, ladders and boards, benches etc. are installed at the place of work done to airbus process taking into consideration all safety standards are fulfilled. 5.

Issuing tool kits which includes a tool control procedure, checking all tools are in the kit and are of good quality, and that all tools are shadowed in the box and are handed back at end of shift .Each operator has to sign and date and counter signed by the TC at the start and end of shift when both parties are happy that the tool system is complete. 6. On starting in Hamburg I organised what the tool requirement was for the job and liaised with engineers to set up the tool control system which involves roller cabs stocked only with the tools to do the job according to the airbus process using a shadow system backed up with a tool inventory list. On the start and end of shift these cabs are checked by the TC and operator to achieve tool conformity and quality and to make sure all tools are accounted for. 7. I instructed new operators over the period of the contract on the procedures of the job, how to do the job and how to be as efficient as possible in order to achieve targets. I set in place a start of work sheet which gives the operator any details on the rib boom to be worked on also including a process order which lets the operator sign for his own work on the airbus Saps system to achieve accountability for the work carried out and a history and record for each individual aircraft.

8. I am responsible for a hand over at the end of shift to the incoming shift relaying all work to be continued and any problems encountered over the previous shift and any work that has already been rectified and covered by a non-conformance report. This is covered in the tracker which gives a breakdown of the complete job and where it is at with dates etc. In general that sums up my job duties and I have enjoyed working for Airbus and have found them to be a great company to work for in which I have gained a lot more experience about different processes and dealing with operators on a daily basis. Jan 2014 to Nov 15 Alenia Armacchi Aviatio Italy

Aircraft Technician

Aircraft Type: - SF260 Turbo Prop

From the above date I worked on the production of the SF260 Turbo prop for the Zambian Military. Job duties included production of all structures on this aircraft making components to engineering drawing specification to a valid work order to achieve customer satisfaction. Job Duties:-

1. Manufacture of battery box double lined with stainless and ceramix. 2. Manufacture and assembly of nose cone & lip skin. 3. Manufacture and assembly of engine cowling.

4. Manufacture and assembly of wind fairings which includes a modification. 5. Manufacture and assembly of engine bulkhead and fire shield. 6. Manufacture and assembly of glass sliding canopy and wind shield. 7. Assembly of wing join up.

8. Assembly of horizontal and vertical stabilisers and flaps. 9. Sub Assembly including all interior fit out using leather and plastic moulded components. All sheet metal components formed using sheet metal tools and riveting and bonding techniques. Aircraft Type: - Single Engine Jet (Italian military) Job duties include strip down and maintenance of the fuselage and wings, stabilisers and flaps. 1. Repairing any corrosion and treatments.

2. Replacing any unserviceable parts.

3. Re build and commissioning to engineering and quality standards to satisfy the customer requirements.

Dec 2015 – Present GE Aviation – Hamble

Aircraft Technician

Aircraft Type: - Airbus A350 Sub Assembley

Manufacture of aluminium ribs and brackets for the A350 wing using various machinery, drilling and riveting to Airbus requirements and final inspections. Stamping for all work carried out to specification.

Aircraft Type: - Q Dash 8 Engine Nacelle production Manufacture and assembly of the upper and lower panels for the engine nacelle. Cutting and jig assemble, drilling, countersinking and riveting of the aluminium skins and stamping for all work carried out to specification.

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