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Lean Manufacturing, Quality control, DMAIC, Supply chain

April 16, 2016

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AADITI CHABUKSWAR 815-***-****) 1055 Spiros Ct apt #10, Dekalb, IL 60115


Industrial Engineer aspire to work in the areas of Manufacturing Systems with the usage of continuous improvement & quality control which will explore skills in process improvement and system engineering. Excellent team player with strong analytical and problem solving skills.



Master of Science in Industrial and Systems Engineering Bachelor of Technology in Mechanical Engineering

GPA: 3.67/4.00 (May 2016) GPA: 3.70/4.00 (May 2014)

Technical skills

Technical software: AutoCAD, Minitab, MS Visio, MS Project, MS- Office (Excel, PowerPoint, word).


Lean Manufacturing Systems, Advanced Quality Control, Production Planning and Inventory Control, Optimization, DMAIC, QFD, Linear Programming and Network Flows, Warehouse and Distribution Systems, Occupational Ergonomics, Engineering Project Management, Economic Analysis of Industrial Projects.

Relevant Experience

Graduate Teaching Assistant at Northern Illinois University Jan 2016- May 2016

-Teaching Assistant for the courses of ISYE 550 Lean Manufacturing Systems and ISYE 640 Advanced Production and Inventory Control.

-Preparation of the Lean simulation lab for conducting the time studies on clock assembly process of Time Wise Inc.

-Responsible for organization of Lean Simulation Lab rounds for 80 undergraduates and graduate students.

- Establishment of Visual Management Techniques in the lean Assembly line causing reduction of transportation of the material handler.

-Assessment of assignments and managed Blackboard. Also, provided feedback to students on how they could improve.

Graduate Assistant at Northern Illinois University Jan 2015 – May 2015

-Support to the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering by maintaining logistics lab.

-Improvement in the appearance of lab and maintained security of the lab.

-Help to the professors with the projector issues whenever classes were being held.

Intern at Standard Engineering Works, Ahmednagar, India Jun 2014 - July 2014

- Data Management by using MS Excel for the 21 types of products that are work in progress, being delivered and that are ordered with 11142 items processed in 2 months.

-Inspection of dispatch section for sorting between incoming and dispatched items saving around 17% of storage space.

-Identification of non-value added activities during production and minimization of these activities.

-Analysis of the safety measures that the facility is opting and suggested effective means for the workers.

- Study of the surface finishing process of the shafts, pinions, Locknuts, Dowel keys that are required for the water pump motors.


Lean Simulation at a Clock Manufacturing Factory Jan 2015- Apr 2015

Implementation of different lean tools at factory to reduce cycle time and process improvement, Use of value stream mapping to evaluate current and future state map of the factory using MS Visio, Achievement of Continuous Pull Flow System with zero WIP's, Improved Cycle time and Reduced Production Lead time., Increment in the throughput by 311.11% in the project with 44% reduction in the number of operators.

Control Chart Application in a Pharmaceutical Company Aug 2015- Dec 2015

Usage of Control Charts namely X bar Chart, R Chart and Exponential Weighted Average method (EWMA) Chart for studying quantitative variables of a product, Detection out-of-control signals in the Statistical Quality Control (SQC) through control charts, Analysis of process control and effect of assignable causes on the process.

Warehouse Inventory Management Sept 2014-oct 2014

Design of a 3PL warehouse for pallet racks and floor storage, Assign SKUs according to their dimensions to respective pallets or floor storage, Calculation of optimal lane depth and common optimal lane depth, Assigning SKUs into Product families, Design of Forward Pick Area.

A Joint Replenishment Problem in Advance Production and Inventory Control Jan 2015- Apr 2015

Determination of total minimal cost in a Constrained Joint Replenishment Problem, Comparison of RAND and genetic algorithm to determine minimal cost & optimal solution, Study of various ways of reducing cycle time.

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