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CCO or Director of Clinical Operations

Parkland, FL
April 15, 2016

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Jessica Deborah Hughes-Fillette

**** ** **** *****

Parkland, FL 33067


Professional Experience:

Hughes Mental Health Consulting, LLC. Boca Raton, FL

Owner/Manager Sept. 2006-current

Provide business consulting services to both new and established organizations providing Detox, Inpatient, and Outpatient services within the addiction recovery and mental health industry

Interface with client companies’ ownership and leadership with the goal of providing SWOT analysis, and needs assessments to evaluate current organizational, regulatory, and clinical deficits.

Conducted individualized risk assessments that identify factors putting client companies out of compliance, in current liability, and/or impeded growth and viability of the business. Partner with leadership teams to develop and implement action plans that address, correct, and prevent future findings.

Assist client companies with the licensing and credentialing process. Ensure policy and procedures mirror regulatory requirements of Department of Children and Families, certification and accreditation boards, and company’s organizational needs.

Provide audit and compliance services for start-up and established client companies to ensure all Department of Children and Families, Joint Commission, Department of Health, and CARF requirements are being adhered to within the organization.

Dream Recovery International, Inc. Boca Raton, FL

Chief Operations Officer March 2015-March 2016

Oversaw the all business, clinical, and medical operations of organization. Headed the streamlining and restructuring of medical, clinical, marketing, admissions, and administrative departments within DRI to run more efficiently both organizationally and fiscally.

Oversaw the restructuring and improvement of clinical documentation standards company-wide to ensure compliance with joint commission, state, federal, and organizational standards of care. As result of this process, the organization passed Department of Children and Families audit with a high 90s rating.

Developed and implemented a revised set of policies and procedures for the organization by establishing clear and concise systems that improve the overall operational and fiscal effectiveness of the corporation and ensure compliance to both Joint Commission and DCF standards. Established and Implemented QA/QI department to evaluate and ensure compliance.

Spearheaded an cultural shift within the organization promoting a healthy and productive work environment, and established groundwork for substantial growth within the organization.

Headed the development of a unique treatment model that has initially produced a 30% increase in positive outcome measures in calendar year 2015.

New Roads Behavioral Health, Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Chief Executive Officer Sept. 2014-March 2015

Oversaw the restructuring and improvement of clinical documentation standards company-wide to ensure compliance with joint commission, state, federal, and organizational standards of care. As result of this process, the organization passed Department of Children and Families audit.

Oversaw all clinical, business, and financial operations of organization. Headed the development and implementation of the organizations plans and programs as a strategic partner in collaboration with managing partners.

Developed and implemented a revised set of policies and procedures for the organization by establishing clear and concise systems that improve the overall operational and fiscal effectiveness of the corporation and ensure compliance to both Joint Commission and DCF standards.

Established credibility throughout the organization and with the managing partners as an effective developer of solutions to business challenges.

Cultivated a positive work environment and culture for a multidisciplinary team of staff and managers that encouraged both professional and personal growth and development, by implementing professional trainings, and team retreats. Mentored and encouraged staff to contribute to shaping the culture and vision of the organization, and in turn increasing staff job satisfaction by 25%.

Recovery First, Inc. Davie, FL

Director of Clinical Operations January 2014-July 2014

Oversaw all clinical and medical operations at two full continuum of care facilities providing Detox to Outpatient level of care. Directly managed a multidisciplinary team consisting of psychiatrist, therapist, nursing staff, middle clinical managers, behavioral health techs and maintenance.

Responsible for staffing, program management, as well as ensuring that quality clinical services were being provided to clientele according to Joint Commission and DCF requirements.

Responsible for the transition and implementation of KIPU an electronic medical record within all levels of care. Acted as point person between KIPU implementation specialist and the organization to ensure compliance with agency and licensing standards.

Directly interfaced with CEO on a daily basis to ensure that the vision for the organization was being carried out in a practical and streamlined fashion.

The Starting Place, Inc. Plantation, FL

Clinical Director June 2012- April 2013

Responsible for daily clinical and administrative operations and clinical program management agency-wide. Managed clinical supervisors and management staff within the agency.

Ensured compliance within all clinical programs with Medicaid, CSC, County, CARF, and agency guidelines and requirements. Developed, coordinated, and participated in quality assurance and performance improvement for agency.

Responsible for unit management and utilization review meetings and program planning to ensure the drawing down of all contract dollars on all clinical contracts and programs within the agency.

Structured and implemented electronic records system within the agency. Acted as the point person and liaison between the website developers and the clinical, administrative, and management teams.

Restructured numerous programs within the agency to ensure efficiency. Responsible for the development of programmatic management tools to ensure compliance with agency and funding source requirements.

Cultivated and established relationships and partnerships with vendors, grant and contract managers, referral sources and community agencies.

Assisted in management of the business and billing department in the extended absence of CFO.

Clinical Supervisor April 2010-April 2013

Responsible for ensuring all clinical documentation within the program meet and exceeded all programmatic and funding source standards. Developed and implemented numerous audit and documentation trainings and tools. This resulted in an improvement from 75% in 2010 to a 95-100% compliance rating on all clinical documentation during the last two years from both ACHA and Medicaid HMO’s.

Maintained open communication with administration staff, program staff, psychiatrist, nurses, clients and families. Functioned as a liaison with community agencies, vendors, clinical case managers and referral sources.

Responsible for the administration and clinical program management of Medicaid based Mental Health and Dual Diagnosis Outpatient Programs.

Ensured compliance with all Medicaid and Agency guidelines and requirements. Coordinated and participated in quality assurance and performance improvement for agency.

Provided clinical and administrative supervision to 19 program staff and coordinator. Oversaw overall performance and clinical services and contact management.

Oversaw Medicaid utilization review for all mental health programs and conducted training on clinical documentation.

Assisted in the development of the programs fiscal budget, organizational management, and participated in grant procurement processes.

Took on responsibilities of agency daily clinical and administrative functioning in the absence of Clinical Director and Chief Executive Officer.

Care Plus Solutions Employee Assistance Program, Inc. Newark, NJ

Clinical Director October 2006-April 2010

Provided psychological support services for clients via face to face and phone sessions. Provided supportive short-term solution focused therapeutic interventions to adults, couples and families. Conducted assessments, formulated diagnosis, and linked clients with referrals to the appropriate services for longer term care if needed.

Supervised clinical interns and staff on tasks and cases to be completed. Provided clinical training and role play on current cases, assisted supervisees in case conceptualization, and provided guidance with difficult cases to ensure highest level treatment was being provided.

Monitored safety sensitive chemically dependent clients, and worked jointly with management and treatment team, which consisted of union representatives, treatment providers, managers, supervisors, human resources representatives, and medical team to ensure clients safety and stability on the job. Meet with clients for counseling sessions periodically to ensure compliance with Federal Department of Transportation requirements for safety sensitive cases throughout treatment. Conducted management consultation worked closely with management and supervisors to ensure the safety of the client and team.

Advised managers and supervisors about conflict resolution and communication strategies as well as safety concerns. Provide outreach and telephonic and onsite crisis intervention services for over 100 client companies.

Oversaw utilization review of all employee mental health benefits for both client companies and unions to ensure the services provided were medically needed and provided the least restrictive treatment setting.

Cultivated relationships with client companies, treatment facilities, and community organizations. Coordinated case management, negotiated contracts, and provided billing oversight for client companies.

Coordinated and presented workshops and presentations on a variety of topics ranging from clinical issues such as substance abuse and depression to work related issues such as management training and how to handle difficult employees.

Children’s Home Society. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

Counselor III, SAFE/TBOS. July 2006-October 2006

Provided intensive counseling, assessment services, developed treatment plans, and conducted therapeutic interventions using a wide range of treatment modalities with at risk families and children within the foster care system. Utilized family systems model to assist clients in addressing concerns within the home such as mental health issues, past abuse/neglect, maladaptive family dynamics, substance abuse, truancy, involvement within the DJJ system, behavioral issues, and codependency.

Conducting in depth psychosocial assessments, assisted in diagnosis and referral of clients to the appropriate services within the organization.

TIES Task Supervisor. June 2006-September 2006

Assisted in the restructuring of T.I.E.S program to improve efficiency. Worked conjunctively with Safe Place, Executive Director, Clinical Director, interns, Childnet representative and supervisors to enhance and organize the program.

Supervised interns on tasks and cases to be completed, and began training on confidentiality.

Family Counselor II. November 2005- September 2006

Worked with a caseload of 7-10 families with a current history alleged abuse/neglect within the home. Assisted clients by providing individual, family and couples counseling in intensive in-home sessions twice a week.

Conducted family, individual, and couples mental health counseling sessions with clients with psychological disorders ranging from anxiety and depressive disorders to personality disorders. In addition, worked with families with allegations of domestic violence, child abuse and drug abuse in the home. Assisted chemically dependent clients in utilizing community resources and treatment such as AA/NA meetings and worked conjunctively bwith these providers to assist in client’s recovery.

Assisted at risk families conducting crisis counseling and intervention, emotional support, anger management, substance abuse counseling and cognitive–behavioral therapy.

Worked jointly with Broward Sheriffs Department, Child Protective Services and Department of Children and Families to ensure that a safe environment is provided for both the children and families in treatment.

Archways Behavioral Health Inc. Ft. Lauderdale, Fl.

Community Case Manager. November 2004- May 2005.

Conducted individual mental health and substance abuse counseling sessions with a caseload of 49 clients with dual diagnosis clients with pervasive mental disorders ranging from major depression to schizophrenia, and substance abuse disorders and chemical dependency. Acquired the knowledge of how to effectively treat dual diagnosis clients and the relationship between mental health disorders and chemical dependency.

Developed knowledge of the biological basis for basis for chemical dependence and integrated the disease model of substance abuse and chemical dependency into sessions with clients. Worked conjunctively with case management, medical, transitional housing or residence staff and clients families to ensure the clients stability mentally and physically.

Assisted clients in obtaining community resources and support. Established an understanding of case management theories and practices and employed them within the treatment setting.

Completed client’s treatment plans, conducted clinical staffings and facilitated communication between all aspects of client’s treatment to ensure the stability of client.

Centers for Neurology Tamarac, Fl.

Mental Health Intern. August 2004- October 2006

Conducted intake assessments with clients with acute head trauma. Clients were ranging from mild to severe neurological impairments.

Preformed testing on clients to determine the current level of neurological functioning. Administered the RBAN, MMPI II, WRAT, and Wisconsin Card Sort.

Collaborated with neurologist, neurophysiologist, and chiropractors during collaborative treatment team meetings.

Worked with a caseload of four clients and their families with acute head trauma and disorders ranging from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder to Adjustment Disorder. Implemented treatment plans and psycho-educational interventions.

Center for Group Counseling, Boca Raton, FL

Master Practicum Student, August 2004-December 2005

Conducted individual and group sessions with families, couples and individuals with issues ranging from mood disorders to adjustment disorders.

Implemented counseling techniques ranging from cognitive behavioral to strictly client-centered Rogerian groups.

Collaborated with Psychologist, Licensed Mental Health Practitioners and students in case conceptualization and staffing of current clients.

Conducted intake evaluations with couples, children, adults and families, and presented these cases during weekly clinical staffings.

The Body, Mind, and Spirit Institute. New Brunswick, NJ

Psychiatric Assistant. June-August 2001

Job shadowed a resident psychiatrist at the institute, helped conduct one on one evaluations, and assisted in group counseling sessions.

Assisted in implementing individual therapy techniques ranging from existential to cognitive- behavioral in combination with psychotropic drug therapy.

The University Health Center, Women’s Walk-in Clinic. Columbia, SC

Student Liaison, September 2002-April 2003

Worked with a clinical team consisting of Medical Doctors, Psychiatrist, Psychologist and Dietician as a student liaison between eating disordered clients and the team.

Sat in-group sessions and talked informally one on one with clients as a friend and confidante. Helped clients both emotionally and physically through the recovery process through support and reassurance.

Volunteer Experience and Related Activities:

Agape House: Somerville, NJ June- August 2002

Worked with battered women and children in mental rehabilitation efforts. Assisted in implementing music and art therapy with play groups for children. Worked with a licensed social worker with mothers and children in family sessions to deal with domestic violence in the home.

Swim Solutions: Boca Raton, FL September 2003-December 2003

Worked with mild to moderate autistic and attention deficit children on basic motor skills in the water. Children ranged in age from 5-10 years.

America Reads: Nova Southeastern University September 2003-December 2004

Conducted one on one tutoring sessions with children ages 5-7. Children had difficulty with both reading and writing.

Salvation Army Kids Club: Columbia, SC September-December 2002

Conducted evaluations and provided educational assistance in reading, writing, and mathematics to under-privileged children.

The Spirit Institute, Columbia, SC January-October 2002

Integrated relaxation exercises into daily yoga routines.

Professional Licensure:

License in Mental Health Counseling, New York State MH004109-1

License in Mental Health Counseling, Florida MH10255

Qualified Supervisor for Mental Health Counselor Interns

Certified Addictions Professional Florida #5621


Graduate: Nova Southeastern University, Davie

Degree: MS, December 2005

Area: Mental Health Counseling

Undergraduate: University of South Carolina, Columbia

Degree: BA, May 2003

Major: Psychology

Minor: Women’s Studies

Professional Affiliations:

National Counseling Association, Professional Member

American Psychological Association, Member

Florida Association of Play Therapy, Member

Florida Mental Health Counseling Association, Member

References: Available upon request.

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