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Manager Plant

New Delhi, DL, 110001, India
12 lakh/yr
April 19, 2016

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Sameer P Deshpande

**/**,****** ******* ******, email :

Karve Nagar, Mobile #: 976-***-****



Diploma in Chemical Engineering with first class from B.T.E.Mumbai in 1991

B.E.Chemical from Pune University with higher second class in 1995

Carrier Profile (Brief):

Worked in Heavy Chemicals, Petrochemicals & Pesticides Plants. Worked in batch/continuous process plant and DCS plant. After Plant Process, also handled inflammable & toxic chemicals in an MNC. Also worked for Job Work in Third Party’s Company.

Major Achievements:

A.Solvent Reduction - Reducing quantity of solvent in cypermethrine product by maintaining remaining parameters from 8.5 kl to 7.5 kl. Also reduced solvent loss by providing chilled water supply instead of cooling water in condenser. From this modification solvent recovery increased from 82% to 95%.

B.Reduction of effluent load – By reducing no. of water wash in cyper & Fen(T), by recycling 3rd H2O wash, toxic load reduces by 22.5 kl/month.

C.Implementation – By implementing suggestion scheme for continous improvement in process activities of shopfloor people increased.

D.Yield Improvement – In Deltamethrine product filtration process modified by using Brine in filter Jacket to maintain crystals and also using chilled solvent for filter wash. Due to this yield increases from 63% to 69%.

E.Time Cycle reduction – In condensation stage of Deltamethrine, batch cycle time reduced from 35 hrs. to 25 hrs by using Sodium hypo wash.Due to this no. of water wash reduced from 5 to 3 & so toxic load on ETP reduced from 5 kl to 3 kl/ batch.

F.Reduction in Environmental pollution – By modifying the dedusting line to scrubber system, reduced Sodium Cyanide dusting problem.

G.Energy Conservation – Used Condensate water, for washing of Sodium Cyanide in centrifuge, as a hot water wash.


A.Production Planning: As per market requirement, Raw material availability, Available stock in store.

B.Safety Environment : Reducing air, water, soil pollution by improvement in process & equipments & updating safety trainings.

C.Yield improvement : Close monitoring of daily activities & parameters in process.

D.Quality improvement: Checking the impurities impact on products.

E.Development of Subordinates : Implementing suggesting schemes, Kaizen scheme, Training of safety, process, Handling of chemicals, small group activities.

F.Cost Reduction & Improvement Areas: Focussed areas are Energy Conservation, Material & Manpower

Experience: (Present Organization First)

Jan 2012 – Contd… Gharda Chemicals. Lote

Plant manager

August 2010 – Dec.2011 Nicomet Ind. Ltd. Goa


Presently working as Sr.Mng.Production in the Copper/cobalt Plant.

Job Profile : Daily raw material planning, daily coordination with Q.C., ETP, dispatch, store, Engg. dept., Preparing daily, monthly report, preparing monthly budget as per target given by H.O.,loookafter the equipment breakdown & plant modification of the plant, daily monitoring the plant to check the safety of the peoples working., Close monitoring of the process parameters as per SOP, to improved the yield & quality of the product., Maintain & updating ISO document.

March 2008- July 2010 Jubilant organosys ltd., Nira, pune

Dy. Manager Production

Presently working as a Dy. Manager in Acetic anhydride plant having DCS system of Emersion Delta V-1.5.

Job Profile: Responsible for achieving optimum production with maintaining required quality. Monthly training to operators & workers to follow self working conditions. Optimum utilization of resources. Maintain environmental conditions as per MPCB requirements. Taking safety precaution of workers by close daily monitoring in plant.

Aug.2007 – March 2008 Gharda Chemicals Ltd. Lote, Maharashtra

Asst.Plant Manager – Production

Working in Plant – 2 a Multiproduct plant manufacturing Metamitron, Deltamethrine, Cypermethrine, Alphacypermethrine, Solvent recovery & Cyanide destruction.

Nature Of Work :-

Achieving targeted production.

Preparing Daily / Weekly / Monthly report of the plant.

Daily co-ordaination with ETP / Q.C. / Engg. Dept.

Oct.2005 – July.2007 Cyanide & Chemicals Company Olpad,Surat

Asst.Manager - Production

Nature Of Work :-

Achieving targeted production as per packing schedule.

Preparing shift schedule & maintaining overall manpower.

Preparing weekly & monthly production & highlights of the plant.

Arrangement of packing materials.

Daily coordination with Q.C, Maintenance & Dispatch dept.

Monitoring ETP status & Maintain its analysis as per GPCB norms.

Involving in process modification for improvements in performance of the plant.

Troubleshooting of equipments & looking after breakdowns.

Maintain ISO documents as per requirements.

Reporting to Production Mng. & Works Mng.

Job Profile: Responsiblefor achieving optimum production with maintaining required quality. Monthly training to operators & workers to follow self working conditions. Optimum utilization of resources. Maintain environmental conditions as per GPCB requirements. Taking safety precaution of workers by close daily monitoring in plant, as manufacturing very toxic chemicals like Sodium Cyanide & Potassium Cyanide.

Plants Handling: Sodium Cyanide, Potassium Cyanide, Ammonium Sulphate & Effluent Treatment Plant.


Suggestion given for rotary valves fitting below bag filter & dryer to get optimum vacuum & reducing the. Dusting problem.

Reduced steam consumption from 12 Kg to 6 Kg./cm2 by modifying steam line& PRV.

Reducing the problem by modifying dedusting line to scrubber instead of incinerator.

Adjusting man power from general shift to shifts to reduce the overtime.

April 2000-Sept.2005 Isagro Asia Ltd Panoli, Gujarat

Sr.Production Officer

Nature Of Work :-

Maintaining & controlling process parameters at shift level.

Looking after safety and handling highly inflammable & toxic chemicals like Bromine, Sodium Cyanide, Sodium Metal, Sodamide, and Thionyl Chloride.

Achievement of targeted production.

Worked in Third Party’s Company: Responsible for Raw material arrangement & planning, maintain timely dispatch, completion of process in targeted time & daily reporting to General Manager(Manufacturing).

Also worked in Intermediate plant as Production Officer.

Looking after ISO-9002 work.

Reporting to Sr.Production Manager.

Job Profile: Responsible for achieving optimum production levels, ensure adherence to quality standards in Shift. To educate subordinates to follow safe working conditions. Planning and handling production with optimum utilization of resources. Implement strategies facilities the process of training and development and interact and manage local environment. Evolving process modification for improvements in performance and implementations of the same. Daily Plant’s performance evaluation, Trouble shooting of the Units. Follow Safety procedures and precautionary systems while handing machinery, hazardous Chemicals as per safety norms and chemical Material safety Data sheets (MSDS).

Manufacturing following products:

Cypermethrine, Deltamethrine, Permethrine, Alphamethrine, Fenvalrate, Flucy technical.

Manufacturing following intermediates:

R-acid, TB-acid, DB-acid, DB-ester, F-ester, S-acid salt.

Equipments Used: 1) Glass Line Reactors 2) Distillation Column 3) Rotary Vacuum Dryer 4) Agitated Nutch filter 5) Centrifugal & diaphragm pump

6) S.S.Ejector & Scrubber


Establishing the quality and yield of product

Cost Reduction

Reduction of solvent consumption

Reduction of ETP (Toxic) load

Implementation of suggestion Scheme.

Jan-1999 to March-2000 M/s.United Phosphorus Ltd Ankleshwar


Nature of Work :-

Worked in Phosphamidan and DDVP Plant.

Achieved targeted production.

Handled highly inflammable and toxic chemicals like chlorine,

Trimethelen, Phosphate, Chloral, Methyl Chloride.

Job Profile: Responsible for quality.yield of the product and maintenance of related equipments. Preparing all reports. Responsible for environmental management system. Troubleshooting of equipments and looking after the breakdown & preventive maintenance of equipment Responsible for day to day production/process operation, manpower handling planning and scheduling. To educate subordinates to follow safe working conditions. To help getting standard Product recovery & plant utilization, while ensuring the right process control standards. Create conducive and congenial working environment for better productivity.

Training: Successfully completed the technical training on “ Maxtrain” conducted by U.P.L.

Oct 1996 to Jan.1999 M/s. Cadila Ltd. (Chemical Div.) Kadi, Ahmedabad

Plant Engineer

Nature Of Work :-

Worked in Asia’s first Company manufacturing “TETRA METHYLENE

SULFONE” a Petrochemical Solvent, having sophisticated state of the

distributed control system (DCS).

Maintained and controlled process parameters as shift level.

Looked after safety and handled highly inflammable and toxic chemicals like

Butadiene,Sulphur-dioxide,Hydrogen,isopropylalcohol,Raney-Nickel catalyst


Job Profile: : Plan the manufacturing activity with respect to the demand and the raw material availability.Ensure that the raw material supply is smooth and that the plant shutdowns due to non availability of raw material is avoided. Ensure that the plant produces at the rated capacity .Ensure that the quality of the finished product / products are as per the set standards.Ensure that the manufacturing costs are well within the targeted limits .

Aug.1995 to Sept.1996 M/s.Ramakrishi Rasayan Ltd. Pune

Shift Officer

Nature of work :

1) Worked on SulphuricAcid(100 T/day,DCDA process) & Superphosphate plant

2) Well familiar with product as well as water analysis procedures.

Job Profile: Responsible for smooth running of entire Plant. Achieving, Set Production Targets consistent with predetermined Quality and Cost. Smooth functioning of the Plants, Engineering Services and utilities. Building a Quality Culture throughout the Plant responsible for safety and Energy consumption.

Personal Profile:

Date of Birth : 27th Jan.1971

Marital Status : Married

Present Salary : 9.70 lacs / yrs.

Sameer P Deshpande

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